The NBA Playoffs: Day 7

Rajon Rondo made sure that the Hawks knew that
 he was playing by unleashing a triple double.
(Photo by Brian Snyder/REUTERS) 

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Evan Turner said that he wanted to face the Bulls in the first round. He got his wish and he has backed up his word by playing great basketball in their last two wins. The Bulls were up 14 points in the fourth quarter when the Sixers made a 19-2 run anchored by Spencer Hawes (21 pts, 9 rebs) and Evan Turner (16 and 9) which gave the Sixers the victory, thus the 2-1 series lead. The Bulls were in good shape to win the game as they held Brand and Iguodala to 5 total points while Boozer and Hamilton were carrying the offensive load. Unfortunately, things turned bad for the Bulls as their offense became stagnant and shots were not going on. They certainly missed the playmaking skills of Derrick Rose. To make matters worse, Joakim Noah sprained his ankle and left the game. He was on crutches after the game. Game 4 is on Sunday.

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Ty Lawson has to be the fastest or one of the fastest guys who can go coast-to-coast. He was a blur in the first half as he blitzed his way past the Laker's defense, scoring 13 of the first 20 points for the Nuggets. The running style of the Nuggets gave them a 55-39 lead at halftime. Andrew Bynum woke up in the third quarter and the Lakers played half court basketball which allowed the Lakers to get back into the game. Kobe was having a bad shooting night (7 of 23) which meant that he kept on hoisting contested shots. His multiple attempts took away shots from Bynum and Gasol, thus lowering their effectiveness. The Nuggets front court combo of rookie Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee outplayed and out-hustled everyone from the Lakers. That duo combined for 28 points and 30 rebounds.

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Rajon Rondo did not apologize to his teammates for being suspended for Game 2. He decided that his actions speak louder than words so he played in Game 3 and got himself a triple double. The Celtics have a 2-1 series lead with Game 4 being in Boston again. Rondo amassed 17 pts, 14 rebs, 12 assts and 4 steals in 49 minutes of action. The Celtics needed every bit of his numbers as they had trouble putting away the Hawks who played without injured Josh Smith. Tracy McGrady played extended minutes (41) due to the depleted Hawks bench and scored 12 points. It was Rondo's night and he asserted himself more during overtime when he scored two buckets early to give the Celtics the lead. Rondo drove to the hoop during the last minute of overtime and faked Jeff Teague but Rondo missed the layup. Luckily, Garnett was there for the easy putback and that gave the Celtics a 4-point lead.
Here is a list of players that got injured during the playoffs:

  • Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Amare Stoudemire, Caron Butler, Tiago Splitter
  • Al Harrington, Josh Smith, Joakim Noah, Tracy McGrady

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Michael Wilbon, ESPN @RealMikeWilbon "Evan Turner backing up what he said about wanting the Bulls. He's kicking their butts w talent/hustle...He's the best player on the floor."

#RandomStuff #stats

  • Rondo has 7 career triple doubles which ties him with LeBron James
  • Evan Turned was drafted at Number 2 during 2010
  • Andrew Bynum had zero points in the first half. He finished with 18
  • Kenneth Faried is 6'8" and he guarded Pau Gasol (7'0") for most of 2nd half
  • Bulls are now 0-2 without Rose in the playoffs

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