DeAndre’s Dunk on Glenn Davis? Better in Hi-Def!

So today I just saw DeAndre Jordan make a new poster and this time it starred Orlando’s Glenn “Big Baby” Davis on the receiving end of a DJ-hammer-throwdown-all-hell-broke-loose slamma jamma.

Yes, DeAndre, we enjoyed your dunkfest, too.
(image from the AP)

And it was made even more awesome because it was on awesome hi-def – props to SKYcable for that one (naks!). Saw it on NBA Premium TV HD (Ch. 175 represent!), and I’m pretty sure I’ll catch it later as well.

Now if you don’t have SKYcable yet, then you can catch DJ’s poster-making session below.

BUT the bigger question here is WHY don’t you still have SKY?

I remember back in the 90s when I used to travel all the way south (I live in QC, which, basically, means north) to my cousins’ house during weekends just to watch ESPN on cable. Live NBA games? I’m there!

And then when the new millennium beckoned, my folks got SKY for our own house and, whoa, TV life has just never been the same. Sure, I loooved having HBO, Star Movies, and National Geographic (Aircraft Investigation is DA BOMB – oops you can’t say bomb on a plane, right?), but the best part of it all was, yes, live Association hoops.

And then when NBA Premium and BTV came along? Man, sign me up!!!

Just. Cannot. Beat. That.

I love how I get to watch these guys on HD!!!
(image from Getty Images)

SKYcable prides itself on giving limitless possibilities and the widest selection of channels, and, by and large, they have not disappointed. After all these years, SKY is still my cable (again, naks!).

I mean, there are 180 possible channels covering such an expansive array of genres – 24/7 movies, sports, cartoons (Samurai Jack, where you at?), Entertainment (those Kardashians…), News, etc. It just runs the gamut. Whatever it is you want to see (the latest dish Guy Fieri is devouring on Triple D perhaps?), whether it’s on HD or SD, SKY’s probably got it.

Now, if, like me, you could care less about, say, Jersey Shore, then you can tune out whatever channels that don’t tickle your fancy and tailor your cable subscription to whatever you want to watch. I have all the requisite hoops and sports stuff, of course, my toddlers love the Kids Pack featuring Baby TV and Disney Jr., while the wifey is hooked on the MANY movie channels in the Movie Pack.

So. Many. Choices.

And if you have to leave the house for work or for entertainment (SPORTS entertainment, what other kind is there? *wink*), SKY enables you to record live TV through its Personal Video Recorder. SKY is the local pioneer in this tech, so they’re the best choice!

And as icing on the cake? How about the capacity to watch pay-per-view and free view specials on TV? Caught the Mayweather-Canelo fight last year? BOOM.

I love how SKYcable just gives me the power to choose. It’s cable TV #TheWayYouWantIt.

And that DeAndre jam on Big Baby? Yep, I got it on playback.



SKYCable wants YOU to win an awesome SKYCable gift pack (see the following image)!

I spy a Big Bang Theory & Two Broke Girls notebook, an E! tumbler, and lots more!
(image from SKYCable & Nuffnang Philippines)

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*This is a sponsored post.

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