The NBA Playoffs: Day 3

Amare Stoudemire punched
a glass case after the game.
Who do you think won?
(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

#DumberMove #InCaseofEmergencyBreakGlass
What was Amare thinking? Was he that frustrated that he decided to punch the glass portion of a steel case that housed a fire extinguisher? Or was he aiming for the metallic portion but missed? His actions resulted in a lacerated hand that required stitches. He probably wont play in Game 3 and maybe more. Maybe Amare thought that the Knicks were in an emergency situation or that he needs to extinguish the white hot Heat? Joking aside, that was a selfish and reckless move. There was nothing to gain from punching glass and now the Knicks are in a deeper hole; down 2 games and down one superstar.

#UnluckyBounce #InAndOut
Dirk Nowitzki did not get any lucky bounces from the hoop during the clutch moments of Game 2. He had a trey that was mostly in already but decided to go out at the last moment. Next, Dirk had a fadeaway jumper that bounced a few times on the rim but did not go in. That shot would have given the Mavericks the lead. Alas, the home-court advantage proved beneficial to the Thunder since these same hoops helped Kevin Durant bounce in the game-winner from Game 1. The champs are down 0-2 and things are not looking good for the Mavs. James Harden appears to have recovered fully from his concussion as he posted another strong outing (15 pts, 7 rebs, 5 assts, 3 stls).

#split #1-1
The Pacers decided to assert themselves vs the Magic and now the series is tied, 1-1. This was a game the Pacers had to win and they focused on their strength with their frontline. They out-rebounded the Magic and they dominated the points in the paint (50-28). Their prized free agent acquisition, David West had a strong performance for Game 2 and that is why the Pacers sought him out to provide a low-post presence combined with some mid-range shooting.

#IsoMelo #IsoSmith
One thing I noticed about the Knicks' offense is the lack of movement and ball distribution. Game 2 was not a blowout because the Knicks made shots, tougher shots too. The shots were contested most of the time and there were a lot of isolation plays. Lots of dribbling plus total lack of passing (NY 15 assists, Mia 28) especially from Carmelo and JR Smith. Meanwhile, the Heat had more structure and more flow with their passing, spacing and shot selection. The shooters got open looks (and made them) while Wade operated in the post and feasted on the paint.


  • Rajon Rando has been suspended for Game 2 due to his chest bump to an official
  • The Knicks have lost 12 straight playoff games dating back to 2001
  • Pacers had only 9 assists and shot 2-20 from the arc but still won by 15
  • Tyson Chandler got a technical foul for taunting 
  • Dirk Nowitzki was throwing elbows with Kendrick Perkins
  • Wade missed a one-handed tomahawk dunk 

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