The NBA Playoffs: Luck of the Irish (or Rondo)

Rajon Rondo came to the rescue in the fourth
quarter and he finished with a triple-double
(Photo by Getty Images)

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If you want defensive basketball, the Celtics and Sixers gave us 7 games of excellent defense and a thousand of missed shots and ugly basketball. The Sixers had a chance to pull off an upset but the Celtics showed their poise and clutch-shooting even after Paul Pierce fouled out with four minutes left. Rondo made some clutch (lucky) shots and Garnett played great again. Game 7 did not have a lot of points but it still delivered on the excitement level. The Celtics led most of the way but the Sixers were always in striking distance. Again both teams struggled shooting (Celtics 42%, Sixers 35%) but the Celtics shot their free throws (20-22) a lot better and Rondo even made his foul shots to clinch the victory.

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Rajon Rondo took over the ball game when Pierce fouled out. He made one deep two (almost a three) and then a long three that was all net. He even made 4-4 free throws (60% ft) and scored 11 points in the fourth quarter including 9 straight as he outscored the Sixers 11-7 down the stretch. By the way, Rondo also got a triple-double with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. He is the 2nd player to get a triple-double in a Game 7 after Larry Bird. The Sixers let Rondo shoot from the perimeter and they fouled him intentionally because those are his weaknesses. On this night, Rondo came to the rescue and made sure that the Celtics will visit Miami on Monday night.

Kevin Garnett had another strong game and his Celtics
will face the Miami Heat on Monday night.
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The extra rest day surely helped Kevin Garnett prepare and get ready for this game. He started strong getting 9 points and 7 rebounds in the 1st quarter. He made a buzzer-beater jumper at the end of the third to keep the Celtics ahead. He finished with 18 points and 13 rebounds for another double-double. He was good defensively and KG was superb with his screens to get Ray Allen going in the fourth quarter. Allen still struggled with his shot but he made two threes in the 4th quarter to help the Celtics keep the lead.

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The Sixers played with great intensity and effort. Their defense was excellent but their offense needed a lot of fine tuning. They shot poorly again and they had many turnovers which disrupted their chance to cut the lead. The Sixers threw the ball away a couple of times with Iguodala forcing the issue by throwing alley-oop passes that did not connect. The Sixers were probably nervous and jittery playing a Game 7 on the road and their roster was fairly inexperienced in pressure situations. Lou Williams and Thad Young were unable to provide enough scoring from the bench (13 total points). Still, the Sixers had a great playoff run and many people did not expect the Sixers to even compete against the Celtics but they were there at the end but just could not get over the hump. Maybe next year.

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  • Rondo 1-10 in threes in the series before Game 7
  • Celtics started 0-14 in threes before making their last 3 attempts
  • Celtics had all 5 starters in double figures
  • Evan Turner was -23 for the game
  • Brand was the only Sixers' starter who played a Game 7 before
  • Game 1 of West Finals start Sunday night, East finals on Monday night

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