The Games That Play Us: Dislocated

Alex Nuyles left the game before the first quarter even ended.
Without its brightest star, Adamson was just no match for NU.


It’s just four games into the season, but already the Adamson Soaring Falcons look like they could use a long offseason.

Even with the insertion of hyped talent Jericho Cruz, it seems like this iteration of Coach Leo Austria’s squad won’t be going far this year. That’s especially true when Rodney Brondial gets himself into foul trouble and even more so when their heart and soul, Alex Nuyles, goes down because of a re-injured dislocated shoulder (there has to be a better, less depressing, way to write that, right?).

Here’s the thing. If this injury makes Nuyles miss a hefty number of games, and this looks like the most probable case, then Adamson can practically kiss the season good bye. Sure, they will still probably, barely, have enough to contend with the Red Warriors and the Fighting Maroons, but, considering the way those two teams played this past weekend, a Nuyles-less (again, a less depressing way, please?) Adamson five would be the least frightening team out there.

Look, he hasn’t been 100% this season, which is why he hasn’t put up numbers nearly as good as last year, but he’s still a commanding presence on the court. He attracts and demands commitment from opposing defenders. He’s athletic as hell, and, once at full health, he’s probably the most versatile offensive threat outside of Ray Parks.

But this re-dislocated shoulder (there you go) changes everything. Unless Nuyles can pull off a stunner and miraculously channel his old self, then Season 75 is none and done for the San Marcelino squad.

Want proof? How about this:

With a full complement of its starters, Adamson was outgunned, 14-2, in the first five minutes of play. Emmanuel Mbe ruled the paint, while Denice Villamor and Troy Rosario rained threes. And then Brondial gets foul number 2. A few plays later, he gets tagged with number 3. A few minutes later, Nuyles is subbed and never returns. By the end of the quarter, the Falcons managed to trim the deficit to just nine at 20-11. It was clear, however, that NU smelled blood, and they weren’t going to be stopped.

Despite the noble efforts of Eric Camson and Harry Petilos, the Bulldogs continued to hum in the second stanza. They nursed double-digit leads throughout the quarter and would’ve led by 13 at the break had Cruz not knocked in a triple to end the half. As it turned out, he wouldn’t score again.

NU toyed with Adamson in the third period, with the lead ballooning to as many as 24 points, 62-38, after Villamor’s third and final trey. It was all cruise control for Coach Eric Altamirano afterwards, as only the final buzzer stood in the way of NU’s fourth win.

This triumph moves NU up to fourth spot at 4-2, right behind tormentors UST, and a notch above the only team they haven’t faced yet, DLSU. This is the Bulldogs’ second straight win after losing to the Tigers last week, and it’s a good sign for the bayside boys as they have a chance to go as high as number two if they trip the Archers in Week 5.

As for Adamson, well, we all knew their chances of being relevant took a hit when four of their mainstays used up their eligibility after Season 74, but the probable prolonged absence of Nuyles will only make things worse. It’s pretty apparent that his shoulder is not the only thing that’s been dislocated. The Falcons’ chances to soar in Season 75 have been, too.

Emmanuel Mbe dominated in the paint as the
thin Adamson frontline struggled to keep up.

Troy Rosario continued his significant contribution as
the Bulldogs nailed their fourth win in six games.


NU 77 – Mbe 20, Parks 12, Villamor 9, Alolino 8, Rosario 7, De Guzman 7, Javillonar 5, Neypes 4, Labing-isa 3, Betayene 2, Singh 0, Roño 0
AdU 62 –Camson 13, Cabrera 11, Julkipli 8, Brondial 7, Cruz 5, Petilos 4, Trollano 3, Olalia 3, Monteclaro 3, Nuyles 2, Cabigas 2, Rios 1, Etrone 0, Abrigo 0
QS: 20-11, 39-29, 66-44, 77-62
Notable Performers:
Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 20pts, 15rebs, 1blk
Ray Parks (NU) – 12pts, 11rebs, 5asts, 1stl, 1blk
Eric Camson (AdU) – 13pts, 8rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk

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