Because You Suck, Nameless Monsoon

So, apparently, there's more where this came from!
(from Kevin Durant's Twitter account)

This is about the changes in the remaining schedule of the 2012 UAAP Basketball Tournament's first round, and some images of basketball and/in the deluge.

Revised UAAP BAsketball Schedules (as of August 9, 2012):
Changes in the Seniors' Division Schedule.

Changes in the Juniors' Division Schedule.
Changes in the Women's Division

Basketball and this effin' Monsoon:

This guy tries to hang on for dear life on a basketball
post. He probably spent many sunny afternoons playing
in this particular street.
(image by Aaron Favila/AP)

Because covered basketball courts are a dime a dozen in the metro, they
are often used as temporary shelters for evacuees.
(image by Jay Directo/AFP)

These two guys probably never thought they'd hold on
to a basketball rim in this context.
(image by Noel Celis/Getty Images)

Oh kids. They will play whenever and wherever.
Basketball really never stops in the Philippines.
(image by Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

Let us all remain resilient and united as we recover from this unexpected and unmitigated catastrophe. Time to put our hero hats on, guys! Game on!
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