#NBAFinals: Will the Dubs REPEAT?

GSW: Your 2015 NBA Champs!
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They led the NBA standings from Day 1 and they barely wavered from the top. They finished with the best record in franchise history at 67-15 and they were nearly unbeatable at the Oracle Arena during the regular season (39-2). The Warriors were hardly threatened as they made their way to the top of the NBA mountain as 2015 world champs. But that was last month and it's time to reflect if the Dubs can do this all over again for the upcoming season.

So, will the Warriors Repeat?

YES they will because

  • All of their starters and important role players will be back for next season. The Warriors re-signed Draymond Green and activated their team option on Marresse Speights. This means that team chemistry will not be negatively affected plus their bond and unity should be a lot stronger for next season due to their familiarity with one another. While there's talk that David Lee might be traded, the Dubs are apparently trying to do him a favor by looking for trade destinations that appeal to Lee. Can you imagine if all other teams were this nice? If Lee does stay with the Dubs, he appears ready to accept a supporting role on the bench once more.
  • They still have the regular season MVP on their team, Stephen Curry and the Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala as well. They were a top offensive team last season and they were also among the top 5 defensively, so the components of an elite team are still present. They can win playing small ball and/or traditional basketball.    
  • Coach Steve Kerr won 3 straight rings with the Chicago Bulls as a key role player off the bench. Needless to say, Kerr has vast experience on what it takes to constantly motivate players to perform at a high level. You can expect Kerr to have a few tricks up his sleeve to make sure the Warriors don't relax too much during the regular season.  
  • The Warriors are the epitome of a TEAM. Players will still sacrifice playing time and not mind coming off the bench as long as the team continues to win. They also have a star player who is very humble and down-to-earth. Plus, the head coach exudes a positive vibe and his players love playing for him. Such a combination isn't common in today's NBA. Find me more than 10 teams who can say they have these factors in their favor. 

"We're number 1!" - Steph Curry
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NO, they will not because

  • The West got stronger especially the San Antonio Spurs who recently landed LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. The Spurs are gearing up for another run (or more) at the Larry O'Brien trophy with LMA as their leading player. Aldridge seems to be a perfect fit for their system and he believes that the Spurs have what it takes to win now. Additionally, the LA Clippers got weaker so the team that knocked out the Spurs during the 2015 Playoffs probably won't be able to duplicate that feat next year. A Warriors-Spurs match-up for the West Finals seems inevitable as of now. 
  • Additionally, another Texas team bolstered their roster to compete against the Warriors. The Dallas Mavericks added Wesley Matthews and DeAndre Jordan to their roster. Over in the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers are healthy for now and so is the Miami Heat. The Warriors won't be lacking challengers ready to supplant them as world champs.   
  • The Warriors are no longer "under the radar" and they will have targets on their backs every single night. All the other 29 teams will bring their "A" games whenever they face the world champs. You can count on that. Can GSW consistently play at a high level during the regular season?
  • Winning back-to-back titles is more difficult. Players start to bicker and complain about playing time and touches. Maybe the drive and hunger to win are no longer as intense as before. Maybe the players will relax and coast as they wait for the playoffs. The proverbial "ON" switch will be flipped for the playoffs... but what if that switch is not working?
Will Iggy remain a solid team player OR will he start chasing
individual awards like DPOY and Sixth Man of the Year?
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Prediction: As long as the Warriors remain healthy, they will easily make the playoffs even if the West got tougher. However, finishing as the top seed might prove to be a lot harder. In any case, the Dubs are still the favorites to repeat BUT it is extremely difficult to do so. I think they reach at least the West Finals but there will be a new champion next season... Of course, I might be totally wrong... 

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