The Games That Play Us: I Will Survive

Rookie hotshot Jeron Teng came up big for
the Green Archers in their opening match.


After UP held De La Salle scoreless for about 3 minutes and the Diliman duo of Mike Silungan and Alvin Padilla uncorked a 9-0 run to retake a lead they last held in the second quarter, it wasn’t far-fetched to think UP might actually start the season with a big win. They were up by one with about half a minute to go. DLSU’s biggest rookie catch, Jeron Teng, seemed to fold under the pressure after missing 3 straight free throws. UP clearly had the momentum, and all they really had to do was get one final defensive stop.

Crafty veteran LA Revilla, however, had other plans. With former Eaglet Mike Gamboa on him, the former San Beda Red Cub went left from the top of the key. He was met by the help defense of Padilla, another former Red Cub, who gambled leaving his man, Teng, open at the corner.

This is where we see just how willing the Archers are to hand the reigns over to their prized recruit. Revilla, seeing that his ploy to attract the defense has worked, dishes the ball to a wide open Teng. Now the Maroons probably thought Teng would settle for the medium ranger, but the headstrong freshie goes strong to the hole and challenges the defense of fellow newbie Chris Ball instead. A whistle is heard just as Teng’s shot kisses the glass then falls through the hoop.

Just like that, the rookie turned from goat to golden goose.

He survived his first UAAP game (cue the title song), and Gang Green served notice that they’re willing to have the kid take the big shots.

Despite the obvious setback, however, the Fighting Maroons, pardon the cliché, have nothing to be ashamed of. They were literally one stop away from upsetting one of the darlings of the preseason. Of course, we can nit-pick to kingdom come about maybe how newcomer big man Raul Soyud shouldn’t have taken more shots than Silungan (posible pala yun!), or how Asilum shouldn’t have taken so many jumpers, or how Silungan shouldn’t have passed to Jett Manuel in their last offensive set, but the Maroons have to be given all the credit in the world for pushing the Archers to the brink. Who knows, maybe in the second round, we could actually see a repeat of UP’s upset of DLSU back in 2009?

As for the guys from Taft Avenue, any balanced observer should be impressed by several things: 1) Jeron Teng is going to be an impact-player, 2) Norbert Torres is going to be more dominant, and 3) this is a different La Salle squad. One stat that’s incredibly telling of the big change? The Archers attempted just 11 threes all game, and only 2 in the last 10 minutes. Whereas before, they’d be content to run double-screens for the likes of Sam Marata, Bader Malabes, James Mangahas, and PJ Barua, now we know where they’re going – inside. And, yeah, Yutien Andrada’s length on the defensive end actually makes him scarier than he actually looks (no, really, that’s a compliment).

Mike Silungan's heroics almost lifted the
Fighting Maroons over De La Salle.
Norbert Torres was tested by UP's new big man,
Raul Soyud.
Once again, LA Revilla show his poise under pressure as the
Archers scored the final 6 points of the game.
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DLSU 73 – Torres N 16, Teng 15, Revilla 15, Andrada 10, Dela Paz 9, Mendoza 6, Webb 2, Van Opstal 0, Paredes 0, Vosotros 0, Gotladera 0, Tallo 0, Manguera 0
UP 68 – Silungan 18, Asilum 12, Lopez 10, Soyud 8, Padilla 7, Manuel 5, Ball 4, Romero 2, Hipolito 2, Wierzba 0, Montecastro 0, Gamboa 0, Gallarza 0
QS: 17-16, 35-29, 56-46, 73-68
Notable Performers:
Norbert Torres (DLSU) – 16pts, 14rebs, 3asts, 3blks, 1stl
LA Revilla (DLSU) – 15pts, 11rebs, 7asts, 2stls
Mike Silungan (UP) – 18pts, 5rebs, 2 treys, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk

*“I Will Survive” is a hit song by Gloria Gaynor.
**Unless otherwise specified, all images are from
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2 Comment

Put simply, there was no good reason for this game to have been as close as it was. On paper, DLSU is so much better than UP. Then again, we don't ball on paper.

Oh, and "I Will Survive" is by Gloria Gaynor, not Queen. :)


Agree. DLSU should've been able to hold on to their big lead. And yeah sobrang tama ka about the song!!! I think I was thinking of the Cake version when I wrote Queen #facepalm will edit it!