From One to Four

Here's a nice image from my good friend, Joey Puno.

This has all the graduating players from the current four-peat era (2008-2011):

2008 had Chris Tiu and Yuri Escueta

2009 had Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Jai Reyes and Nonoy Baclao

2010 had Jumbo Escueta and Eric Salamat

2011 had Emman Monfort, Kirk Long and Bacon Austria

10 players have graduated in the four-peat era, and still
Ateneo has a solid cast with the 2008 rookie class,
Kiefer Ravena, Greg Slaughter and Norman Black in tow.
(image by Joey Puno)
*Interestingly enough, I believe Toniño Gonzaga can opt to graduate, too, since he's technically a batchmate of Bacon's. I think he'll stick around for one more year, however. Greg Slaughter might opt to forego his last year of eligibility, too, and instead focus on Smart-Gilas. I personally won't begrudge him if he chooses to do that (country over school after all), but it'd be awesome if he stays to try for the fifth straight crown as well. The next FIBA-Asia Championship is still in 2013 anyway, although the initial qualifying tournament for that (the FIBA-Asia Stankovic Cup) is in late 2012.
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very unbiased reporting


Haha! If you're sincere with that comment then thanks! If you're sarcastic, then, well, thanks again! At least you were creative enough to use figurative language! BTW, and this is me not being defensive at all (see the sarcasm there?), my aim is not to report stuff, but to just write about basketball the way I see it. Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay tayong lahat! Mabuhay ang Ateneo! Mabuhay ang Philippine Basketball! :)


enzo! i hope slaughter stays 1 more year. not only will it be great for the team but he will also learn a lot from Coach Norman and his staff.


Mommy Abi: Me too! In the long run, the things he'll learn with one more playing year will ultimately help him in the PBA and the National Team as well! Sana he stays, mommy!