The Top 10 Players in the 2014 NBA Playoffs (May 5, 2014) Part 2

The 2014 NBA Playoffs have given us, arguably, the best first round so far, what with five series going the full seven games and the lower seeded or “weaker” teams surprising fans and quashing experts’ predictions left and right. Simply put, the past few weeks of postseason action have been nothing short of awesome.

In this second of two parts, I will present five of the current Top 10 players in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. This will be based on the players’ stats for their first round games. They are ranked according to Player Efficiency for that duration of time only.

In this list, we will find the five best players so far in the postseason. Here you’ll find two Trail Blazers, a soon-to-be disgruntled Houston Rockets big man, and the two best SFs in the Eastern Conference.

Ladies and gents, presenting your top performers in the 2014 NBA Playoffs thus far.

Note: All of the following stats are based on each player’s stats as computed by They were taken on May 5, 2014 (Manila time).

5. Damian Lillard (POR) - 25.5ppg, 6.3rpg, 6.7apg, 1.3spg, 3.8 triples per game, .489 3pt%, 28.3 EFF
Lillard’s series-clinching, buzzer-beating three in Game 6 will go down as one of the best shots in NBA history. It will also be replayed on BTV and ESPN countless times in the foreseeable future and become a constant reminder of James Harden’s defensive acumen (or lack thereof). Kidding aside, though, last year’s ROY has once again proven that his is a star meant to shine. Oh, and that new shoe deal with the trefoil? Not bad at all.

4. Paul George (IND) - 23.9ppg, 10.7rpg, 4.6apg, 2.4spg, 2.7 triples per game, .404 3pt%, 29.4 EFF
George has really become the main man in Indianapolis. With Granger warming the bench in California, Lance Stephenson born unready, and Roy Hibbert literally doing nothing, the onus has been on PG24 to really carry the Pacers. So far, the results haven’t been stellar, but they ultimately accomplished what they set out to do – advance to round two. Now they will face an even more dangerous and determined Washington quintet. I’m really excited to see George try his hand at guarding John Wall!

Paul George reacts emphatically after making a big play in
the Pacers' big Game 7 win at home.
(image by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

3. Dwight Howard (HOU) - 26.oppg, 13.7rpg, 1.8apg, 2.8bpg, .547 FG%, 29.8 EFF
Howard hasn’t played this well in a very long time, and, at least for six games, it was nice to be reminded about how gifted this guy really is. Once you get past his perennial state of disgruntlement, you’ll see a center who has the skills to be one of the all-time greats. Now that a botched defensive play cost the Rockets Game 6 (and their season), however, I think the time is ripe to, again, see a lot of Howard’s patented grumpy disposition.

Dwight Howard and Damian Lillard share a moment after the
Blazers defeated the Rockets in Game 6.
(image by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

2. LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) - 29.8ppg, 11.2rpg, 2.0apg, 2.7bpg, 31.3 EFF
LMA cooled off a bit after dropping 89 points in the first two games in Texas, but he still did well enough to help Portland beat the Rockets in six. He had a tough time solving the Howard-Asik puzzle (a little too late for Kevin McHale and his squad, though), but it’s still undeniable how he made his stamp on this series. He’ll definitely have his hands full against the frontline trio of Tiago Splitter, Tim Duncan, and Kawhi Leonard in round two, but I’m sure he’ll make the Spurs’ defense work overtime, too.

1. LeBron James (MIA) - 30.0ppg, 8.0rpg, 6.0apg, 2.3spg, .557 FG%, 1.8 triples per game, 33.8 EFF
Only one team managed to sweep its foes in the first round, and that team had the consensus best player on the planet just turn his game up a notch to give the hapless Cats no chance. Now LBJ and his Heat are just three rounds and 12 wins away from a rare three-peat.

LeBron James and the Heat are on a roll right now, but
will they be able to continue that against stiffer competition?
(image by Brock Williams-Smith/Getty Images)

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