The NBA: 2014 Trade Deadline Grades

Evan Turner (left) will be switching teams with Danny Granger. ET must be
ecstatic to be joining an elite team. The same cannot be said for Granger.
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The NBA Trade Deadline finished earlier today with a flurry of moves that consisted of 25 players (and 2nd-round draft picks) from 17 teams. Here is a recap of all the transactions that happened on February 19 and 20 plus the grades for each team.

PACERS get: Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen 
Grade: A+
Getting Evan Turner, a former #2 pick might be the biggest acquisition of this year's trade deadline. He is an upgrade offensively and defensively over the oft-injured Danny Granger. Turner will be expected to lead the second unit and is talented enough to start some games, if needed. He is not as good as Granger with the outside shot but ET can hit mid-range jumpers and he is a much better slasher and finisher at the rim than Granger. Turner is also big and fast enough to guard LeBron James or Dwyane Wade when the Pacers meet the Heat in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Allen might get a handful of minutes if the Pacers' frontcourt get into foul trouble but don't expect a lot from him.
SIXERS get: Danny Granger and 2015 2nd-Round Draft Pick
Grade: B+
The Sixers have been in tanking mode for most of the season and they wanted to shed salaries and acquire draft picks. They managed to do both by trading Turner and Allen for Granger plus a draft pick. Danny Granger will be a free agent this summer and that will give the Sixers around $14 million off from their salary cap. The Sixers already have the league's lowest team salary and this deal certainly helps their rebuilding plan for next season and the years to come. The 2015 draft pick is an asset which they can keep or use in other trades.

WIZARDS get: Andre Miller
Grade: A
The Wizards needed a capable backup PG to John Wall especially since Eric Maynor has been a huge disappointment for them. Andre Miller provides them with veteran leadership and he can still play around 20-25 minutes. Miller can also play SG in limited minutes and he is big enough to defend bigger guards. The problem with Miller will be his conditioning. He has not played since January 2 and his age (37) is a lot closer to father time than playing time.
NUGGETS get: Jan Vesely
Grade: C+
This only works for the Nuggets because they are able to get someone who can play minutes since Andre Miller has been banished from the team. Vesely is a below average player who can make the occasional block or dunk. He will find it hard to get minutes but with McGee going on season-ending surgery, Vesely might play. Still, Eric Maynor was probably a better player for the Nuggets because of all their injury problems to the PG spot.
SIXERS get: Eric Maynor and TWO 2nd-Round Draft Picks
Grade: A
Eric Maynor might get some minutes in Philly if Michael Carter-Williams gets hurt again but the odds don't favor Maynor. He will probably stay on the bench for the remainder of the season. The Sixers did this deal to simply acquire draft picks while Maynor was the filler.

NUGGETS get: Aaron Brooks
Grade: A-
Brooks will immediately help the Nuggets fill their PG void. Brooks can start or come off the bench and provide shooting and instant offense. Brooks has made 532 threes in his career and is shooting 37% from deep. He is also a pesky defender who can create havoc on the passing lanes.
ROCKETS get: Jordan Hamilton
Grade: B
Hamilton is taking and making more threes this season compared to his first 2 years. He can fit with the Rockets' philosophy of running and shooting threes but he will probably be their third option in the SF spot after Chandler Parsons and Omri Casspi.

SPURS get: Austin Daye
Grade: C+
Daye is a stretch 4 who can play both forward spots. He has three-point range and can put the ball on the floor but his finishing skills are lacking. His defense is subpar and he rebounds like a PG even though his height is 6'11".
RAPTORS get: Nando de Colo
Grade: C+
De Colo will be their third string PG after starter Kyle Lowry and mid-season acquisition Grievis Vasquez. He probably won't play a lot of minutes at the PG spot but De Colo is big enough to play SG minutes. So, maybe that's where he will get some playing time.

HAWKS get: Antawn Jamison
Grade: B
The Hawks have been ravaged with injuries and getting Jamison helps their bench. Antawn has not played a lot this year but he can still make wide-open threes. His defense and lateral movements have left him years ago but Atlanta acquired him to score anyway.
CLIPPERS get: Draft Rights to Cenk Akyol
Grade: C+
In all honesty, I have not heard of Akyol who is currently playing in Turkey. He will most probably not play for the Clippers or any NBA team for that matter. The Clips will be saving around $2 million in this deal and freeing up a roster spot.

