Our 2015 #NBABallot Picks

Voting for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game will end in a few days, and the starters will be announced next week. Who’s on your #NBABallot? 

Here are the guys on ours.

(image by Quentin Brehler.)

Rolly’s EAST pics:
Kyle Lowry (TOR) - best player on the Raps, feisty and tough defender.
John Wall (WAS) - better leader and improved playmaker on the Wiz.
Jimmy Butler (CHI) - arguably the best player on the Bulls, plays a ton of minutes and defends well.
LeBron James (CLE) - still the best player in the league despite of his team losing.
Pau Gasol (CHI) - averages 18 & 11, has more rebounds and blocks than Joakim Noah.
Paul Millsap or Jeff Teague (ATL) - Hawks deserve at least one all-star and both guys have okay numbers.
Dwyane Wade (MIA) - solid numbers even without LBJ and Miami in playoff contention.
Brandon Knight (MIL) - Bucks are way over expectations and his numbers of 18,4, & 5 are impressive.
Kyrie Irving (CLE) - best scoring PG in the East and superb ball-handler.
Kevin Love (CLE) - lower numbers with the Cavs but hard to ignore 17 & 10 and his touchdown passes.
Chris Bosh (MIA) - He was getting 20&10 earlier in the season but 21&8 ain’t bad at all.
Derrick Rose (CHI) - not the best player on Chicago right now but still capable of explosions.

Rolly’s WEST picks:
All of these guys MUST be in the All-Star Game.

Steph Curry (GSW) - might be the MVP if the season ended now. 
James Harden (HOU) - leads NBA in scoring and playing more defense now.
Anthony Davis (NOP) - one of 3 guys averaging at least 20 & 10.
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) - 2nd guy getting at least 20 & 10.
LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) - 3rd guy getting at least 20 & 10.
Damian Lillard (POR) - considered one of the top clutch players in the Association.
Marc Gasol (MEM) - improved numbers and still an elite defensive anchor.
Blake Griffin (LAC) - can’t have an All-Star game without an amazing dunker who averages 22 & 8.
Klay Thompson (GSW) - other half of Splash Brothers who gets 21 pts and plays better defense than other SGs.
Chris Paul (LAC) - still the best pure PG who gets 18 pts & 10 dimes.
Russell Westbrook (OKC) - explosive as ever, most athletic guard out there.
Kevin Durant (OKC) - 2014 MVP needs to be here if he’s healthy.

Note: Rolly ignored players on teams not competing for the playoffs.

My EAST picks:
Who gets in and who gets the snub?

LeBron James (CLE) - just a shadow of his usual world-beating self, but no way LBJ misses an All-Star game at this point, right?
Pau Gasol (CHI) - this is the Gasol Dwight Howard wanted in LA.
Nikola Vucevic (ORL) - unforgivable snub if this rising star misses the cut.
Kevin Love (CLE) - an underwhelming Love is still an All-Star in this league.
Chris Bosh (MIA) - Heat are below .500, but Bosh is still a beast.
Carmelo Anthony (NYK) - if Melo will be shut down for the season soon, All-Star Weekend in the Big Apple should be a fitting finale.
Paul Millsap (ATL) - 17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals a game? Beam him up.
Kyle Lowry (TOR) - no way he gets left out again, right?
Jimmy Butler (CHI) - who thought he’d be the best Bull so far this season?
John Wall (WAS) - 17 & 10? What a wonderful Wizard.
Jeff Teague (ATL) - he’s the East’s version of Tony Parker… only better?
Kyle Korver (ATL) - yes, I believe this super sniper deserves more than an invite to the three-point contest.

My WEST picks:
Anthony Davis (NOP) - would be my MVP if the Pels were any better.
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) - best center on the planet right now.
Kevin Durant (OKC) - still the MVP till someone takes it away from him.
LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) - 20-10 monster for the third-best team in the league.
Marc Gasol (MEM) - perpetually great defense meets much-improved offense.
Blake Griffin (LAC) - this game needs someone to keep on dunking.
James Harden (HOU) - this game needs someone with a beard, and he is the #1 guy in his position.
Steph Curry (GSW) - I want at least one crossover-to-stepback three. Or two. 
Chris Paul (LAC) - quietly the second-best PG in the world right now.
Russell Westbrook (OKC) - looking great back from injury, and, well, his numbers scream superstar.
Damian Lillard (POR) - All-Star Dame in the All-Star Game.
Klay Thompson (GSW) - outside of James Harden, maybe the best SG out there right now.

Who are your 2015 All-Star Game picks? Don’t forget to use #NBABallot when you tweet them! Voting ends January 19, 2015 ET! 

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The West is so deep that someone like Monta Ellis or Mike Conley doesn't even get a mention. And unfortunately, Kobe Bryant will take one slot due to the votes, which will leave one very deserving player out of the All Star game.