#NBA2015 Jordan Clarkson and Co. visit Manila

A lot of people visited the NBA Store to catch a glimpse of
Horace Grant, Trey Burke and Jordan Clarkson

Filipinos love basketball and that covers local basketball plus international ball, namely the NBA. Therefore, it was not a surprise that a lot of fans flocked the NBA Store in Glorietta, Makati City to catch a glimpse of the NBA players that visited Manila. The place was packed with fans, shoppers and media personnel. 

The mascot of the Charlotte Hornets, Hugo, also shared some of the spotlight 

Retired NBA-player Horace Grant (mostly known as a member of the Chicago Bulls during the 90s), Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz and Fil-Am rookie, Jordan Clarkson of the LA Lakers visited the Philippines over the weekend. They were joined by the mascot of the Charlotte Hornets, named Hugo, plus the OKC Thunder dancers (Sorry, no pictures of the dancers). 

Trey Burke (center in black top) tried to check how his height compared to Yao Ming

Clarkson and company spent their Saturday afternoon having their photos taken with fans and they signed autographs or jerseys. Earlier in the day, they participated in charity events and basketball camps for kids.

Jordan Clarkson signed some autographs and had his picture taken with fans

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Clarkson enjoyed the barrage of questions that came his way
Lastly, Jordan Clarkson gave an informal press conference. The session was around 12-15 minutes long. Here are some of the questions and his answers (I tried to transcribe them as accurately as I can).

Question: What were some of the challenges you encountered as a rookie?

Clarkson: There was a lot of travelling. You don't know how much we travel. Sometimes, you cannot get your work done/in. 

Question: What type of rookie hazing did you encounter?

Clarkson: I had to carry a pink backpack and put on some paper clothes (?)

Question: Have you heard of Kobe Paras who wants to follow your footsteps in the NBA, what's your message to him? 

Clarkson: Always go hard on the court all the time.

Question: What is your favorite shoe?

Clarkson: Air Jordans, preferably 11s. 

Question: You were selected in the 2nd Round of the NBA Draft. Does that give you the feeling of being an underdog? 

Clarkson: Yeah, I didn't go to a big college so I transferred. I had to make a name for myself over there. I had a big chip on my shoulder.  

Question: Should Filipinos use that underdog label as motivation?

Clarkson: Yeah, no doubt. 

Question: Which Filipino dish do you enjoy the most? 

Clarkson: Chicken adobo.

Question: Do you think you will come back here yearly?

Clarkson: Oh yeah. I'll be back soon. I'll try to make it yearly. 

***All photos by Rolly Mendoza (@rolly_hoopnut)

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Well done Mr. Mendoza! Although I like the AJ11 Retro Bred more than Hugo's Concords. Hehe!