The 2013 NBA Finals: Heat Escape in OT

Ray Allen made a tough corner three with 5 seconds left in regulation to force OT
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Twitter thought the game was over. I thought the game was over, twice! Miami was down 13 in the 4th, then down 5 with less than 30 seconds left. Security people were getting ready to bring the trophy on the court. A yellow rope around the sidelines was prepared to prevent fans from storming the court after the Spurs win. The Finals MVP ballots were being distributed to the voters. A bunch of Heat "fans" left with still time on the clock (Im glad they were not allowed back in during OT). I did not stop watching until the end and I got rewarded with an epic game and an instant classic. This game had a dominant first half by Duncan which was followed by a monster 4th quarter by LeBron. There were highlights allover the place including a facial by Kawhi Leonard and a couple of Wade drives to the paint. Heck, we even saw LeBron without a headband and Mike Miller without a shoe. This was the best game and most exciting thing Ive seen this year. My heart was pounding during the 4th quarter and OT. I can only hope, wish and pray that Game 7 will be a better game.  

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LeBron James came alive in the 4th quarter and overtime to help save Miami's season for one more game. The Heat needed his triple double (2nd of the Finals) to force overtime, then some more luck to see Game 7 on Thursday. James was struggling scoring in the first 3 quarters with just 14 points and on some occasions, LBJ could not capitalize when Diaw was guarding him. James had a lot of help in securing this win. Chris Bosh was great defensively in OT and he finished with his 4th double-double of the series. Bosh helped limit Duncan to 5 points in the 2nd half plus Bosh made two key blocks in OT to preserve the Heat win. The biggest shot of the night went to Ray Allen who made a clutch corner three to force OT after a Bosh offensive rebound. Allen was quiet early on but he scored 9 points in the 4th and overtime. Miami also got major contributions from Mario Chalmers who led Miami in scoring in the first half. Super Mario was a welcome sight to Heat fans. Shane Battier finally made his shots as he made 3 threes while Mike Miller finished with 8 points and 7 rebounds including a shoe-less 3-pointer. D-Wade was sloppy and ineffective with his shot selections. He finished with a team worst -20.  

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Tim Duncan wanted no part of Game 7. He unleashed a vintage performance that saw him outscore Miami's Big 3 all by himself in the first half. Timmy was so dominant to start the game as he showed Bosh all his moves which thoroughly embarrassed Bosh. Duncan had 25 points and 8 rebounds on 11 of 13 shooting in the opening half. The latter part of the game was a different story as TD only scored 5 points. Miami defended him better and maybe Duncan got tired after he played 44 minutes, easily his most of the season. Danny Green had a forgettable game of just 3 points as Miami finally clamped down on him defensively. Meanwhile, the hero of Game 5 Manu Ginobili struggled mightily with just 9 points and 8 turnovers including 2 in overtime. Tony Parker didnt shoot well until he made 2 clutch baskets in regulation to give the Spurs a 5-point lead. He did not score in OT. Kawhi Leonard was their most consistent player but he missed a crucial free throw in regulation that could have iced the game for the Spurs. Can the Spurs recover and bounce back in Game 7? The world will be watching.

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This series has been amazing. It's only right to have a Game 7 to decide the best team of 2012-13. Anything can happen and it does not matter that Miami has home-court. The Spurs already won in South Beach and losing Game 6 in disappointing fashion does not automatically make the Heat champions. If Miami loses Game 7, their epic win will only serve as a footnote to a failed season. Their 27-game win streak will not be forgotten but its brilliance will be diminished. No team has an advantage for Game 7 especially with momentum being non-existent in the Finals. Miami has not won consecutive games in 5 weeks while the Spurs have not lost 2 straight since the start of the playoffs. Will Miami play with intensity and desperation for the whole game or will they only show up once the Spurs are leading? Can the Spurs forget their latest loss and recover in Game 7? Will LBJ be in attack mode immediately after the opening tip or will he be passive again? Can Manu and/or Timmy deliver one more vintage game for the trophy? Will Danny Green continue his hot shooting? Will Wade be a positive influence and can Bosh provide another strong defensive game? So many questions but so little answers. Anyway, we will know on Thursday.

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LeBron James (Heat) - 32 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists and  a dominant 4th quarter run

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Ray Allen Corner 3
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He Got Game: Ray Allen saves Heat’s season from — where else? — the three-point line

Ray Allen: "When it went in, I was ecstatic. But at the same time, I was expecting to make it."
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