The NBA 2014 Playoffs: Day 6 - Hawks, Grizz, Clips with 2-1 Leads

Jeff Teague and the Hawks defeated the Pacers in Game 3.
Teague just shrugged his shoulders after making a difficult shot
(Image from: NBA TV)

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Who here expected the Hawks to be up 2-1 over the Pacers? I didn't although I expected the Hawks to be competitive and make it tough for the Pacers. I never foresaw Indiana trailing in the series while looking thoroughly beaten and downtrodden. A lot of credit goes to the Hawks and their coaching staff. They decided to play small ball and launch as money threes as they can (97 three-point shots in 3 games). So far, that strategy has been working while the Pacers are struggling for answers. Indiana seems lost on offense and the biggest culprit is Roy Hibbert and to a lesser degree, George Hill. Both starters are giving almost nothing offensively while being mismatched on defense. Coach Vogel already adjusted by giving Hibbert less minutes in the 2nd half but Hill still played a lot. His rotation might and should change for Game 4 if the Pacers want to still win this series. Expect Luis Scola, Ian Mahimni and CJ Watson to play more while having reduced roles for Hibbert and Hill. Meanwhile, Jeff Teague is absolutely killing the Pacers. In their 2 wins, Teague averaged 25 points 8 assists while in their single loss, 14 points and 4 dimes. The Pacers can still bounce back in this series but I don't believe in them anymore.

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The Memphis Grizzlies almost choked this game away after leading by 17 points in the 4th quarter. Everything was working for the Grizzlies that included a solid 12 points off the bench from Beno Udrih and 16 points and 9 rebounds from the often inconsistent offensively Tony Allen. On the other hand, Westbrook was doing too many things on his own. Once he got the ball, he simply dribbled down court and took the first shot he liked. It didn't matter that it was a contested shot as long as he took the shot. There was no ball movement and too many isolations from Russell. I counted around 5 straight possessions where Westbrook never passed the ball and took all the shots. Despite of that, OKC came roaring back to tie the game near the closing minutes in regulation headed by Russell Westbrook (and his wild shots that went it) and finally, Kevin Durant. Luckily, Memphis did not panic and had a 4-point lead with less than 10 seconds to go but OKC had the ball, more specifically Russell Westbrook. He had his classic "No, No! Yes!" shot which was a 4-point play that sent the game to overtime. In the extra frame, Memphis continued to pass the ball and take good shots while OKC kept doing hero ball which failed them near the last minute. Ultimately, the Thunder lived and died with Westbrook taking tough, contested shots. Game 3 will be filed under the "died" section.

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A double digit lead in the 4th quarter was not safe for the Clippers. Even when Steph Curry and Klay Thompson weren't hitting their shots, the Warriors still had the chance to tie or win the game at the buzzer. Too bad that Steph Curry missed his three-point shot which Chris Paul defended thoroughly. Actually, replays showed that maybe Chris Paul fouled Curry. Indeed, there appeared to be some slight contact after Curry launched his shot but I couldn't say for certain if a foul was warranted. Just imagine if you saw the action live. It would be fairly tough to distinguish if a foul was committed at that moment. Anyway, Blake Griffin (called Flopper by the Roaracle crowd) dismantled the Dubs' defense with 32 points. He arrived with that number by hitting jumpers and turnaround shots that used the glass as well. DeAndre Jordan also helped the Clips by dominating the paint with 22 rebounds and 5 blocks. On the other hand, the Splash Brothers struggled shooting for the second straight game. Steph and Klay combined for 36 points on 15-34 shooting. Both guys heated up later in the game but their poor shooting cannot continue in Game 4. Another rough shooting night for both probably means that the Warriors will be going back to Staples Center down 2 games. We don't want that because this series should go 7 and beyond.

#Player of the Night
Jeff Teague (Hawks) - 22 points, 10 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block and a tough one-legged three

Highlights of the Night
Beating the Buzzer then A Shrug
Russell with a NO-NO-YES shot!
Iggy with the Slam

#Tweets of the Night
This isn't just about the Pacers falling apart folks. The Hawks are taking them apart in every way imaginable. Thorough beating tonight.

Steph Curry called the last play a "50-50 call" but definitely thought he initiated enough contact on the way up to get the foul

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