The NBA Playoffs: Day 1 Observations

Derrick Rose of the Bulls and Iman Shumpert of the Knicks both suffered a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)on their left knee. I saw both of the injuries happen on live television and they did not look good. Both guys crumpled to the floor clutching their left knees and grimaced in pain. There was no contact on both plays which meant that something buckled or got torn. They will miss the rest of the playoffs. Rose will also miss the Summer Olympics in London. Generally, ACL injuries take about 6-8 months to recover from. The Bulls will still beat the Sixers but the next round is a different scenario. Meanwhile, the Knicks lost their best perimeter defender and that puts them in a deeper hole against the Heat.

LeBron James started Game 1 strong and delivered a knockout punch to Carmelo and the Knicks. James had 32 points in 32 minutes together with 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals. He also played awesome defense vs Melo (15 points, 3 for 15). James outscored the Knicks' starters, 32-30. LBJ was that dominant. He also did some great acting when he got Chandler whistled for a flagrant foul. That was the wrong call and the foul should just be an illegal screen.

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Glen Davis has been starting since Dwight Howard got injured. He got numbers similar to what Howard brings and the Magic got the first road win in the playoffs. Big Baby played great against the frontline of the Pacers. He got 16 pts, 13 rebs and 3 blocks. Hibbert managed to block his shots 3-4 times but that's expected. Jason Richardson was also huge in making a three to give the magic an 80-77 lead.

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Kid Clutch aka Kevin Durant was shooting poorly all game long until the dying seconds of the game with the Mavs up by one. Marion played great defense on KD and Durant took a tough jumper with extra arc. The ball did not go in the hoop smoothly but with the help of a lucky and friendly bounce, the Thunder escaped with the victory.

Game 1 winners win the series 4 out of 5 times. The Bulls were 19-8 in the regular season without Rose. Roy Hibbert had 9 blocks in a losing effort. Tyson Chandler had zero points and 7 turnovers.
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