Jay Javelosa led the Philippines in keeping the Iraqis
at bay in the quarterfinals of the 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 joust.
(image by Milad Payami/

After the JUMP, you'll find scores, commentary and photos from Day 7 of the 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 Championships in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

9th-12th Place Matches
INDIA over VIETNAM, 107-40
IND 107 - Ludhiana 20, Singh 20, Bhamara 19, Bhaupur 16, Ali 6, Rathee 6, Sanjeev 6, Atwal 4, Sohal 4, Rai 2, Saminathan 2, Narender 2
VIE 40 - Nguyen DT 10, Tran J 8, Do 6, Tran NT 6, Nguyen VH 2, Nguyen XH 4, Nguyen MT 0, Tran VN 0, Cao 0
QS: 29-11, 53-14, 82-19, 107-40

- After two near-wins for Vietnam to close round 2, they've suffered 2 more setbacks. This latest one was handed down by the clearly stronger and more experienced Indians. India outpunched the home team at every turn and didn't let up in pouring the heat. India plays for 9th place next while Vietnam has one final chance to salvage a victory when it plays for 11th spot.
- Loveneet Ludhiana and Ajay Singh returned to their star roles for coach JP Singh, topping the scoring with 20 points each. Big man Satnam Bhamara recorded 19 markers in just 10 minutes while Haryana Bhaupur finished with 16.
- Thong Nguyen Duy was the only Vietnamese to score in double figures with 10 points. Vietnam shot poorly from every inch of the floor and committed a mind-boggling 48 turnovers against just 17 for India.

Haryana Bhaupur goes for the pull-up J.
(image by Milad Payami/

Vietnam found it extremely hard to buy a
bucket against the Indians.
(image by Milad Payami/
Ajay Singh goes hard to the hole.
(image by Milad Payami/

TAIWAN over QATAR, 125-37
TPE 125 - Hsieh 25, Wang 23, Lu 23, Liu 18, Wu 9, Pan 7, Lee 5, Huang CY 4, Chen PL 4, Chen CJ 4, Yeh 3, Huang HH 0
QAT 37 - Saad 16, Dawoud 12, Abdelkawy 7, Mohamed 2, Al-Ahbabi 0, Al-Ahmad 0, Al-Abidi 0, Al-Marri 0, Al-Malki 0, Al-Sheraim 0
QS: 29-7, 48-19, 88-26, 125-37

- Taiwan vented all its frustration on a hapless Qatari squad that continues to flounder. The Taiwanese of coach Lin Cheng-Ming shot 49% from the field, including 11 triples, dished out 29 assists, had 21 steals and forced 33 Qatari turnovers. 
- Wang I-Fan and Lu Kuan-Shiuan combined for 8 threes and scored 23 points each. Big man Hsieh Tsung-Rong tossed in 25 points to lead the Taiwanese on top of 6 blocks and 3 steals. Liu Jen-Hao also contributed heavily with 18 markers, 5 dimes and 5 swipes. Taiwan plays India in a rematch for 9th place.
- Abdulrahma Saad and Mohammed Dawoud scored 16 and 12 points respectively to lead Qatar. Erstwhile scoring leader Mohamed Abdelkawy shot just 3-of-20 from the floor and finished with just 7 points while committing 11 turnovers. Qatar goes up against Vietnam again, this time for 11th spot.
Hsieh Tsung-Rong tips in a twinner.
(image by Milad Payami/
Mohammed Dawoud tries to challenge
Taiwan's interior D.
(image by Milad Payami/
Lu Kuan-Shiuan rediscovered his shooting form
against Qatar.
(image by Milad Payami/

Quarterfinals Matches
JAPAN over LEBANON, 71-52
JPN 71 - Sugiura 24, Kaneko 16, Baba 14, Aoki 11, Shinkawa 6, Shirato 0, Chikui 0, Miyamoto 0, Yamamoto 0
LIB 52 - Salem 24, Kabalan 9, Al-Agha 8, Hadidian 4, Zeinoun 3, Abou Jaoude 2, Daaboul 2, El-Kaissi 0
QS: 25-8, 48-30, 65-41, 71-52

- Japan got the jump on Lebanon and never let go. Coach Hideki Togashi's wards made 7 triples and outplayed the Lebanese with a better running game and better ball movement to barge into the semifinals against the mighty Chinese. 
- Yusei Sugiura and Yudai Baba proved to be a potent pair once again for Japan, combining for 38 points, The duo only shot 17-of-47 from the field, but wily guard Daiki Kaneko more than made up for that with 4 triples on his way to 16 markers. Yasunori Aoki hit 3 treys of his own to finish with 11 as Japan bounced back from losing the Group F top spot to the Filipinos two nights ago.
- Only Jimmy Salem broke the twin digit barrier for Lebanon. He scored 24 points, but shot just 11-of-28 from the floor, including no triples and just 33% from the line. It seems coach Joe Moujaes has opted to go to Yaacoub Al-Agha down low as opposed to Gerard Hadidian, who was a consistent scorer early in the tournament, which hasn't exactly panned out too well. The frontline combo ended up with just 12 points total.

