The 2013 NBA Finals: Spurs Push Heat to the Edge

Manu Ginobili came alive in Game 5 with a vintage performance.
The Spurs are 1 win away from the trophy
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The Spurs led from start to finish. The Heat came close a couple of times but the Spurs controlled this game with their tempo, pace and extremely hot shooting. It did not matter that they had 18 turnovers since they had more rebounds and points in the paint than Miami. Plus, the Spurs shot an outstanding 60% from the field for the whole game! Miami in comparison struggled making shots (43%) and failed miserably in finishing in the paint. Major credit goes to Coach Pop for making adjustments especially inserting Manu Ginobili into the starting lineup. Manu has not started a game all year before Game 5 of the Finals and he responded with 24 points and 10 assists to go with a handful of tough shots. That was a vintage performance from him after only scoring a total of 17 points in the previous three games. Does Manu have another good game after this? Boris Diaw also played well defensively against LeBron James especially in the post. No Kidding. Diaw managed to hold his ground versus James. LBJ struggled in the 2nd half with only 5 points. Overall, the Spurs played an excellent team game with balanced scoring as the starters scored 107 points. Tony Parker's hamstring didnt bother him at all as he finished with 26 points while attacking Cole and Chalmers all game long.

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The Spurs are 1 win away from the title and they will have 2 tries in Miami to accomplish that. They already won on the road in Game 1 so they know that winning in Florida is very doable. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan both have been solid while Kawhi Leonard and Gary Neal have displayed instances of inspired production. But the best player and most consistent guy has been Danny Green. He leads them in scoring (18 ppg) and is shooting an amazing 66% from threes. Green already has the Finals record for most threes made in a series with still 1 game, possibly 2 more left. He beat Ray Allen who owned the previous record. Green is 25 of 38 from deep and if the Spurs win the title, he could realistically win the Finals MVP. Green has also played stellar defense on Wade and James on numerous instances. His transition defense is much improved and on a couple of times in Game 5, Green bothered Wade and James enough on fast breaks to make them miss shots they normally make with ease. Credit goes to Green for playing with energy and motivation but Miami also needs to focus defensively to prevent him from being this hot.

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Dwyane Wade had another good game offensively with 25 points and 10 assists but his defensive pressure and attention to rotations were terrible. Wade only had 1 steal after having 6 in their last game. He failed to finish multiple shots around the rim and often whined, bitched and complained after missed shots. His slow transition defense gave the Spurs all the space they need for easy baskets. D-Wade's lackluster defense led to numerous open shots for the Spurs, especially his defensive assignment, Danny Green. It has been 5 games already yet Green is still taking open shots and naturally making them. Miami needs to shut him down if they want to win both games in South Beach. Meanwhile, Ray Allen played his best game of the finals in their loss. Rayray had two 4-point plays and he scored 15 points in the 4th quarter to keep Miami around but it was not enough. Miami needs to stay away from Chalmers-Cole in the next game and give Allen more time on the court. LeBron James had an average game and he shot poorly again. It was baffling to see Boris Diaw bother him too much on defense. The Heat 3 need to show up and dominate again if they want to see at least Game 7.

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The Heat was outplayed and out-coached. This was a total team loss from the players and coaching staff. Miami did not match the effort, desperation and intensity of the Spurs. They came to San Antonio content on winning just 1 game and now the pressure is on Miami to win 2 straight at home after not winning consecutive games in over a month. Erik Spoelstra did not alter his lineup to counter what the Spurs were doing correctly. The Spurs went to their small ball lineup with Ginobili starting and he responded with his best game of the playoffs. Mike Miller has started the last 2 games and has not scored. He took 1 shot in 25 minutes in Game 5. There's no point in playing Miller that much when he isnt shooting and scoring. Shane Battier would have been a better choice even if his shot aint falling because he plays better defense and will take shots. Udonis Haslem had no points and was -20 while Birdman was glued to the bench again. Spo should give the minutes to Birdman next time because he is a better rim protector and finisher. His energy should also boost the Heat. Lastly, the PGs have struggled so Ray Allen should play more. Norris Cole has disappeared in the last couple of games.  

#Player of the Night
Manu Ginobili (Spurs) - 24 points, 2 rebounds, 10 assists and +19

#Highlight of the Night
Danny Green for THREEs

#Tweets of the Nights
Tony Parker, when asked how could Heat continue to leave Danny Green open for 3s: "You can't stop everything."

Wade's whining before getting back on defense costs Miami three more points.
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