SIXERS get: Byron Mullens
Grade: B
Mullens was actually a solid player when he was with the Bobcats last season. This year, has been totally different as he struggled with the Clippers and eventually lost his rotation spot. Mullens is still a capable player  who can hit an outside shot. He might get most of Spencer Hawes' minutes and Mullens makes around $1 million which is good for the rebuilding Sixers.
CLIPPERS get: Conditional Future 2nd-Round Draft Pick 
Grade: B
The Clippers freed up another roster spot that allows them to sign players who can be eligible to play for them in the playoffs.

KINGS get: Roger Mason, Jr. 
Grade: C
Mason managed to get his contract guaranteed for the whole season but he was unable to escape being traded. He can provide veteran leadership on the Kings but this team is not going to the playoffs. Mason probably won't get minutes on a team stocked with guards (Thomas, Jimmer, McLemore, Terry)
HEAT get: 2nd-Round Draft Pick
Grade: B
Miami got rid of a player they haven't been using lately and simply opened a roster spot. They are rumored to be looking for a wing/perimeter player who can shoot and defend.

BOBCATS get: Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour
Grade: A
The Bobcats might make the playoffs and they need a lot of help offensively (25th in scoring) and from the perimeter. Neal and Ridnour will help boost their shooting numbers especially from downtown. Sessions is a solid player but he lacked the shooting range which both Neal and Ridnour can produce. Additionally, Ridnour is a very good backup PG to Kemba Walker while Neal is also an upgrade over Ben Gordon at the SG spot.
BUCKS get: Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien
Grade: B+
The Bucks are tanking so the arrival of Sessions and Adrien who both have expiring contracts make sense. The Bucks can also play Sessions more instead of the HUGE disappointment named OJ Mayo. They should also play Adrien more instead of the struggling and whining Ersan Ilyasova.

CAVALIERS get: Spencer Hawes
Grade: B+
The Cavs are still trying to win games and get into the playoffs even if they get thrashed in the first round. Hawes started the season strong but he has regressed over the past 2 months. However, he is capable of getting double-doubles and he can shoot from downtown. His presence on the floor should give Kyrie Irving more open space to drive to the rim.
SIXERS get: Earl Clark and Henry Sims plus TWO 2nd-Round Draft Picks 
Grade: A
Great trade for the Sixers who are getting more draft picks to help them in their rebuilding process. Earl Clark was good last season but he has struggled this year after getting a big contract from the Cavaliers. Clark might find some minutes as the SF/PF spots after the Sixers traded Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. Meanwhile, Sims has played sparingly and that probably won't change in the near future.

WARRIORS get: Steve Blake
Grade: A
Awesome trade for the Warriors who got rid of two guys who weren't contributing much to the Dubs. Blake is someone who can instantly contribute to their team. He is an upgrade over Bazemore and Brooks. He can hit outside shots and he is a very capable backup PG who can also play SG. He can provide veteran leadership and he brings playoff success to a team dreaming of big things come April.
LAKERS get: Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks
Grade: B+
The Lakers are getting 2 young players who might be included in their plans for the future. Bazemore has an expiring contract so this would be an open audition for him to remain with the Lakers. Meanwhile, Brooks has another year on his contract so he might be with the Lakers next season. The Lakers wanted to clear some salary cap and trading Blake away helped their luxury tax problems.

NETS get: Marcus Thornton
Grade: B+
The Nets got rid of Terry and replaced him with a younger version in Thornton. He was good last year with the Kings but his numbers took a hit this year. On the bright side, Thornton is healthier than Terry and he plays better defense. With Reggie Evans gone as well, that leaves the Nets with an open roster spot. Evans lost minutes to Teletovic, Plumlee and Blatche.
KINGS get: Jason Terry and Reggie Evans 
Grade: B
There are reports that Terry is not happy with this trade so the Kings might buy him out or waive him. If Terry stays with the Kings, he will be slotted as their backup SG. As for Evans, he can provide additional minutes as their PF/C if DeMarcus Cousins fouls out or gets ejected.

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