Yudai Baba tries the acrobatic shot
in transition.
(image by Milad Payami/
Daiki Koneko tries to connect on
this long range shot.
(image by Milad Payami/
Jimmy Salem gets the step on Yusei Sugiura.
(image by Milad Payami/

CHN 100 - Heng 16, Guo 13, ZHao 11, Yan 11, Pan 11, Liu K 8, Liu B 7, Yu 6, Luo 6, Lai 5, Zhou 4, Xu 2
KSA 19 - Sakar 6, Al-Thalabi 5, Musallam 4, Al-Tamar 2, Barnawi 2, Al-Malalah 0, Hansawi 0, Mobarki 0, Al-Mutairi 0, Shubayli 0
QS: 32-5, 53-7, 84-9, 100-19

- It took more than 30 minutes for Saudi Arabia to finally break the 10-point barrier, and that was basically the story of the game. It was as if men were playing against boys as the Chinese ate the Saudis alive on both ends of the floor. China forced KSA to commit 27 turnovers and miss all but 7 of their field goals for a horrifying 12% shooting clip.
- Five players finished in double figures for China, led by Heng Yifeng's 16 points. Guo Xiaopeng and Yan Haoxin combined for 6 triples to finish with 13 and 11 markers respectively. Zhao Jiwei and Pan Ning likewise had 11 each for the dominant Chinese, who look unstoppable as they head for a semifinal duel with East Asian rivals Japan.
- Abdulaziz Sakar led KSA with just 6 points in what was one of the most lopsided matches of the 2011 FIBA calendar. The result gives further credence to the notion that the distribution of teams among the different groups did not maximize the potential competitiveness of the talent available. KSA faces Lebanon in the 5th-8th place round.

Zhao Jiwei muscles his way to the basket.
(image by Milad Payami/
Heng Yifeng emerged as China's top scorer against KSA.
(image by Milad Payami/
Zhou Qi stuffs it and shows who's boss.
(image by Milad Payami/

KOREA over INDONESIA, 107-48
KOR 107 - Shin 22, Kim GC 17, Kim MK 16, Yun 13, Heo 11, Lee 8, Koh 7, Kim NH 4, Kim GM 4, Won 3, Kim Y 2, Park 0
INA 48 - Ramadhan 13, Kosasih 10, Abraham 8, Sidabutar 6, Indraprasto 3, Setiawan 3, Fahdani 2, Wongso 2, Yogia 1, Airawan 0, Purwoko 0
QS: 19-4, 45-16, 73-33, 107-48

- Indonesia managed to stick with Korea for the first 5 minutes, until a 13-0 bomb left them reeling at the end of the first period. Korea hit 11 triples, dished out 30 assists, had 19 steals and forced 28 Indon turnovers to highlight their dominance and formalize their entry to the semifinals against the Philippines.
- Shin Min-Cheol led Korea with 22 points while shooting a very efficient 10-of-14 from the floor. Kim Gook-Chan hit 3 treys on his way to 17 points as Kim Min-Ki took care of he interior with 16 markers and 8 blocks. Starting center Park In-Tae played just 9 minutes and missed all three of his attempts. He was probably being preserved by coach Kang Yang-Hyun for the pivotal battle with the Philippines.
- Taufik Ramadhan and Vincent Kosasih were the only Indons in double-figures, scoring 13 and 10 respectively. Collectively though, the pair shot just 11-of-26 from the field. The rest of the team didn't do better, shooting just 8-of-44. Indonesia falls to the 5th-8th place round and plays Iraq next.

Vincent Kosasih beats two Koreans to the board.
(image by Milad Payami/
Heo Ho-On goes up and under two defenders.
(image by Milad Payami/
Kim Min-Ki took the cudgels of scoring down low.
(image by Milad Payami/

PHL 82 - Javelosa 14, Ramos 13, Lao 10, Asilum 10, Cani 9, Alejandro 8, Diputado 8, Heading 6, Rivero 2, Caracut 2, Go 0
IRQ 69 - Razzaq 20, Hamzah 19, Sabri 12, Ismael 8, Mahdi 4, Abdulqaer 2, Abdullah 2, Ali 2, Saeed 0, Ahmed 0, Abdullhuseein 0
QS: 30-9, 51-34, 62-52, 82-69

- The Philippines buily a huge 21-point bubble in the first quarter that proved too big to overhaul for the hard nosed Iraqis. Iraq's 9 big threes were negated by their awful 16-of-58 shooting from 2-point range and giving up 32 free throw attempts to the Filipinos. Iraq actually managed to cut the lead to as low as 4 points, 62-58, early in the fourth, but a big endgame windup by the Pinoys ensured their entry to the Final Four against perennial tormentors Korea.
- Big men Jay Javelosa and Tomas Ramos combined for 27 points and 13 blocks while shooting 11-of-20 from the field to shore up the Filipino frontline and snuff out the late Iraqi rally. Kyles Lao came back from an injury to score 10 points on a variety of drives while Renzar Asilum also managed 10 markers. Main men Jay-J Alejandro and Jordan Heading were scouted well and limited to just 14 points total.
- All 9 Iraqi triples came from only two people -- Karrar Hamzah and Ahmed Razzaq. The dynamic duo shot the lights out in the 2nd quarter to crawl back from their deep deficit and continue threatening till the endgame. Hamzah had to play all 40 minutes of action while Razzaq fouled out in the dying minutes of the match.

Karrar Hamzah tries to hoist one over the
outstretched arms of Isaac Go.
(image by Milad Payami/
Tomas Ramos connects on a reverse lay-up.
(image by Milad Payami/
Kyles Lao helped Team Pilipinas get a hot start.
(image by Milad Payami/
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