Blue vs. Green: The Dream Game MacBook Air Promo!!!

Sa Blue o sa Green? San ka?!
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After the JUMP – find out what you have to do to win one of two MacBook Air units at stake in the Blue vs. Green: The Dream Game event!

What is this?

A simple promo where fans are asked to choose which team they are rooting for (green or blue) in the upcoming Dream Game on Feb. 5, 2012.

Fans are the asked submit a cheer for the said team.

Cheers submitted will be shown live on the microsite until the end of the
Game on Feb. 5.

2 Macbook Air units will be also be given away – 1 for a BLUE fan and 1 for a GREEN fan. Winners will be raffled from the microsite registration database.


1.     Register and submit a Cheer on the Blue vs. Green microsite –
2.     Tick the box of your choice (True Blue or Green Blooded).
3.     After choosing, write your cheer for your chosen team on the space provided and submit it.
4.     Confirmation of your registration and reception of your cheer entry will be shown.  Only entries with complete registration and corresponding cheer entry will be considered valid. 
5.     Cheers must follow the succeeding guidelines:
o   Must not contain defamatory, slanderous or libelous materials
o   Must not be indecent, obscene, inappropriately revealing or suggestive in a sexual or lewd way, as determined by TV5’s sole discretion
o   2 Macbook Air units up for grabs! 1 winner each from Blue and Green Entries  will receive an Apple Macbook Air 11” (64gb).
o   Cheers submitted will appear LIVE on the microsite cheerboard.

The Blue vs Green microsite/cheerboard looks like this.
(screen grab from


Fans may also tweet their cheers!
    Key in:  “Your Cheer” #SaTrueBlue or #SaGreen Blooded @AKTVonIBC13
      Ex. “Go Ateneo! Larry! PBA Finals MVP!”  #TrueBlue @AKTVonIBC13

Tweets submitted will be shown live on the microsite cheer board.

Note: In order to be eligible for the raffle, one should register on the microsite. If one just tweets, then he/she would see it live on the cheerboard, but he/she won’t be eligible for the MacBook Air unit.

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