Asian Basketball Journal - November 23, 2014

Here in the Philippines there is no site (or person) really dedicated to the Asian hoops scene, which is why this series exists. Through this series of Asian Basketball Journals, I hope to address just that void. I believe that Asian basketball is such a vibrant source of stories, and I think this should be shared with hoop nuts here in the Philippines and beyond.

Like in previous posts, I won’t be going into a lot of detail. I’ll use mostly images and then just add captions to each one that will, hopefully, capture the essence of the latest developments in Asian hoops.

Another awesome week in Asian hoops, especially since the IBF Superleague already started!

Here are the highlights of this past week in Asian hoops:
- The Liaoning Flying Leopards remain unbeaten in the CBA, while the Beijing Ducks and Guangdong Southern Tigers aren’t far behind. Also, Andray Blatche’s Xinjiang squad has lost two straight!
- The Wonju Dongbu Promy continue their strong showing in the KBL, and Kim Min-Soo is named Player of the Week after posting great numbers for the Seoul SK Knights.
- In the NBL, the Hitachi Sunrockers remained on top in the East after a tough double-OT win over the Toyota Alvark, while the Aisin Seahorses continue undefeated after beating the Link Tochigi Brex.
- Oh, and the Iranian Superleague has started, too! As expected, powerhouses Mahram Tehran and Petrochimi Bandar Imam continue to dominate with a combined 7-0 slate. 

2014-2015 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA): 
- All images are from

Andray Blatche continues to put up the numbers, but his Flying Tigers still absorbed two losses this week.

Taiwanese sniper Lin Chih-Chieh rejoices as his team beat the Foshan Long Lions and climbed to solo fourth in the standings.

Steph Marbury poured it on as the Beijing Ducks moved to a tie for second after wins over Shandong, Qingdao, and Fujian.

The seemingly immortal Wang Zhizhi helped the Bayi Rockets get their first two wins of the season this past week.

Zhang Zhaoxu and Michael Beasley celebrate in their win over Jilin earlier in the week. Just last night, though, the Shanghai Sharks fell to the Shandong Kingston Lion.

Zhu Fangyu and the Guangdong Southern Tigers won three this week, beating Sichuan, Chongqing, and Shanxi. They are now tied for second with Beijing.

2014-2015 Korean Basketball League (KBL):
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Shooter Cha Ba-Wee helpied the Incheon ET Land Elephants net two wins this week, beating the Seoul Samsung Thunders and Goyang Orions.

National team center Kim Jong-Kyu and his Changwon LG Sakers continue to struggle, losing to the Wonju Dongbu Promy and Goyang Orions earlier this week. Last year's runners-up are now in seventh spot at 6-11.

Kim Min-Soo of the Seoul SK Knights was named the KBL Player of the Week after averaging 21.0 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks per game in wins over last year's finalists Changwon LG Sakers and Ulsan Mobis Phoebus.

Kim Seung-Won tries for a lay-up against the Anyang KGC. His Busan KT Sonic Boom won that game and the next one, too, beating the Goyang Orios. They did, however, lose last night against the Wonju Dongbu Promy.

Shooting guard Lee Hyun-Ho has been a spark for the surprising Incheon ET Land Elephants, hitting 34.3% of this threes so far this season.

After losing to the Sonic Boom last weekend, the Anyang KGC put together two Ws in a row thanks to the great play of veteran NT big man Oh Se-Keun.

2014-2015 Japanese National Basketball League (NBL): 

Hiroki Watanabe helped Link Tochigi Brex past the Chiba Jets last weekend, but they lost to the Aisin Seahorses last night.
(image from Link Sports)

NT wingman Makoto Hiejima runs the break as the Aisin Seahorses went 2-0 this past week. They have won all eleven of their games so far this season.
(image from Aisin)

The Hyogo Storks nailed a big win last night, beating the Kumamoto Volters to move up to the top four in the West.
(image from Hyogo Storks)

Shohei Nakama and the Hiroshima Dragonflies remained true to form, winning two this past week to pad their slate at 8-3.
(image from Hiroshima Dragonflies)

The defending champion Toshiba Brave Thunder continued their up-and-down play this week, beating the Toyota Alvark but losing to the Chiba Jets.
(image from Inside NBL)

Takeki Shonaka and the Toyots Alvark found themselves reeling this week, losing three straight and falling to 7-7 in the standings.
(Image from Toyota Alvark)

2014-2015 Iranian Superleague:
- Images are by Ashkan Mehriar/Nasim/IBF.

Benny Koochoie and the rest of Shardari Gorgan fell to powerhouse Petrochimi this week to sink to 1-3.

Hamed Beiji and the est of Samen Masshad lost to Petrochimi Bandar Imam earlier this week, but they rebounded well with a win over Sanaye Petrochimi Mahshahr a few days ago.

Mohammad Shahrian fights for the rebound. His team, Azad University, went 1-1 this week, beating PMINA Esfahan but losing to Takmash Qazvin.

NT veteran power forward Oshin Sahakian goes up strong here. His squad, Mahram Tehran, went 2-0, defeating Gorgan and PMINA Esfahan.

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