My Top 2015 NBA All Star Weekend Moments

There were many things that made the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend quite memorable, but, for me here are the top five:

Ariana Grande’s All-Star Game halftime performance
- Yes, it’s not basketball, but it was hella entertaining. And, frankly, Ariana Grande was pure eyecandy. Oh, and she sings, too. Here’s the best YouTube clip of the whole performance that I could find. Enjoy (I know you will)!

Steph Curry setting a new three-point shootout record
- Technically speaking, Curry didn’t really break Craig Hodges’s old record (there was no money ball rack in Hodges’s time), but, hey, 27 is still 27. That’s still pretty amazing, so let’s just agree that he set a new record for this current three-point contest format. And, maaan, Kenny Smith yelling, “Who’s the best three-point shooter in Golden State?!” just added more pizzazz. Here’s his winning round:

Everybody still hates Patrick Beverley, but, hey, he’s a winner
- Yes, Patrick Beverley is the guy you just cannot help but hate. He just does things that annoy a lot of people, but nobody can turn a blind eye to the fact he bested some of the NBA’s best and fastest in the Skills Challenge. I love how he practically didn’t make a single pass in the passing station, but he still came from behind to win. Annoyingly awesome. Here’s his winning round over Brandon Knight:

Zach Lavine making me like the Slam Dunk Contest again
- I have to admit, I’ve almost given up on the Dunk Contest. I felt that not all the biggest dunkers in recent times joined, and that we’ve probably seen every dunk out there. That is, until Zach Lavine just took this year’s edition behind his back and slammed it home. He was hyped up as hell, but, man, he lived up to it. I hate the fact he didn’t get a 50 in his last dunk, too. Sure, it was his third between-the-legs jam of the night, but, HEY IT WAS HIS THIRD BETWEEN THE LEGS JAM OF THE NIGHT!!! OFF THE STANCHEON!!! Come on. Here are all his dunks phantom style:

NBA Superlatives
Okay, there were a lot of other things to love about the All-Star Weekend (the fact that I could have had a FREE RIDE there still pisses me to no end), like Russell Westbrook’s winning All-Star Game MVP, Adam Silver teasing us about changes for next season, and the Gasol brothers tipping off (first time evaaaa), but, by far, the thing that entertained me and kept me laughing for quite some time didn’t even happen in either the Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden. Instead, hoop nuts, I present to you, Mr. Jimmy Fallon’s NBA Superlatives:

And, for good measure, here are the NBA Players turning the tables on Jimmy and his crew:


I sure hope next year’s All-Star Weekend in Toronto gets to be at least as awesome as this one. I also hope that in a few years’ time our very own Kobe Paras can (let’s cross our fingers) join the Slam Dunk Contest. I mean, he is pretty dope, too.

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