The NBA: KOBE 9 Elite featuring Nike Flyknit

I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant BUT I respect his game and competitiveness. He is truly one of the best I have ever seen and quite frankly, maybe the best Los Angeles Laker ever.

Now, his latest edition of basketball footwear from Nike, I can definitely be a fan of!

First look at KOBE 9 Elite featuring Nike Flyknit
Nike Philippines had a private event today to unveil the KOBE 9 Elite featuring Nike Flyknit. The event was attended by prominent sneakerhead (Sole Movement), shoe retailer (Titan), popular bloggers ( & and some sports celebrities (Jinno Rufino & James Velasquez).

This colorway is a tribute to Manny Pacquiao who inspired the current look of the KOBE 9 Elite
The new edition of KOBE 9 Elite features a design similar to what boxer's wear for training and fights. Kobe was inspired by Manny Pacquiao and his boxing shoes so Nike adapted that look into the KOBE 9 Elite. The higher cut of the shoe is higher than normal high-tops to give Kobe (or the wearer) added support and protection for the Achilles' heel.

The 9 red lines at the back represent Kobe's sutures from
his Achilles surgery and the 9th edition of his shoe line

The KOBE 9 Elite was designed with three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon. According to Eric Avar, Nike Creative Director and VP of Innovation: "Nike Flyknit acts as a second skin for Kobe, giving him engineered strength similar to the design of a spider web - tension and strength where it is needed." 

The Flywire technology is strong yet dynamic for lockdown through the midfoot; its cables loosen and tighten with the natural motion of the foot while the Lunarlon cushioning insert provides responsive cushioning that keeps the foot connected to the court. More information can be found at
Nike held nothing back in delivering the best basketball shoe for Kobe

The KOBE 9 Elite will be released globally on February 8, 2014 and while consumers are waiting for that, Nike plans to release The Kobe PRELUDE PACK which consists of the previous 8 versions of the Kobe shoe line. One shoe will be released per week heading into the official launch of the KOBE 9 Elite next year. 

The Kobe PRELUDE PACK will make shoe collectors salivate
at the chance of owning all eight before purchasing number 9
The KOBE 9 Elite does look and feel like a 'Masterpiece'. The lead colorway uses amazing visual patterns allowed by Nike Flyknit that make it look like a piece of art. The design on the outsole is based on the pressure mapping of Kobe's own foot which creates a beautiful pattern while providing traction on the court. Oh by the way, let's not forget the Achilles sutures at the back which gives the shoe an original and distinct look. The suggested retail price is 9,995 PESOS.  
The KOBE 9 Elite is a 'Masterpiece'

More pictures at the bottom. All the pictures were taken by Rolly Mendoza and belong to Hoop Nut. 

Jinno Rufino of BTV and Solar Sports

James Velasquez of Slam Online PH

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