Asian Basketball Journal - December 14, 2014

Here in the Philippines there is no site (or person) really dedicated to the Asian hoops scene, which is why this series exists. Through this series of Asian Basketball Journals, I hope to address just that void. I believe that Asian basketball is such a vibrant source of stories, and I think this should be shared with hoop nuts here in the Philippines and beyond.

Like in previous posts, I won’t be going into a lot of detail. I’ll use mostly images and then just add captions to each one that will, hopefully, capture the essence of the latest developments in Asian hoops.

The Lebanese league finally opened this week, and hoops action continued to heat up all over Asia!

Here are the highlights of this past week in Asian basketball:
- The Beijing Ducks rose to third in the CBA standings, moving past the Guangsha Lions. The Shanxi Brave Dragons also did well, moving into a tie with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers at fifth place.
- Over in the KBL, league-leading Ulsan Mobis Phoebus absorbed a freak loss to the Anyang KGC, who are mired in seventh spot. Meanwhile, Busan KT Sonic Boom snapped its two-game slide with a narrow win over the Jeonju KCC Egis.
- In the NBL, the Toyota Alvark passed the Toshiba Brave Thunders to move to a tie for third spot in the East, while the Hyogo Storks caught a big fish by defeating the Mitsubishi Diamond Dolphins.
- Meanwhile in Taiwan, favorites Pure Youth, Taiwan Beer, and Taiwan Mobile retained their positions at the top half of the league table with separate wins.
- As for the Iranian Superleague, Naft Abadan blasted Sanaye Petrochimi Mahshahr to move up to fourth spot, while Mahram Tehran upended Petrochimi Bandar Immam to stay abreast of Azad University at first place.
- Over in Lebanon, Al Riyadi, Sagesse, and Byblos all got fast starts to open the 2014-2015 season of the Lebanese Basketball League.

2014-2015 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA): 
- Images from

Andray Blatche outplayed Hamed Haddadi as the Xinjiang Flying Tigers beat the Qingdao Eagles earlier this week.

Haddadi and the rest of the Qingdao Eagels, however, bounced back by handing the Liaoning Flying Leopards their first defeat of the season.

The Beijing Ducks are on the rise again, winning four in a row to go up to 15-4 in the standings. Super guard Stephon Marbury is shown here. He scored 18 points against the Jiangsu Dragons.

Yi Jianlian and the Guangdong Southern Tigers have won eight straight games. Yi has been great, norming 34 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, and 3 blocks per game.

2014-2015 Korean Basketball League (KBL):
- Images from

Chung Byung-Kook has been doing well this season for the Incheon ET Land Elephants, shooting around 41% from beyond the arc.

Behemoth Ha Seung-Jin dropped 15 points and 16 rebounds as the Jeonju KCC Egis upset the Seoul SK Knights, 82-72, this past week.

Kim Young-Hwan grabs a huge rebound as the Changwon LG Sakers blew the Anyang KGC out, 98-70. This was only the Sakers' 10th win in 26 games this season.

Yang Hee-Jong goes up strong as the Anyang KGC pulled the rug from under league-leading Ulsan Mobis Phoebus, 80-67.

2014-2015 Japanese National Basketball League (NBL): 

National team wingman Daiki Tanaka hit 4 triples as Toyota Alvark beat Levanga Hokkaido this past week.
(image from Toyota)

Takumi Ishizaki has provided a spark off the bench for the Mitsubishi Diamond Dolphins, who are in second place in the Western Division.
(image from Mitsubishi)

Yuki Mitsuhara and the rest of the Hitachi Sunrockers lost to the Toshiba Brave Thunders for only their fourth defeat of the season.
(image from Hitachi)

Yuseke Endo goes up strong as the Link Tochigi Brex beat the the Tsukuba Robots, 101-62.
(image from Link Tochigi)

2014-2015 Taiwanese Super Basketball League (SBL):
- Images from the SBL.

Chang Yu-Lin scored 13 points as Taiwan Mobile beat the Dacin Tigers, 88-82, for their sixth win in eight games.

Yulon Luxgen's Jiang Shih-Feng challenges the interior defense of Taiwan Mobile's Darian Townes. Yulon absorbed their fourth loss of the season, 67-76.

Liu Cheng has been putting up around 19 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals this season so far Taiwan Beer rose to 5-3 in the league table.

Tsai Wen-Cheng of Pure Youth goes up strong as Pure Youth beat the Bank of Taiwan, 86-82, last week.

2014-2015 Iranian Superleague:
- Images by Ashkan Mehriar/Nasim Online.

Amir Amini tries to manuever around Sajjad Mashayekhi as Petrochimi Bandar Immam lost to Mahrm Tehran, 72-75.

Farid Aslani pulls up in traffic against Petrochimi. He scored 10 points as Mahram remained on top of the standings.

Mohammad Ali Ghodrati of Naft Abadan gets some directions. They blasted league doormat Sanaye, 77-43.

2014-2015 Lebanese Basketball League (LBL):
- Images from Arabasket and Daily Star.

Jay Youngblood dropped 22 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists as Byblos beat Tadamon, 65-62.
Philip Tabet tries to get the undergoal stab for Byblos, while Hamady N'Diaye tries to get the block.

Terrell Stoglin dropped 32 points as Sagesse beat Champville on opening day, 103-93.

Jeremiah Massey dives for the loose ball against Mohamed Kone. Al Riyadi beat Champville in this one, 86-76.

Nadim Souaid of Champville tries to ward off Wael Arakji while Ahmad Ibrahim looks on. Champville is currently 0-2 in the league.

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