Light Done Right: The adidas Crazy Light 2

The latest adiZero is here!

 Think the original Crazy Light is the best shoe ever? Think nothing could ever be lighter? Or better?

Think again.

Last June 7, 2012, adidas Philippines held the media launch of the newest addition to the brand’s library of hoops shoes. As always, they did all the right things in entertaining and informing the different members of the press and social media who were invited to the launch, which was held at the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center inside the sprawling Ateneo de Manila campus.

Your Hoop Nut was there to help cover the event!
They unveiled their newest creation, the latest product and brainchild of the adidas Innovation Team and adidas advanced footwear concept designer, Robbie Fuller – the adiZero Crazy Light 2.

And this version of the Crazy Light improves on the original in practically all aspects.

At just 9.5 ounces, the CL2 (Crazy Light 2) is noticeably lighter than its predecessor, and is also about 10% lighter than the nearest competing basketball shoe (this is when comparing standard size 9 men’s mid-cuts).

The lightest shoe ever?
The CL2 is also stronger and has greater motion control, thanks to an enlarged assymetrical Sprintframe. The midsole was also given a bit more volume for a denser base that should give the wearer greater support.

Denser base for better support.
Another highlight is the improved (which is another way of saying thinner) Sprintweb layout that is easily visible at first glance. Its innovative three-layer design makes the shoe aerodynamic and enhances its overall strength even more.

Tougher than nylon!
An extra feature that makes the CL2 pretty cool is its compatibility with the miCoach Speed Cell technology previously seen in the adidas adiZero Rose 2.5. This means one’s movement and performance metrics can be measured in real time, saved in a computer and uploaded to either Facebook or Twitter with ease.

This his what the adidas drawing board looks like.
Of course, all that shoe-tech mumbo-jumbo will be meaningless if the CL2 didn’t fit or feel well in an actual exercise or game context.

Thankfully, adidas organized two interesting activities for the media participants.

First, they held some motion and core drills that really tested their claims about the CL2’s merits.

Next, the now-customary exhibition game enabled the broadsheet/magazine writers and bloggers to actually play and punish the CL2 in a competitive and relatively intense environment.

Not surprisingly, adidas’s new shoe impressed.

It definitely felt lighter than the adizero Rose 2.5. Heck, even the CL2’s laces are made of extra-light material! That doesn’t mean it felt cheap, though. There’s still definitely some weight around the foot, but it’s light enough to make one feel he might be able to cut or curl a little quicker, or even make that second jump knowing he’ll still land in one piece.

A definite winner, this one.

Tech-specs for the Crazy Light 2.
(image from the adidas Crazy Light 2 press kit)
As of this writing, the adidas Crazy Light 2 should already be available in adidas outlets around the metro, and most sports shops, too.


SRP: Php7,995.00

Initial Release Colorways:

Black-Red-White combination (I call this the Chicago Bull)

The Chicago Bull.
(image from the adidas Crazy Light 2 press kit)
Gray-Black-White combination (I call this the Gray Ghost)

The Gray Ghost.
(image from the adidas Crazy Light 2 press kit)
Neon Green-Black-White combination (adidas calls this the Electricity colorway)

The Electricity.
(image from the adidas Crazy Light 2 press kit)
Overall, there were 10 different colorways displayed in the launch, most of which will be released at different points within the next few months. The second wave of colorways will be released on June 21.

I can see a blue & white colorway and a white & black colorway
aside from the initial three.
Take your pick: teal, black & gold, black & white, red & white,
or, my personal fave, the gray & blue (I call it the Tigershark!)

Still think the original Crazy Light is the best thing since sliced bread?

That shoe was awesome, but the Crazy Light 2 is an even bigger innovation.

Plainly speaking, this shoe is just Light Done Right.

Can you spot the Bedans?
There are Meralco Bolts, Fighting Maroons, and
Growling Tigers here.
The neon green not enough? How about a bright orange insole?
My own Crazy Light 2s, unboxed!!!

*Unless otherwise specified, all images are by Hoop Nut/Enzo Flojo.
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