The NBA: February 2014 Position Battle – The Top 5 Power Forwards Right Now

In this Position Battle post, we will focus on the top five power forwards at this point in the season. We will take into account just the players’ stats for the latest five games of their respective teams. This will, hopefully, give us a more current picture of each player’s production.

You’ll be surprised at what you find here, what with All-Stars LaMarcus Aldridge and Paul Millsap absent, but don’t fret too much, since the guys filling up the list aren’t too shabby in their own right.

Note: All of the following stats are based on each player’s stats as computed by They were taken on February 16, 2014 (Manila time).

5. Serge Ibaka (OKC) - 14.6ppg, 8.0rpg, 3.2bpg, .571 FG%, .875 FT%, 21.0 EFF
While Kevin Durant has been the biggest reason the Thunder have supplanted the Pacers as the best in the league, nobody can sleep on the contributions of Serge Ibaka. I mean, this naturalized Spaniard blocks around 3 shots per game while flirting with a double-double and making more than half his field goals. He makes nearly 90% of his free throws to boot! All in all, he might just be the most underrated big man out there.

Serge Ibaka continues to shine for the OKC Thunder.
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4. David West (IND) - 20.6ppg, 6.4rpg, 2.4apg, 1.0bpg, .611 FG%, 22.8 EFF
West isn’t the youngest fella banging bodies in the paint, but he’s making some of the greener set look mighty sluggish with the way he’s been taking names. The former Xavier Musketeer has been solid as Indiana’s top low post option, continuously hitting those tough-to-block fadeaways. He’s no double-double juggernaut, but he gives Indiana much-needed efficiency night in and night out.

3. Anthony Davis (NOP) - 21.6ppg, 7.4rpg, 2.0spg, .575 FG%, 23.6 EFF
The first time All-Star is already expected to be one of the league’s most dominant big men in the very near future, what with his rare combo of size, speed, and athleticism. His Pelicans might have lost two of their last three, but prior to that Davis and Co. racked up wins over both Atlanta and Minnesota. Against fellow All-Stars Paul Millsap and Kevin Love, Davis dropped an average of 26.5 points, 10 boards, 1 steal, and 1 block.

2. Kevin Love (MIN) - 29.7ppg, 13.3rpg, 4.0apg, 2.3 triples per game, .909 FT%, 32.3 EFF
Speaking of Kevin Love, the California native might not have won the 2014 Footlocker Three-Point Shootout, but, hey, he’s still maybe the sweetest-shooting big man out there bar none (sorry, Dirk fans). He’s nailing better than 2 triples per game, while also making nearly 91% of his charities. He’s also recording a ridonkulous 30-13-4 line on a nightly basis. It’s friggin’ insane. The only chink, of course, is that the Wolves have a losing record and are two spots out of the West’s top eight (for the record, however, they would be #7 if they were in the East).

1. Blake Griffin (LAC) - 35.4ppg, 11.0rpg, 3.8apg, .611 FG%, 37.4 EFF
It suree looks like Griffin has become more than just a human highlight reel. And, yes, he is scoring better than 35 points per contest right now! How good is that? Well, let’s just say he’s the only who has scored more points than Kevin Durant in their last five games. And then of course you have the 11 rebounds, nearly 4 assists, and eye-popping field goal percentage, too. Top power forward in the league right now? Definitely.

How about this guy as the best PF right now? Yep. Believe it.
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Outside looking in:
Taj Gibson (CHI) - 21.0 EFF
Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) - 20.8 EFF

Marvin Williams (UTA) - 20.0 EFF

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