The NBA Playoffs: Day 2

CP3 brought the Clippers back
from the dead in Game 1
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

#EPICcomeback #BIGmistake
So, who else here stopped watching the Clippers vs Grizzlies game when the lead was around 20 points going to the fourth quarter? I made the BIG mistake of turning the TV off at that time. Heck, I even decided to watch Mad Men on AMC during the first half because the Grizzlies were dominating the Clippers to the tune of 58-39 at the half. I never imagined that the Clippers would make the score decent or even win the game. That was an EPIC comeback (down 24 with 8 minutes left) and I have never seen anything like that. Great win for the Clippers and miserable loss for the Grizzlies who also lost home court advantage. FYI, Caron Butler fractured his hand and he might miss games.

#DUMBmove #AngerManagement 
The Celtics already dont have Ray Allen and there's a good chance they wont have Rajon Rondo for Game 2. Rondo lost his cool near the end of the game and argued with an official that cost him a technical foul. He got angrier after that and it appeared that he gave the official a chest bump. He got ejected for that dumb move. According to the NBA rule book: any intentional contact with an official
will automatically result in a one-game suspension without pay. If Rondo gets suspended, the Celtics are probably staring at a 0-2 deficit. Rondo has some anger management issues which needs to be addressed. Last February, he threw the ball at a referee and he got suspended 2 games for that transgression.

 #BlockParty #TripleDouble
Andrew Bynum just showed us that he is the best center in the playoffs. He was very dominant in their win vs the Nuggets. Bynum finished with 10 pts, 13 rebounds and 10 blocks which tied the NBA record. Who would have thought that Bynum would have the first triple-double in the playoffs, ahead of Rondo and LeBron? He is the first Laker to do this in 21 years which meant that neither Shaq nor Kobe ever got a triple-double in the playoffs. Great start for Bynum in this year's playoffs because last year, he ended the playoffs by getting suspended for fouling JJ Barea.

Tony Parker was in MVP form as he posted 28 points and 8 assists. Tim Duncan also got a double-double with 17 and 11. This reminded me of the 2007 Spurs who won the title. They are deep and very balanced plus the bench can outscore the opposing team's starters when you have Ginobili and Stephen Jackson. A lot of credit to the Jazz for hanging in there and trying to compete but the Spurs have another gear or two which the Jazz dont have for now.


  • Tim Duncan turned 36 last week
  • Blake Griffin and Chris Paul combined for 3 points in the first half
  • Ray Allen missed a playoff game for the first time in his career
  • Nick Young made 3 consecutive threes to jump-start the Clippers' comeback 
  • Andrew Bynum tied Hakeem Olajuwon and Mark Eaton with 10 blocks in one playoff game

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