The NBA Playoffs: Day 20: Pacers Burn Heat

Roy Hibbert and the Pacers can celebrate the 2-1 series
 lead on their home floor. Momentum is now theirs.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

#GoldSwagger #BeatTheHeat
Tons of credit to the Pacers for dominating the Heat in the third quarter and getting the 2-1 lead. The Pacers played terrific defense and they executed wall on offense. As for the Heat, they got scoring help from their rotation players with Mario Chalmers scoring 25 points but Dwyane Wade was abysmal as he ended with just 5 points. The Pacers played with passion, intensity and confidence. They took the fight to the Heat, pounding the boards and playing overly physical. Confrontations and jawing were once again common as the Pacers manhandled the Heat down low. Roy Hibbert had an amazing game with 19 points, 18 rebounds and 5 blocks as he patrolled the paint with relative ease. The Heat were still cold from the field while the Pacers got hot after intermission.

#WorstGameofCareer #hothead
Dwyane Wade has been in a funk and slump lately. His poor shooting has resulted in a lot of frustration that further translate into a LOT of whining and complaining to referees. His reluctance to get back in defense has cost the Heat a few buckets. On Game 3, he had his worst game of his career as he struggled all night and scored 5 points with 5 turnovers. The highlight of the night came when he had a verbal altercation with Coach Spo during a timeout. Wade was fuming since the coach went at him for not playing defense. Wade deserved to be admonished by the coach since Wade was firing bad shots that were missing then he wont get back on defense. He is a team captain and his actions during the timeout were embarrassing and he showed a bad example. The proper way to handle his slump was to contribute on other parts of the game like rebounding, playing better defense and initiating ball movement. If he is injured, then stop playing instead of bringing the whole team down with you with negative energy and selfishness.  

#SpursRolling #undefeated 
The Spurs just keep on winning. They havent lost a game in over a month. They pounded the Clippers with another double digit win. If this continues, the Clippers will play their last game over the weekend because Games 3 and 4 will be played on a back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday. Tim Duncan played good again as he continued his resurgence in this year's playoffs. Plus the Spurs got excellent games from the French connection of Tony Parker (22 pts) and Boris Diaw (16 pts). The Spurs were hot from the field and they shared the ball to the tune of 23 assists with only 11 turnovers. In contrast, the Clippers had more turnovers than assists, 18 to 13.

#PGmatch #injuriesSUCK
Not a lot of people expected Tony Parker to be better than Chris Paul in this series. CP3 is the best pure point guard in the NBA but Parker is dominating their individual match-ups after two games. Paul got outplayed so poorly that he ended up with more turnovers (8) than assists (5). Naturally, the Clippers got blown out due to Paul's poor performance. To make matters worse, Blake Griffin hurt his hip which adds to the numerous injuries the Clippers have. Chris Paul might be injured as well which might explain his rough outing in Game 2. The Clippers need rest but they are not going to get it. They can rest all they want after the playoffs, or after this weekend if they get swept.

#Tweet/Quote of the Night
"Best why I can describe it is this: Dwyane Wade forgot how to play basketball" -Tom Haberstroh @tomhaberstroh, ESPN, Heat Index

#News #stats

  • The Game 3 winner of a 1-1 series, triumphs 82% of the time 
  • Wade shooting 31% vs the Pacers and averaging "just" 19 points
  • Heat are 5-42 from downtown; Heat averaging 75 points in last two games
  • Spurs outscored the Clippers in points in the paint, 50-18
  • Spurs have 23 treys in two games
  • Chris Paul averaging 8 points and 8 assists vs the Spurs
  • Blake Griffin grabbed only ONE rebound
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