The NBA Playoffs: Day 5

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan spent a lot of time on
the bench to chat due to the Spurs' blowout win.
(Photo By Mike Stone/REUTERS)

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If you did not know yet, the Spurs are really good. They annihilated the Jazz early and had a 20-point lead midway of the 2nd quarter. The lead hemorrhaged to almost 40 points in the 2nd half. None of the Spurs' starters played more than 29 minutes and the team shot a blistering 57% from the field. Meanwhile, the Jazz had so much trouble scoring as they shot a measly 34% and was lead in scoring by two players with 10 points each. The Jazz played with no heart, no intensity and no defense. They seem to give the vibe that they are simply happy to make the playoffs. Now, if the Big 3 don't travel to Salt Lake City, then the Jazz have a chance.

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Glen Davis tried his hardest to help the Magic win Game 3 vs the Pacers. The result was a blow out win for the Pacers. Big Baby needed help from his teammates but no one came to his aid. Turkoglu, Richardson, Nelson and Anderson combined for 27 points. Danny Granger had 26 all by himself. The Magic gave back the home court advantage to the Pacers and it appears that the Magic just don't have enough weapons to stay competitive with the Pacers. After their Game 1 loss, the Pacers have won the next 2 games by 15 and 23 points. These were expected especially with Dwight Howard being injured. My X-factor, Ryan Anderson has had a miserable shooting performance and without his offense, the Magic just cannot compete with the Pacers.

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Finally, a close and intense playoff game for tonight! This time around there was no comeback for the Clippers. The Grizzlies were able to close out the game with a win and the series is tied, 1-1. The Grizzlies led most of the game and the Clippers only got as close as 4 points in the fourth quarter. Chris Paul tried to will his team to victory but their lack of shooting (Butler DNP and Williams got injured) ultimately doomed them. The Grizzlies pounded the boards (16 offensive rebs) and attacked the hoop consistently in the last period. The Grizzlies had a 39 to 18 advantage in free throw attempts. The game was very physical and chippy with Chris Paul being overly aggressive with a bunch of Grizzlies (Mayo, Conley, Allen). Still, the Clippers should be happy to split the first two games considering that they have been badly outplayed in both of the games.

The New York Knicks will go down against the Miami Heat in the playoffs but one player will have something to smile about. Tyson Chandler was named the Defensive Player of the Year. He beat Serge Ibaka (my pick), LeBron James and Dwight Howard (Enzo's pick). Chandler managed to transform the Knicks into a decent defensive team and the team he left (Mavericks) were not as good defensively without him. Ibaka had more blocks than Chandler and Dwight had more rebounds than Chandler. LeBron guarded more positions and shutdown more players but the voters gave more importance to the Knicks becoming a better team defensively. Chandler is a deserving winner. He just is not our preferred winner. 

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  • The Pacers scored 20 more points in the paint vs the Magic. A direct effect of Howard not playing
  • The Spurs won by 31 points, the 2nd highest in this year's playoffs (1st - Heat by 33)
  • Bobby Simmons started for the Clippers after not playing in Game 1
  • Grizzlies had 12 turnovers while Clippers had 20
  • Amare Stoudemire will not play in Game 3 vs the Heat and is doubtful for Game 4
  • Josh Smith is listed day-to-day with a knee injury
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