The NBA: Dime a Dozen

Ty Lawson and the Nuggets gave the Dallas Mavericks
their second beating in a row.

*All images are from the Associated Press.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to make micro-recaps for 12 games, so I decided to do something different today. I decided to focus on some stats and see who were the top performers today. This is partly due to the fact that the first two days of Fantasy Basketball haven’t really gone my way, and because, like I wrote above, it’s more manageable than writing 12 micro-recaps.

I’ll focus only on the obvious stats like points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and 3-pointers made.

After the JUMP, key stat-stuffers for today’s games:

TOR over CLE, 104-96 – The #1 pick chokes in his debut.
IND over DET, 91-79 – Three Pacers with double-doubles!
NJN over WAS, 90-84 – The most hated player comes out big!
ORL over HOU, 104-95 – White boys shooting the lights out!
CHA over MIL, 96-95 – Augustin on the rise?
OKC over MIN, 104-100 – Big 3 = Big Difference!
SAS over MEM, 95-82 – Manu gets some payback!
DEN over DAL, 115-93 – Lawson schools the Champs!
NOH over PHX, 85-84 – “Flash” Gordon takes charge!
SAC over LAL, 100-91 – Thornton thorn for the Lakers.
POR over PHI, 107-103 – Aldridge making a case for the All-Star team?
GSW over CHI, 99-91 – Warriors release their own Big 3!

Super Scorers (Top scorers of the night!)
Kevin Durant (OKC) – 33
Kobe Bryant (LAL) – 29
Russell Westbrook (OKC) – 28
Marcus Thornton (SAC) and Ty Lawson (DEN) – 27

Kevin Durant's 33 kept the Thunder flawless after
a back-to-back opening stretch,

Ragin’ Rebounders (Top rebounders of the night!)
Kris Humphries (NJN) – 16
Roy Hibbert (IND), Damion James (NJN) and Spencer Hawes (PHI) – 14
Tyler Hansbrough (IND), Amir Johnson (TOR) and Marcus Camby (POR) – 13

Kris Humphries was booed all night, but he
let his double-double do the talking instead.

Dynamic Dishers (Top playmakers of the night!)
Steve Nash (PHX) and Kyle Lowry (HOU) – 12
Jose Calderon (TOR) – 11
Steph Curry (GSW) – 10
Spencer Hawes (PHI), Boris Diaw (CHA) and Deron Williams (NJN) – 9

Steve Nash is still second-to-none when it comes to playmaking.

Terrific Thieves (Top thieves of the night!)
Steph Curry (GSW) - 6
Kwame Brown (GSW), Jamal Crawford (POR) and Tony Parker (SAS) – 4

Joakim Noah fell victim to one of Steph Curry's
six steals .

Boomin’ Blockers (Top blockers of the night!)
Andre Iguodala (PHI) – 4
Ben Wallace (DET), Roy Hibbert (IND), Javale McGee (WAS), Samuel Dalembert (HOU), Dwight Howard (ORL), Amir Johnson (TOR), James Johnson (TOR), LaMarcus Aldridge (POR), Matt Barnes (LAL) and Chuck Hayes (SAC) – 3

Sharpshooters (Top 3-point shooters of the night!)
Marcus Thornton (SAC), Andre Iguodala (PHI), Jason Kidd (DAL) and Deron Williams (NJN) – 4

Marcus Thornton's wonderful play frustrated
Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

For a full summary of the day, here’s today’s NBA Daily Zap:

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