2012 NBA Playoff Postmortem: Boston Celtics

Undeniably, Rajon Rondo is the new face
of the Boston Celtics.
(image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Right now, with the Oklahoma City Thunder down 1-2 to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, I am really, REALLY, missing the Boston Celtics.

I am missing their swagger. I am missing their grit. I am missing their “these old bones can still hack it” aura.

Most of all, I am missing their heart.

And what stinks is, by this time next year, the Boston Celtics might not even be the Boston Celtics we have now.

Because after the grand championship of 2008, and strong Playoff runs each year thereafter, it’s inevitable (yes, I used the word inevitable) that Danny Ainge is going to have some shaking up to do.

And while some might contend that this group still has one more run in them (the past two years have each been this group’s “one more run”), I just cannot find it in myself to agree wholeheartedly.

This squad, this iteration of the Big Green, is done, and is about to be undone.

Ray Allen is too old. Kevin Garnett, though he had several awesome moments in these Playoffs, is barely staving off Father Time. Paul Pierce might still have some juice, but it’s also running out fast. We all saw how it was sheer desire and will, not the pump in their legs, not the speed in their step, not the strength of their aching muscles, that enabled the Cs to push Miami to the brink of an early summer.

We won’t see that again.

It was a great run. Magical comes to mind. Mickael Pietrus hit some big shots. Missed a ton, too. Brandon Bass was highlight-worthy at times, but cringe-worthy on certain moments. Keyon Dooling could shoot the lights out in one 5-minute stretch, then go colder than ice the next 10. Greg Stiemsma was half rock-solid and half marshmallow-mush.

The only really, constantly, good, riveting thing about Boston (even in the games where he struggled) was Rajon Rondo.

Him. Right there. He’s the franchise of this team.

I say make a mess out of it all this summer, Danny. Blow up Boston. See what’s out there, and see who comes back.

Maybe Bass can pick up his option and choose to stay. Maybe Pierce can still score in the 20s (he’ll stay anyway). But don’t be afraid to let go of KG and Ray-Ray. You’ll have to at some point, and, honestly, that point is now.

Rebuild. Renew.

It’ll be, it SHOULD be, a new Boston five who’ll grace our screens come November.

The only thing is… damn… I’ll be missing these Celtics.

Ray Allen's time as a Celtic is up.
Where else can he go next season?
(image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Paul Pierce might still have a 20-point-per-game season
in store for him, but he'll need a supporting crew.
(image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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