Craze on the Court

Here are two video clips that will probably make you either scratch or shake your head (or both).

Video #1: Most insane play ever devised in a basketball game? Maybe they signed up for a different sport (but come to think of it, in which sport will this play actually be considered a "good play?"), or maybe their coach just had ZERO confidence in their abilities that he told them to "turtle the ball" to keep the embarrassment to a minimum. Either way, this is certainly one of the dumbest things I've ever seen on a basketball court. The final score was 114-23. If you're wondering which team actually won, then maybe you should try out for these guys.

Video #2: Here's another crazy scene -- a near-melee in the dying minutes of the 2011 Philippine Collegiate Champions League Final Four game between the San Beda Red Lions and the San Sebastian Golden Stags. Given their across-the-road-rivalry and the heated events of the past weekend, it's really not a big surprise these two squads almost came to blows. San Beda's Kyle Pascual hits Baste's Calvin Abueva with a cheap shot to the nape and the Abueva retaliates against Pascual's teammate, Rome Dela Rosa, with his own brand of cheap shot justice. I miss the good old days when players would just throw punches straight out with a devil-may-care attitude. Now players resort to these cheap shots and then wait for their benches to clear before they actually "man up." If you don't sense the sarcasm there, then maybe I should give you a cheap shot.

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