Jed Manguera celebrates La Salle's big win over
the Adamson Falcons. 

*Each weekly review contains updated Team Standings, Team Power Rankings, Player Awards, and Statistical Leaders.


Team Standings as after Week 5.
(image by Enzo Flojo/Hoop Nut)

Let the disagreements begin!

1-    UST Growling Tigers: The Tigers played really well despite news of Jeric Teng’s partial MCL tear. If Louie Vigil and Kevin Ferrer can consistently reel in numbers similar to what they produced against UE, then the Tigers will hardly even miss Teng. Still, this is a team better with the former Xavier Stallion. Jeric Fortuna needs to regain the form of past seasons, but even now UST is doing great – they’re tops in scoring (77.8ppg) , 3-point shooting (32.7%), and perimeter scoring (32.8ppg). They’re also near the top (at least top 3) in all major stat categories except blocks (where they’re dead last; that’s what NOT having Chris Camus will do). They should go 6-1 after dealing with Adamson and UP this week. Should.

2-    Ateneo Blue Eagles: Not playing this past week should have given the Eagles a lot of rest in preparation for a titanic tussle with the Tamaraws this weekend. This is the second-best scoring and best defensive team in the league right now, and they have almost every advantage going into their final first round encounter. The main concern for Ateneo is their perimeter scoring, where they’re dead last in the league. Shooting a league-worst 19.0% from beyond the arc will do that. This is a very dump-it-down-low-or-drive-strong-to-the-hole team, which might be trouble because FEU is currently the third-best shot-blocking team out there. Of course, they haven’t faced a seven-footer yet this season.

3-    NU Bulldogs: The Bulldogs turned the corner in Week 4 and should continue riding high against a hobbling La Salle squad this week. They have, arguably, the best inside-outside combo in college basketball, and Tory Rosario is slowly morphing into a potentially explosive scoring option. The critical weakness so far has been their erratic bench play, which is last in the league in point production. If Coach Eric Altamirano can find a way for his second unit to sustain the intensity of his starters, then perhaps NU can realize its championship potential.

4-    FEU Tamaraws: Like Ateneo, FEU had a break in Week 5, which is probably good since their upcoming match should be one for the books. The Tams are near the top in many categories, save for three. At 57.3% accuracy, Coach Bert Flores’s wards comprise the second-worst free throw shooting unit in the league. They’re also second-to-the-last in rebounds, and dead last in steals. And, yes, the real RR Garcia has not yet showed up. If the Moraytans can compete with Ateneo’s vaunted frontline, and if Garcia rediscovers his velvet touch, then the Tams just might continue enjoying the view from the top of the heap.

5-    DLSU Green Archers: Even an LA Revilla-less DLSU team shouldn’t have struggled the way it did against an Alex Nuyles-depleted Adamson team, right? Right, and the only things that saved them was a game-ending run anchored on the heroics of Yutien Andrada and Jeron Teng. Much has been said about their atrocious free throw shooting, rightfully so since they’re the worst team bar none, but their struggles can also be blamed on two other things: perimeter scoring and turnovers. La Salle shoots just 20.5% from three, and they score just 17.3 perimeter points per game, both of which are second-worst. Also, only Adamson and UE turn the ball over more than the Archers do. Yikes. Against an NU team near the top in steals, turnover points, and tops in fast break points, La Salle might be in for a hellish time.

6-    UP Fighting Maroons: UP should get its first win against UE this coming week, and, frankly, nobody can put it past the Maroons to upset UST. Looking at the Maroons’ stats actually reveals they’re not as bad as their record suggests. They’re top 3 in free throw shooting and perimeter points. They’re second in blocks and have the second-fewest turnover average. They’re number one in steals and bench scoring, and only UST scores more points-off-turnovers per game. Coach Ricky Dandan should be glowing with pride, but the Diliman five has yet to close out well. In most of their games, they’ve been in a position to win, but either they just didn’t make the shots that counted, or the breaks didn’t go their way. Fortune has to smile on them someday, and that day could be closing in really fast.

7-    Adamson Soaring Falcons: Props to the Falcons for giving the Archers a big scare despite not having Alex Nuyles. Ryan Monteclaro hit a bunch of treys, Rodney Brondial was solid, Roider Cabrera showed that he could take the ball to the hole, and even Jansen Rios had some nice moments. The missing guy was Eric Camson. So far, this season has proven that Camson struggles when nobody creates FOR him. He needs someone to attract the defense, to be the decoy, to give him the ball in his sweet spots. We’ve seen him able to create off low post moves in the past, but now that he’s the biggest star (maybe the only star) on this Adamson squad, he should expect that things won’t open up as easily as they once did. He’s averaging about the same number of points as last season, but his FG% has dipped significantly (48% last year to just 33% so far this season). Last season, he hoisted about 10 shots per game. He’s norming about 3 more shots this season, but, again, he isn’t making good on most of those. If Adamson wants to avoid the gutter, Camson needs to redefine the way he plays.

8-    UE Red Warriors: The Red Warriors are last in offense, last in defense, last in FG%, last in assists, last in fast break points, and they’re the most turnover-prone unit of the lot. It’s no big surprise they’re neck-deep in losses, but they have had some flashes of brilliance. Roi Sumang continues to command attention, and it looks like Adrian Santos might be getting into the flow of things already. JR Sumido was also sharp against UST. Coach Jerry Codiñera just has to find a way to bring all these disparate talents together and make them coalesce into an efficient basketball team. Going up against the two other lower-rung teams (Adamson and UP) might be a good chance for them to steal a win and gain a much-needed morale boost.

