The NBA Playoffs: Heat escape Rondo's Epic Performance

Dwyane Wade rejected Ray Allen  and the
 Heat denied the Celtics a win in Game 2.
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The Boston Celtics had a wonderful start and a flawless first half. They shot the ball well going over 60% and at one point made 9 straight shots. The Heat shot a measly 35% and D-Wade had just 2 points. The Celtics raced to a 15-point lead midway of the 2nd quarter and ended the half with a 7-point lead. The Celtics out-rebounded the Heat and Rajon Rondo was making jumpers to the tune of 22 points. The third quarter was a different story as the Heat and D-Wade came alive to outscore the Celtics 35-22 and grabbed the lead going to the 4th. The last period was tight with each team having their runs and changing leads. Miami had a 6-point lead then the Boston made a run to get a 5-point lead, then finally the Heat had a 3-point lead in the last minute until the Celtics tied it and then there was free basketball for 5 more minutes. This was a great game from start to finish and the Celtics almost came out with the win. They will need to win Game 3 on Friday in Boston or the series will be over.

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Dwyane Wade had a chance to put the Celtics away in regulation. He had 2 free-throws to give the Heat a 4-point lead and possibly ice the game but he missed one. The Celtics were down 3 and everyone knew that Ray Allen would take the tying trey. How that happened was due to a bad decision by Wade. He decided to gamble and go for a steal versus Garnett. Wade did not get the steal and left his defensive assignment open. The rest of the Heat adjusted to Wade's gamble and that left Allen for a wide open three which he made. That Wade gamble was unnecessary because Garnett was beyond the three-point line and he was not in a shooting position. He was not even thinking of a shot. So, the Heat still had a chance to win the game, two chances in fact. LeBron James rolled to the hoop but he missed a layup. The Heat got the offensive rebound and they had the last shot. LBJ had the ball against Rondo on an isolation and he settled for a long fadeaway jumper that was not close. James did not bother to drive or post up when he had about 60 lbs and 7 inches on Rondo. I dont know the thought process on that shot. All I know was James should and could have gotten a much better shot than that.  

Rajon Rondo had monster numbers plus he was making
jumpers allover the court but his Celtics still lost in overtime.
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Rajon Rondo had his best playoff game in his career. He had fantasy numbers of 44 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals and 10 assists. He shot an amazing 16-24 (2-2 threes) from the field and 10-12 from the foul line. The better part about his game, Rondo was making shots from the outside and not just layups. The Heat gave him space to launch outside shots and he made them pay. At one point, Rondo made 5 straight jumpers. His epic game looked even better when you factor in that he played 53 minutes out of 53. The guy hardly looked fatigued at all. Rondo played magnificent but the Celtics still lost. Part of that was due to Mario Chalmers having a great game. Super Mario had 22 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists in 45 minutes and he kept the Heat close when Wade was not scoring. He also made 3-6 threes which helped open up the interior defense by the Celtics. Chalmers even picked up a technical foul for taunting Keyon Dooling. The point guards played a great game with Rondo submitting a performance for the ages while Chalmers scored more than his usual output.

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With the game tied 105-105 in overtime, Rajon Rondo drove to the hoop and went for a layup. He missed the shot and then the Heat went the other way for a Haslem dunk and the lead. Rondo did not go back on defense because he was complaining for the lack of foul call on Wade. Watching it live, I did not see or notice the foul by Wade on Rondo during his layup attempt. Instant replays shown by ESPN appeared to support Rondo's claim that he was fouled. It did not look obvious but he probably got fouled. Tough break for the Celtics and bad missed call there. More fuel to the conspiracy theory was that the Heat made 31-47 foul shots to the Celtics who had 26-29. LeBron had 18-24 attempts and three Celtics fouled out (Pietrus, Dooling, Pierce). The Celtics were called for 33 fouls while the Heat had 18. The officiating was not that good but it's arguable that the Heat got foul calls due to their aggressiveness and style of attacking the paint. The Celtics mainly took jumpers which dont result in a lot of free-throws. I doubt that a conspiracy is in play but it sucks that the Celtics did not get the foul call they want.

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"KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgene, always has!" Wally Szczerbiak former teammate of KG, @WSzczerbiak

Jim Rome ‏@jimrome
C'mon. I get that whole heart of the champion thing. But expending all that energy and NOT winning is going to kill Boston. Dead. D-E-A-D.

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  • Wade was 1-8 at one point before making his next 7 shots to finish 8-15
  • Greg Stiemsma had 4 fouls in the 1st quarter
  • Heat 6-0 in playoff overtimes in their franchise history 
  • Heat 15-point comeback win was biggest deficit in their history
  • NBA Draft Lottery: 1st - Hornets, 2nd - Bobcats, 3rd - Wizards
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