Hoop Nut VLog Episode 5: The One Where We Talk About Jordan Clarkson

In continuing our efforts to break new ground, Rollz and I have decided to push on with this Video Log thingy until we get tired of it or, as is more probable, until we just cannot find the time to do it anymore.

In Episode 5 of the Hoop Nut VLog, Rolly and I talk about the MVP and DPOY races in the NBA, Jordan Clarkson’s rise as a rookie, Andrew Wiggins’s wicked slam over the Stifle Tower, and the 3-peat KBL champions.

You can listen to the complete audio of the VLog by clicking this link.

We have also uploaded the audio version of our VLogs on the Hoop Nut Podcast, which can be found on iTunes! 

You can access our Podcast here or click this link to access our VLog’s playlist on my YouTube channel.

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