RR Garcia and the Tamaraws shoot up to the top spot
after Week 9 of UAAP action.

*Each weekly review contains updated Team Standings, Team Power Rankings, Player Awards, and Statistical Leaders.


It's still a four-way race for the last three Final Four berths!
(image by Enzo Flojo/Hoop Nut)

Let the disagreements begin!

1-    FEU Tamaraws: FEU finally rises to the top of the rankings in a strange week that saw the top team toppled and a controversial board decision that could shake up the whole Final Four. Nonetheless, FEU found enough resolve to repel the inspired play of the UE Red Warriors last Saturday. This they did despite the underperformance of Anthony Hargrove and the absence of Arvie Bringas. They’re now at solo third with three more games to go, and it seems like they have a newfound weapon in Roger Pogoy. If there’s a team that seems to be on the cusp of peaking at the right time, it’s this team. I expect they’ll play the last three games with a chip on their shoulders, and I’d hate to be on the receiving end of their attack.

2-    Ateneo Blue Eagles: No way Ateneo stays on top after that loss to UE. They lost that game in large part because of uncharacteristically lackadaisical defense. They could’ve lost the Adamson game, too, had Nico Salva continued his anemic shooting. They’re in the middle of a murderous three-games-in-seven-days schedule, and, coupled with the news that JP Erram is out of commission, the skies over Katipunan don’t look very sunny anymore.

3-    UST Growling Tigers: UST almost bit the dust against UP, but they managed to pull another one out of certain disaster. Tsamba nanaman, Coach Pido? Jeric Fortuna finally had a great game, though his three-point shooting is still suspiciously off-target. With Erram’s injury, they have a good chance of repeating over the Eagles this week and then possibly formalizing their twice-to-beat edge if they stay true to form and beat UE next week.

4-    NU Bulldogs: That was a BIG win by NU over La Salle, but they had an even BIGGER win off the court when the UAAP Board decided to re-play their FEU game. All of a sudden, NU is gifted with a do-over and a chance to maybe even go as high as first if they play their cards right. The first step, of course, is beating Ateneo, but that’s not entirely impossible with, again, Greg Slaughter’s chief reliever out for the season. This might still be the season of the Bulldogs.

5-    DLSU Green Archers: They aren’t out of contention yet, but they’re mighty close after losing to NU. It’s clear that a piece is missing as LA Revilla continues to lounge in sick bay. Jeron Teng, Almond Vosotros, and Norbert Torres will all have to conjure a minor miracle if La Salle wants to crash the Final Four party and then some. FEU is up on Sunday, while the Falcons await them next Thursday.

6-    UE Red Warriors: The Red Warriors landed the biggest fish (or bird?) when they upset the defending champions last Thursday. They almost made it three wins in a row against FEU, too. They have no more chance of making the Final Four, but they are a dangerous potential spoiler for any of the top teams (read: UST). It seems Coach Boysie Zamar knows how to bring out the best in his wards. Too bad he came in a little too late.

7-    Adamson Soaring Falcons: Eric Camson’s explosion cements him as one of the best PFs of Season 75, though I’m sure he’d prefer another ticket to the Final Four. There are some good things in the horizon, though. Jericho Cruz seems to have settled in really well into his role as primary playmaker, while Rodney Brondial remains to be one of the most efficient bigs in the league. Ryan Monteclaro hasn’t been half bad, too, as he is currently one of the top three-point shooters in the league.

8-    UP Fighting Maroons: This phrase has become all too familiar for the Maroons – nowhere to go but up. What else is left to say, anyway? They just cannot close out. They have the talent. They have the great coach. They just cannot execute when it counts the most. Sayang.

WEEK 9 PLAYER AWARDS (based on Simple Efficiency Rating unless otherwise specified)
Simple Efficiency Rating (EFF) = (pts+reb+ast+stl+blk) - (fg missed+ft missed+to)

By Position:
Center of Attention: (C)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 20.0ppg, 13.5rpg, 2.5bpg, 1.5apg, 69% FG shooting (29.0 EFF)
*Probably his strongest week, despite the freak loss to UE.

Fantastic 4: (PF)
Eric Camson (AdU) – 26pts, 6rebs, 6 treys, 3stls, 2asts (23.0 EFF)
*Camson almost single-handedly gave Ateneo its first two-game losing streak in ages.

