The NBA: 2013 ECF: New "Big 3" helps Miami Win

Udonis Haslem had another big game in Game 5 and the Heat won by double digits.
His numbers were similar to their win in Game 3. Are we seeing a pattern?
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Miami is one win away from making their 3rd straight Finals appearance to play the waiting and resting San Antonio Spurs. Thanks to LeBron James who dominated the 3rd quarter with 16 points to outscore the Pacers who only had 13. LBJ had help but it did not come from the usual suspects. Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem had big games and they both contributed in a big way during the Heat's run in the 3rd frame. Super Mario had another good game (had 20 in Game 4) with 12 points and 6 assists. More importantly, he helped limit George Hill to just 1 point. Udonis Haslem produced 16 points on 8-9 shooting which was similar to Game 3 when the Heat won by double digits. He made 8 straight shots after missing his first attempt. Haslem was pivotal in the 3rd as he scored 10 points on mostly baseline jumpers. James was masterful in that quarter as he scored or assisted on 24 points of the 30 that Miami scored to pull away from the Pacers. LBJ did most of the work but at least he had help from more reliable players in Chalmers and Haslem. If Wade and Bosh decide to join the party, then the Heat will be in the Finals next week.

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The Heat 3 has been reduced to the Big 1, namely LeBron James who has carried Miami in their 3 wins. Sure he had some help from Birdman, Chalmers and Haslem but the other All-stars have yet to provide solid contributions. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade continued to struggle in this series vs the Pacers. Wade and Bosh combined for a measly 17 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists. They are shooting below 50% after finishing the regular season with career-high shooting numbers. Miami was very fortunate to win this game but they cannot expect to finish off the Pacers without help from Bosh and Wade. Even if the Heat advance to the Finals, there's no way they can beat the Spurs without the production of Wade and Bosh. D-Wade has looked ordinary and slow in this series while Bosh has been content to stay in the perimeter and launch jumpers all day long. His rebounds are pathetic and his defense has been below average. To make things worse, their bench has not been better either. Battier, Cole and Allen are all in shooting slumps and that needs to improve ASAP.

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The Pacers dominated the Miami front line again. Indy was led by Roy Hibbert and Paul George who scored the first 29 points for the Pacers. They also had the lead for most of the first half with just the 2 of them scoring. David West added a couple of baskets as well. The BIGs 3 of the Pacers combined for 66 points and 25 rebounds but the Pacers as a whole managed only 79 points and just 33 boards. Paul George was so hot in the first quarter that he scored 13 points which eclipsed the 12 points he scored in Game 4. The problem for the Pacers was the lack of scoring coming from everbody else especially their starting backcourt of Hill and Stephenson. That duo combined for 5 points, 6 assists and 6 turnovers after getting 39 points, 8 assists and 2 turnovers in their last game. Stephenson has been a barometer of how good or bad the Pacers are playing depending on his production. Lance started the game with 2 quick fouls and he lost his rhythm and focus as the game went along. Stephenson also irked LeBron which was a bad idea as LBJ totally decimated him on both sides of the court.

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The series is far from over. The Pacers have a chance to tie this up in Game 6 if they manage to get production from their back court plus shut down Haslem and Chalmers. For the Pacers to win, they simply need to dominate the boards and pound the paint. A few more baskets from Hill and Stephenson will definitely help as well. Miami managed to narrow the rebounding gap (33-32) and points in the paint (34-32). The Heat forced 17 turnovers and they had a better shooting percentage against the Pacers. The Heat also reduced the FTs awarded to the Pacers and most importantly, LBJ did not foul out. James did not operate from the low post often in Game 5 but his mid-range and threes were working. Miami NEEDS Wade and Bosh to offer something for Game 6 because the Heat cannot expect Chalmers and Haslem to continue having big games.

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LeBron James (Heat) - 30 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 16 points in the 3rd quarter

#Highlight of the Night
3rd quarter explosion by LBJ
Birdman blocks Psycho T

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I'm sorry for the loss Pacer Nation. Have to force a game 7. I have to do better. We all have to do better.

LeBron's too good...He's just too skilled, his judgment now is so sound, he's calm, not afraid to roast his teammates if needed...2 good...
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