The Top Five NBA Point Guards Right Now in the 2014-2015 Season

The All-Star Weekend has been etched in memory and the craziest trade deadline in recent memory has just passed. Goran Dragic got his wish to bolt Phoenix along with every other point guard the Suns had, while the Bucks did the smartest thing ever by trading away their best player for a former Rookie of the Year who hasn’t really done much since. OKC may have just become the league’s most dangerous team, while, sadly, we might have seen the last of Chris Bosh this season after he was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lungs.

It’s been a crazy past week or so in the NBA, but here we are now, with only about 27-30 games to go per team and the Playoff race reaching fever pitch. By all indications, it looks like things are going to get even crazier.

And with that backdrop, here they are – the top five point guards RIGHT NOW in the 2014-2015 NBA regular season (this is based on the Player Efficiency ratings as calculated by as of the evening of February 21, 2015 – Manila time):

5. Damian Lillard (POR) - 21.5ppg, 4.6rpg, 6.3apg, 1.5spg, 2.5 triples per game, 21.3 EFF
- Lillard has maybe been the biggest reason the Blazers are still in the West’s top four. He’s dropped off the MVP race, but that doesn’t mean he has slowed down significantly. He’s certainly still among the league’s top 20 players and surely among its top 5 best PGs.

4. John Wall (WAS) - 17.3ppg, 4.4rpg, 10.1apg, 1.9spg, 21.9 EFF
- He’s the only East PG on this list, and that’s really because there are only two guys in the league who average a point-assist double-double – Wall and Denver PG Ty Lawson. Sure, his scoring has dipped compared to last season, but if the trade-off is leading the league in assists and having the Wiz vying for homecourt advantage in the first round, then I’m sure Wall would take it.

3. Chris Paul (LAC) - 17.8ppg, 4.9rpg, 9.8apg, 1.9spg, 1.6 triples per game, .383 3pt%, 24.6 EFF
- CP3 can still hack it, despite all the criticism and the fact that, like Wall, his scoring has gone down a bit. I would argue, in fact, that Paul is still among the top ten players in the league bar none. Sure, the Clips might yet finish below lofty expectations, but if indeed that happens, nobody can really blame Chris Paul.

2. Russell Westbrook (OKC) - 26.0ppg, 6.3rpg, 7.7apg, 2.2spg, 1.0 triple per game, 25.6 EFF
- OKC is now in eighth spot out West, they got a ton of guys to make the team better, and Jet Zero just got named All-Star MVP. Save for his injury early in the season, 2014-2015 has been great to Russell Westrbook. Some people think OKC has actually become Westbrook’s and not Durant’s team this season and, frankly speaking, I would agree with that. Whoever faces this team in the first round better watch out because the Thunder surely won’t play like typical eight seeds.

1. Steph Curry (GSW) - 23.6ppg, 4.7rpg, 7.9apg, 2.2spg, .481 FG%, 3.2 triples per game, .399 3pt%, .900 FT%, 26.2 EFF
- Westbrook has narrowed the gap a bit on Curry as the planet’s top point guard, but the second-generation floor general of GSW is still the best until someone supplants him. His first three-point contest win is pure icing on a season that has been nothing short of spectacular. Golden State is back as the league’s best team, and most of the credit certainly goes to this kid. Right now, he’s my MVP.

Outside looking in (ranked 11-15):
Kyrie Irving (CLE) - 20.2 EFF
Ty Lawson (DEN) - 20.1 EFF
Kyle Lowry (TOR) - 20.1 EFF 

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