Pumped Up Kicks: adidas continues to dominate the running game with the AlphaBOUNCEl

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adidas has released an innovative running shoe that offers an adaptive fit and feel for runners and versatile athletes — the all-new AlphaBOUNCE.

Here are my first impressions of the AlphaBOUNCE:
- I’ve seen only the Aramis and white colorways in the flesh, and though both look good, I’m partial towards the white cw. Unfortunately, for now at least, it only comes in women’s sizes (much like the NMD Sao Paulo).

The simple, sleek, white cw.
The Aramis cw.

- I love the ribbed/crumpled/fishboney design on the outsole, midsole, and upper. This seems to be a generational thing for adidas, since similar design elements can be found on the Crazy Light Boost 2016, D Rose 7, and even hints of it on the Crazy Explosive.

- I love the fact that it has BOUNCE instead of BOOST, mainly because I feel like BOOST is on the verge of saturating the market, especially the running segment. I also loved the BOUNCE on the D Lillard 2, so I’ve been a big fan since I first felt it under my feet.

- AFAIK, Sole Academy first released the AlphaBOUNCE locally, followed by Urban Athletics Greenbelt, and, most recently, ABOVE in Circuit Lane, Makati. I’ve also seen social media posts saying the AlphaBOUNCE is available in adidas shops (notably Robinson’s Magnolia). 

- It retails for just PhP4,995, which basically means it’s a steal considering the BOUNCE tech, its limited quantity, and the hype surrounding it. I doubt if it’ll reach NMD or UltraBOOST levels, but the AlphaBOUNCE looks like it’ll leave a prime mark this year. It’s another win for those living the #threestripedlife!

Here are the specs straight from adidas:

The combination of BOUNCE cushioning in the midsole with a seamless upper enables athletes to stay focused on their run with fewer distractions and restrictions.

“AlphaBOUNCE was created from the notion that in order for athletes to perform at their highest potential, they need to be ‘in the zone’ – defined as a state of determination, clarity, or disconnect – which allows athletes to play more freely,” said Andy Barr, Category Director for adidas Global Running. “adidas aims to remove distractions and help athletes achieve that state more quickly with the seamless experience of AlphaBOUNCE.”

AlphaBOUNCE was developed using a motion capture technology called Aramis, which measures mechanics of the foot during movement. Based on motion capture insights during a runner’s stride, the defining features of AlphaBOUNCE were designed to offer support or expansion where the athlete needs it most, coupled with minimal materials and stitching to offer fewer distractions while running.

AlphaBOUNCE features a first-of-its-kind FORGEDMESH upper, which is comprised of one layer of material with no seams, allowing the foot to move in its truest form. The FORGEDMESH is molded in a ribbed pattern in specific areas to allow for more support or expansion.

“FORGEDMESH was built upon a completely functional insight,” said George Robusti, Senior Design Director for adidas Global Running. “Using motion capture technology, we identified parts of the foot that expand during a runner’s stride. With only one piece of material, FORGEDMESH offers support in these areas, which results in a more dynamic experience during activity.”

The BOUNCE midsole is comprised of EVA foam that has been engineered to feel soft and comfortable at step in and provides a responsive, elastic experience when running. The AlphaBOUNCE midsole is designed to flow seamlessly with the FORGEDMESH upper.

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE has been available in Core Black/Iron Metallic/Clear Grey for both men and women for $100 on adidas.com since June 15. Additional colorways have also been made available on adidas.com and at select local retailers nationwide.

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All images are from adidas.




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