The NBA: Panic Time for Lakers?

At 0-3, definitely not the start the LA Lakers were hoping
The Lakers are at the bottom of the NBA standings. They are win-less after three games and Steve Nash could miss a week due to a leg injury. The Princeton offense has not resulted into equal opportunity shots. Kobe still thrives on isolations although he is shooting at 62%. The bench is horrible and the starters are playing big minutes (Kobe at 39 minutes/game). Is it time to panic? Of course not! The Lakers could and probably will get their first win as early as Sunday night when they play the 0-2 Detroit Pistons at Staples Center.

Lakers' fans expected more from their team (3-0 start) and that's understandable. I was the same way during the 2010-11 season when the Heat Big 3 began their first year of playing together. Miami struggled early during that season but they eventually learned to play together and that resulted into a Finals appearance. I cant guarantee that the Lakers will have the same or better results. All Im saying is that these things take time and Im sure that the Lakers will get their act together... at some time soon.


  • Congratulations to the Charlotte Bobcats for winning their first game of the season! They have ended their 23-game losing streak which started from last season. They lost their 2nd game of the season to the Mavericks by 27 points so maybe another losing streak is on the works 
  • The Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings are also 0-3. Only the Nuggets were expected to be better but both teams played all their games on the road so they have an excuse for being win-less
  • The Celtics were almost headed to 0-3 but Paul Pierce made a three to give them a win over the Wizards who still dont have John Wall
  • The Heat could have been 1-2 if Ray Allen did not make a four-point play from a pass from LeBron. There will be no criticisms that LBJ made the pass since Allen made the shot
  • The Rockets are playing well this early. Two reasons why: Harden and Lin. James Harden has been incredible in his first 3 games with the Rockets. He is leading the NBA with 35 ppg.
  • Early surprises: Bucks 2-0 | Warriors, Blazers, Hornets and Rockets all at 2-1  
  • Injuries and more injuries. Hedo Turkoglu of the Magic is out for a month with a broken hand.. Steve Nash out with a leg injury.. Amare out for 2 months.. Eric Gordon of the Hornets out indefinitely .. Danny Granger also out with a knee injury.. Brandon Rush of the Warriors is out for the season with a torn ACL
This is way too early and only a very small sample but the early candidates for:


  • James Harden, Rockets
  • Tony Parker, Spurs
  • Brandon Jennings, Bucks

  • Damian Lillard, Blazers
  • Anthony Davis, Hornets
  • Dion Waiters, Cavaliers
6th Man

  • Jamal Crawford, Clippers
  • Ray Allen, Heat
  • Carl Landry, Warriors

  • Andy Varejao, Cavaliers
  • Omer Asik, Rockets
  • Spencer Hawes, Sixers

  • Andy Varejao, Cavaliers
  • Marcin Gortat, Suns
  • Omer Asik, Rockets

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