WEEK 5 PLAYER AWARDS (based on Simple Efficiency Rating unless otherwise specified)
Simple Efficiency Rating (EFF) = (pts+reb+ast+stl+blk) - (fg missed+ft missed+to)

By Position:
Center of Attention: (C)
Karim Abdul (UST) – 20pts, 19rebs, 2blks, 1ast, 1stl (35.0 EFF)
*TWENTY points and NINETEEN rebounds. ‘Nuff said.

Fantastic 4: (PF)
Norbert Torres (DLSU) – 12pts, 13rebs, 3asts, 3blks, 1stl (21.0 EFF)
*Solid as a rock. Time to fear the bear.

Swingin' Swingman: (SF)
Louie Vigil (UST) – 13pts, 3rebs, 2stls, 1ast, 1blk (14.0 EFF)
*Our first Swingin’ Swingman NOT named Ray Parks.

Wing Warrior: (SG)
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 15pts, 10rebs, 1stl (14.0 EFF)
*This man-child’s only weakness was his free throw shooting.

Focal Point: (PG)
Roi Sumang (UE) – 13pts, 4rebs, 4asts, 2stls
*Awesome player, not-so-awesome team.

Roi Sumang continues to impress, but his
team is still mired in distress.

Shock Factor: (most surprising performance -- in a good way)
Louie Vigil (UST) – 13pts, 3rebs, 2stls, 1ast, 1blk (14.0 EFF)
*The NCAA Season 85 Juniors MVP might finally live up to form.

Fresh Prince: (for those in their first playing year)
Mark Tallo (DLSU) – 7pts, 2rebs, 1ast, 1blk (10.0 EFF)
*With LA Revilla hobbled by his ankle woes, Mark Tallo might just see a rise in his minutes and his production.

Honorable Mention:
Adrian Santos (UE) – 9pts, 10rebs, 2asts (13.0 EFF)
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) – 6pts, 10rebs, 2blks (13.0 EFF)
Kevin Ferrer (UST) – 16pts, 3rebs, 2asts, 1stl (13.0 EFF)
Aljon Mariano (UST) – 12pts, 4rebs, 3asts, 2blks (11.0 EFF)
Mark Tallo (DLSU) – 7pts, 2rebs, 1ast, 1blk (10.0 EFF)

All-Offensive Five: (pts, oreb & ast)
Karim Abdul (UST) – 20pts, 9orebs, 1ast
Kevin Ferrer (UST) – 16pts 4 treys, 2orebs, 2asts
JR Sumido (UE) – 20pts, 5 treys, 3orebs
Jeron Teng (DLSU) – 17pts, 4asts, 3orebs
Roi Sumang (UE) – 13pts, 4asts, 1oreb

All-Defensive Five: (dreb, stl & blk)
Karim Abdul (UST) – 10drebs, 2blks, 1stl
Norbert Torres (DLSU) – 9drebs, 3blks, 1stl
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) – 7drebs, 2blks
Roider Cabrera (AdU) – 9drebs, 3blks
Thomas Torres (DLSU) – 5drebs, 1stl, 1blk

UAAP SEASON 75 STAT LEADERS (as of August 12, 2012)
Top Scorers:
Ray Parks (NU) – 18.3
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 17.8
Karim Abdul (UST) – 17.0
Three tied with 16.0

Top Rebounders
Karim Abdul (UST) – 14.2
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 10.3
Rodney Brondial (AdU) – 9.8
Norbert Torres (DLSU) – 9.7
Adrian Santos (UE) – 9.6

Top Playmakers
Ray Parks (NU) – 5.3
Jeric Fortuna (UST) – 5.2
Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 4.7
LA Revilla (DLSU) – 4.2
Two tied with 4.0

Top Thieves
Mark Lopez (UP) – 2.0
Ray Parks (NU) – 1.8
Alvin Padilla (UP) – 1.8
Roi Sumang (UE) – 1.8
Karim Abdul (UST) – 1.6

Top Rejectors
Greg Slaughter (AdMU) – 2.5
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) – 2.0
Norbert Torres (DLSU) – 2.0
Rodney Brondial (AdU) – 2.0
Anthony Hargrove (FEU) – 1.8

Top FG% (at least 10 FGM)
Jelo Montecastro (UP) – 58.3%
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 57.7%
Troy Rosario (NU) – 56.5%
Cris Ball (UP) – 55.9%
Jovet Mendoza (DLSU) – 52.4%

Top 3PT% (at least 5 3PTM)
Ryan Monteclaro (AdU) – 60.0%
Jeric Teng (UST) – 48.0%
Roi Sumang (UE) – 42.9%
Kevin Ferrer (UST) – 40.0%
Two tied with 33.3%

Ryan Monteclaro stepped up, but the Falcons just
couldn't hold on to the win.

Top FT% (at least 8 FTM)
Nico Salva (AdMU) – 90.3%
Yutien Andrada (DLSU) – 88.9%
Aljon Mariano (UST) – 88.9%
Roi Sumang (UE) – 84.0%
Jett Manuel (UP) – 83.3%

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