2014 FIBA World Cup: Smart Gilas: Taas Noo Tayo!

Andray Blatche showed #puso but it was not enough
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Well, all of the losses hurt but the game against Puerto Rico was the most winnable game among our first 4 matches. Our team was up by as many as 14 points early but they could not close the deal. I wanted the game to end immediately with our team leading. Of course, that did not happen. Puerto Rico started to make some shots and they adjusted defensively. It also helped them a great deal that J.J. Barea, their best player and NBA champion started to get hot. Smart Gilas was supposed to get their first win in the FIBA World Cup tonight... In the end, Team Pilipinas was very close but fell short once again. Sayang...

There's a lot of blame to go around BUT instead of focusing on the mistakes, missed calls, bad breaks and turnovers, how about we praise our team's effort, hard-work and sacrifice? Did you notice their competitiveness, fighting spirit and puso? Stop with the negativity and criticisms. Let's not add more problems and distractions by playing the "blame game". Team Pilipinas deserves our love and adoration. Gilas showed the world that we can play with them. Dapat taas noo tayo kasama nila! There's nothing to be ashamed of even if we end up win-less.

Imagine this, if we felt disappointed and hurt because our team lost a game in Spain, how about our players? It's probably 10X worse or more. The pressure and expectations from our country surely occupied their minds. They knew that the Philippines needed (wanted) a win and the devastating losses weren't easy to accept. Losing sucks and it will never be okay when winning is so much better.

However, wins and losses cannot effectively measure the impact of Smart Gilas on our nation. Basketball unites and inspires us especially when so many despicable things happen in our country daily. The adventures of Team Pilipinas allowed us to hope for the best and aim for the stars. Our team provided us with excitement and entertainment. They had chances to win in 3 of our 4 games. We could have been 3 and 1. Sometimes, just the opportunity to be within striking distance can be good enough.

Laban Pilipinas! We'll get them next time!
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We won as a nation in last year's FIBA Asia Cup and we lost as one nation during the FIBA World Cup. We should continue supporting and believing in our team. They tried their best and gave it their all. Losses should not deter us from loving them and feeling proud. Taas Noo Tayo! There will be growing pains and the World Cup was part of that process. Gilas will learn from their mistakes and become a better team. I guarantee that.

An optimist would consider the World Cup a successful tournament. I would too because Smart Gilas got better together and the experience will always help. We found out more about our coaching staff, about Andray Blatche and our current players. On the other hand, a pessimist would say that Gilas flopped or was unsuccessful. He/she might even add that a loss is a loss no matter how close the final score is. Well, if you're that kind of pessimist, that's okay. We don't need you on our side. Go find another team that you can cheer and support. Team Pilipinas will endure all the haters and the bashing. Laban lang ng laban.

For us, the fans: move on from this. Don't dwell on the past. Sure, there were missed opportunities in Spain but that's over and done with. Focus should be on the future of Team Pilipinas. What can Smart Gilas do to bolster and improve the roster for next time? Trust me, there will be a next time. Who is willing to play for our country? The success of Gilas will surely motivate other players to include their names in the selection pool for our national team. Maybe some half-Filipinos overseas will take note of Gilas and decide to come home to battle for our country. The future is bright once you stop thinking of the losses.

Finally, there is still the upcoming Asian Games at Incheon, South Korea this coming late September. Team Pilipinas will do a lot better over there. This team will not satisfy themselves with moral victories because those don't count in the standings or tournament wins. Moral victories don't win championships unless the lessons learned from those losses are put into proper use and executed perfectly. Good luck Smart Gilas! Keep fighting! Tiwala lang! #LabanPilipinas #puso

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