The NBA Playoffs: Day 16: MVP to the Rescue

Chris Bosh was aggressive in the first half
until he got injured with an abdominal strain
and did not return in the second half
(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images) 
Marc Gasol saw his older brother Pau, dominate the Nuggets to lead the Lakers to a Game 7 victory. Too bad Marc was unable to achieve the same success like his brother. His numbers were okay but in no way comparable to what Pau did yesterday. The Clippers beat the Gizzlies in Memphis and they avoided squandering a 3-1 series lead. The Grizzlies shot so poorly (32%) which got them behind the Clippers early. Blake Griffin had a mediocre game but the Clips still won due to their bench and of course, Chris Paul. CP3 was the best player in the series and he was able to prevent the Clips from choking after getting a 3-1 lead. The home-court advantage did not help the Grizz at all as they lost 2 games at the Grindhouse including Game 7.

Blake Griffin and Caron Butler have injuries that hampered their effectiveness.They only scored 8 points each on a very important Game 7. Maybe the early morning tip-off affected both teams since they shot below 40% for the whole game. Lucky for the Clippers, their bench decided to show up for this game. The Clippers' bench took over of the game in the fourth quarter. Their bench outscored the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter. Led by Kenyon Martin, Nick Young, Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe, the Clippers were able to put away the more talented team in the last period. The Clipper reserves erupted for 41 points to the 11 scored by the Grizzlies.

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The Heat have the best player in the world and his running mate is a top 5 player in the league. It was just a matter of time before they decided to dominate and take over. LeBron James got his MVP award before the game then he delivered a Game 1 win for the Heat. James and Wade combined for 42 points in the second half to outscore the Pacers who had 38 as a team. The Dynamic Duo were relentless in attacking the paint and they did a superb job on defense as Granger and George combined for only 13 points. The Big 2 had to do more offensively and defensively because Chris Bosh went down with an abdominal injury and only played in the first half. His status is unknown but if Bosh misses significant time, the Heat will have trouble if they advance. The Heat can win this series without Bosh but no championship parade will occur if Bosh is done for the playoffs.

The Pacers and their coach (along with other teams) think that the Heat get special treatment from the referees. This stems from the Heat getting favorable calls that result into free throws for their Big 3. The Heat shot 10 more free throws while Wade and James combined for 24 foul shots while the Pacers had 28. But if you look at the playing style of the Heat, especially Wade and James, they attack the basket relentlessly and they are such great finishers at the rim. Anytime they miss close shots, you wonder if they got fouled. When defensive players challenge their shots, Wade and James possess such amazing body control that can initiate and absorb contact. These bodily collisions can make an official think/feel that a foul definitely occurred. The Dynamic Duo are also excellent in running the fast break and that's where more fouls can happen when defending in transition. The NBA is a superstar league and these guys have earned that status. They still play like superstars so the benefit of the whistles will favor them more often than a regular player.

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“When you think of Miami, you usually think of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Chris Bosh is another really, really good player. But it really didn't cross my mind. We were just fully focused on not letting those two [Wade and James] go off.” -Danny Granger talking about Bosh missing Game 2 due to an injury

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  • Wade had zero rebounds in 40 minutes of action. First time it has happened in his career
  • The Heat missed all their three point attempts 0-6, same with the Grizzlies 0-13
  • Wade and James scored or assisted in 48 of the 53 second half points for the Heat
  • Clippers won a series for the third time in 41 years
  • Three teams in the 1st round advanced without home-court advantage (Sixers, Clippers, Celtics)
  • Kyrie Irving will be named Rookie of the Year
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