The NBA: April 2013 Position Battle – The Top 5 Centers Right Now

So two Euro guys are the best centers in the Association right now, and there’s no sign of Joakim Noah, Dwight Howard, or Al Horford anywhere here. Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year when the big stars shed the limelight in preparation for the Playoffs.

Note: All of the following stats are based on the last five games of each player’s team as computed by They were taken on April 12, 2013 (Manila time).

5. Brook Lopez (BRO) - 22.2ppg, 6.2rpg, 2.6bpg, .538 FG%, 22.8 EFF
The first time All-Star is actually blocking shots!!! WOW!!! And that shooting percentage ain’t anything to sniff at either. Now if he could just be a more consistent rebounder…

Brook Lopez is one of the most peculiar big
men in the NBA.
(image byJesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images)

4. Chris Bosh (MIA) - 20.5ppg, 7.0rpg, 5.0apg, .938 FT%, 23.0 EFF
The Miami Dinosaur is currently out with a cold, but, hey, he has really settled into his role as Miami’s flex big man. Considering he’s teamed up with two of the top five wingmen in the world, it’s impressive how he has still managed to put up these numbers. And look at that free throw percentage!!! WOW!!!

3. Al Jefferson (UTA) - 17.6ppg, 9.4rpg, 1.8spg, 1.0bpg, .562 FG%, 24.0 EFF
Ain’t no rest for the wicked, especially if a Playoff spot is at stake. As of this writing, the Jazz are a full game behind the Lakers for eighth spot in the West, but Utah has, arguably, the lighter sked, so the onus is on Jefferson to power his team through to the postseason.

2. Omer Asik (HOU) - 12.4ppg, 14.0rpg, 1.0spg, .625 FG%, 24.2 EFF
This Turkish Delight in the heart of Texas is rounding up the double-doubles like cattle at the ranch… ummm… yeah I don't know what I’m talking about, but what I do know is that Asik is finally justifying his huge contract with huge production. I mean, look at the FG%!!! It also helps that Houston has gone 4-1 in its last five.

1. Nikola Vucevic (ORL) - 19.0ppg, 16.6rpg, 3.6apg, 1.4spg, 2.0bpg, 30.4 EFF
The Swiss-born Montenegrin is wielding the kind of Magic that’s making Orlando hoop nuts a little optimistic about next season. Vucevic has hauled down at least 11 rebounds in each of his last 11 games, and it’s nice to see that he’s been able to polish his offense, too.

Nikola Vucevic is fast-becoming a premiere big man in the Eastern Conference.
(image by John Raoux/AP)

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