Swingin' Swingman: (SF)
Roger Pogoy (FEU) – 17pts, 13rebs, 4asts, 2blks, 1stl (29.0 EFF)
*The Cebuano hotshot has quietly been pushed into a prime role in place of the injured Mike Tolomia and the destructive Arvie Bringas.

Wing Warrior: (SG)
Ray Parks (NU) – 32pts, 8rebs, 3asts, 2blks (26.0 EFF)
*Parks moved down to SG for NU this week in order to guard Vosotros and give the Bulldogs more muscle up front.

Focal Point: (PG)
Gene Belleza (UE) – 23.0ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.5apg, 1.5spg, 50% 3pt shooting (21.0 EFF)
*From out of nowhere!

Shock Factor: (most surprising performance -- in a good way)
Gene Belleza (UE) – 23.0ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.5apg, 1.5spg, 50% 3pt shooting (21.0 EFF)
*Too bad it’s his last year for UE.

Gene Belleza was the biggest surprise
package of Week 9!

Fresh Prince: (for those in their first playing year)
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 19.5ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.0apg (13.0 EFF)
*With only one week to go (not counting the Sept. 23 game), who else can dethrone this season’s consensus top rookie?

Honorable Mention:
Karim Abdul (UST) – 16pts, 9rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk (22.0 EFF)
Adrian Santos (UE) – 11.0ppg, 11.0rpg, 3.0apg, 1.0spg (14.5 EFF)
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 19.5ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.0apg (13.0 EFF)
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 24pts, 6rebs, 3asts, 3 treys, 1blk (16.0 EFF)
Jeric Fortuna (UST) - 11pts, 12rebs, 4asts, 1stl (20.0 EFF)

All-Offensive Five: (pts, oreb & ast)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 20.0ppg, 4.5orpg, 1.5apg
Eric Camson (AdU) – 26pts, 2orebs, 2asts
Ray Parks (NU) – 32pts, 3asts, 2orebs
Gene Belleza (UE) – 23.0ppg, 3.5apg, 1.0orpg
Roi Sumang (UE) – 21.0ppg, 8.0apg

All-Defensive Five: (dreb, stl & blk)
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 9.0drpg, 2.5bpg
Karim Abdul (UST) – 12drebs, 1stl, 1blk
Adrian Santos (UE) – 10.0drpg
Roger Pogoy (FEU) – 10drebs, 2blks, 1stl
Ray Parks (NU) – 6drebs, 2blks

UAAP SEASON 75 STAT LEADERS (as of September 11, 2012)
Top Scorers:
Ray Parks (NU) – 22.2
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 18.2
Roi Sumang (UE) – 17.7
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 16.9
Karim Abdul (UST) – 16.1

Top Rebounders
Karim Abdul (UST) – 12.5
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 10.9
Adrian Santos (UE) – 10.4
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 10.2
Eric Camson (AdU) – 9.4

Top Playmakers
Jeric Fortuna (UST) – 5.4
Roi Sumang (UE) – 5.3
Ray Parks (NU) – 4.8
RR Garcia (FEU) – 4.5
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 3.8

Top Thieves
Ray Parks (NU) – 1.6
Roi Sumang (UE) – 1.6
Alvin Padilla (UP) – 1.4
Karim Abdul (UST) – 1.4
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 1.4

Ray Parks continues to make good things
happen for the NU Bulldogs.

Top Rejectors
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 3.1
Karim Abdul (UST) – 1.9
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) – 1.8
Rodney Brondial (AdU) – 1.6
Three tied with 1.5

Top FG% (at least 14 FGM)
JP Erram (AdMU) – 63.6%
Jelo Montecastro (UP) – 60.9%
Gryann Mendoza (FEU) – 54.3%
Mark Belo (FEU) – 53.6%
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 52.8%

Top 3PT% (at least 8 3PTM)
Juami Tiongson (AdMU) – 50.0%
Eric Camson (AdU) – 43.6%
Ryan Monteclaro (AdU) – 43.5%
Aljon Mariano (UST) – 40.9%
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 39.3%

Top FT% (at least 12 FTM)
Gene Belleza (UE) – 90.0%
Nico Salva (AdMU) – 88.9%
Jett Manuel (UP) – 87.0%
Almond Vosotros (DLSU) – 81.8%
Henry Asilum (UP) – 80.0%

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