The NBA Playoffs: Day 4

Paul Pierce saying a prayer of thanks
for their Game 2 win without Rondo
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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Are the Celtics better without Rondo? Of course not! How about without Ray Allen as well? Even worse! Lady Luck was smiling in favor of the Hawks before the game. But after the game, not so much. The Hawks caught a fortunate break in Game 2 with Rondo and Allen not playing. Too bad for them that Paul Pierce was in uniform. Pierce was in vintage form as he scored 36 points and got 14 rebounds. The Hawks must have been counting on winning this game easily without a fight from the Celtics. The Hawks lost a wonderful chance to go up 2 games before heading to Boston for Games 3 and 4. To make matters worse, Josh Smith has a sprained knee and did not finish the game. Smith could be out a few games.

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Can the Bulls win in the playoffs without Rose? During the first half, the answer was yes. At the end of the game, a big NO. The Bulls were in control of the game until the Sixers made a big run and got hot. The Sixers started running and dunking led by Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Lou Williams. They outscored the Bulls  in fastbreak points (25-8) and points in the paint (52-32). The Bulls could not match the pace set by the Sixers without Rose. His absence exposed areas of the game where the Bulls miss and need Rose the most. Scottie Pippen wrote an open letter to the Bulls calling them the "best team in the NBA" but the best team tonight was not the Bulls.

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Ron Artest must be sighing in relief because his suspension has not sabotaged the Lakers playoff run in the first round so far. The Lakers are up 2-0 vs the Nuggets with Kobe Bryant providing the firepower (38 points). His shots were falling early and he shot efficiently (15-29). Bryant even blocked a dunk attempt by Al Harrington. The Nuggets still have no answer for the Twin Towers defensively. There were instances where rookie Kenneth Faried (6'8") had to guard Pau Gasol (7-0) while Bynum dominated in the low post with his 27 points. The Nuggets need Gallinari to start shooting better because Ty Lawson cannot carry the team by himself. He needs help fast.


  • Kobe Bryant scored 30 points or more in the playoffs for the 83rd time. He only trails Michael Jordan who has 109
  • Gregg Popovich won the Coach of the Year award for the second time in his coaching career
  • Amare Stoudemire had 15 stitches on his lacerated left hand
  • Have you seen the new Skullcandy commercial of Kevin Durant and James Harden with Kate Upton?

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