Asian Basketball Journal - April 21, 2015

Here in the Philippines there really is no site (or person) really dedicated to the Asian hoops scene, which is why this series exists. Through this series of Asian Basketball Journals, I hope to address just that void. I believe that Asian basketball is such a vibrant source of stories, and I think this should be shared with hoop nuts here in the Philippines and beyond.

Like in previous posts, I won’t be going into a lot of detail. I’ll use mostly images and then just add captions to each one that will, hopefully, capture the essence of the latest developments in Asian hoops.

Here are the highlights of this past week in Asian basketball:
- In the NBL, it looks like the Hiroshima Dragonflies are favored to make the Playoffs, though the Hyogo Storks are still within striking distance with a couple more rounds to go.  
- The LBL semifinal cast is complete after Sagesse subdued the Homenetmen in Game 4 of their quarterfinal affair.
- In the IBF Superleague’s second conference, Petrochimi bounced back after getting upset by Azad, while Mahram absorbed a shock loss to Naft Abadan.

2014-2015 Japan National Basketball League (NBL):
- Images from NBL-Japan.

Joji Takeuchi continues to spearhead the Hitachi Sunrockers' impressive showing this season.

Kazuyuki Nakagawa and the rest of the Tsukuba Robots aren't gonna make the postseason. They also succumbed to Kei Igarashi and the Mitsubishi Diamond Dolphis this past week.

Makoto Hiejima pops one jumper for the Aisin Seahorses, who went 1-1 against the Chiba Jets this past week.

Tadahiro Yanagawa of the Hyogo Storks tries to beat the D of Masaharu Kataoka. The Storks beat Levanga Hokkaido this past week, 71-68, to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Talahiro Kurihara of the Toshiba Brave Thunders cops a rebound as they beat the Kumamoto Volters, 94-63.

Takeki Shonaka and the rest of the Toyota Alvark stayed at fourth place in the Eastern Conference after going 2-0 against the Wakayama Trians this past week.

2015 IBF Superleague Second Conference:
- Images from Nasim Online.

Mohammad Hassanzadeh of Azad University has been solid this conference, averaging around 11 points and 9 rebounds per game.

Not even 4 triples and 22 points from Samad Nikkhah Bahrami could push Petrochimi to win over Azad University. Azad prevailed this past week, 79-72.

Vahid Boroojerdi of Sanaye jams one home against Sajjad Mashayekhi of Mahram. Mahram still won this one, 115-70, to stay among the top three teams of the league.

2014-2015 Lebanese Basketball League (LBL):
- Images from Sportscode.

Ali Mahmoud reacts after getting hit in the face as Al Riyadi beat Hoops in Game 3. Mahmoud had 8 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists in the win.

Amir Eid and Albert Zenoun battle for the loose ball in Game 3. UBA eventually beat Tadamon in this game, 109-67, to clinch the series. 

Iconic star Elie Rustom skies for the drive against the Homenetmen. Rustom helped his team advance to the smies after beating Homenetmen in Game 4, 69-68.

Fadi El-Khatib goes up for a lay-up against Hoops. He has been putting up around 22 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists since coming back fro a stint in the CBA.

Lebanese-Americak Kikko Haidar took the role of main PG for Sagesse as Rodrigue Akl missed Games 3 & 4. The Arkansas product has been solid so far.

Mazen Mneimneh has been playing pretty well for UBA, averaging about 9 points and 5 boards per game.

Veteran playmaker Rony Fahed helped Champville sweep Mouttahed in the quarterfinals. He had 7 points in their overtime, series-clinching win this past week.

Naturalized big man Joe Vogel gives some instructions to teammate Sevag Ketenjian. They dropped a close one in Game 4 against Sagesse to get booted out of the tournament.

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