Park In-Tae jams it home against Uzbekistan.
(image by Milad Payami/

After the JUMP, you'll find scores, commentary and photos from Day 3 of the 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 Championships in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

- Team Iran defaulted again, which means they're officially out of the competition (or should be), but I'm not sure they're entirely to blame. 
- Stat-keeping has remained to be butt-awful, while maintenance of the playing area hasn't been up to snuff, too. Hardwood was extremely slippery by the time the Philippines-Vietnam game went underway. A lot of players slipped and slid, causing a few injuries. This early, it might not be too far-fetched to say that Vietnam has botched the hosting of this FIBA event. 

KOR 120 - Kim GC 16, Shin 13, Koh 12, Kim GM 12, Park 12, Won 11, Kim MK 11, Yun 10, Lee 6, Kim NH 6, Heo 6, Kim Y 5
UZB 29 - Bokhodirov 11, Muratov 8, Kim 2, Murodhonov 2, Morkovskiy 2, Djahangirov 2, Ivashov 2, Zimoveyskiy 0, Ovanesov 0, Akramov 0, Erofev 0
QS: 34-4, 52-10, 80-20, 120-29

- The second-straight blowout in favor of Korea found the Uzbeks on the losing end. Korea limited Uzbekistan to just 25% shooting from the floor, and while they didn't exactly have a scorching outing themselves, the Koreans did convert on 14 triples. 
- Kim Gook-Chan, Koh Haeng-Seok and Shin Min-Cheol combined for 11 treys for the Korean squad. Gook-Chan finished with a game-high 16 points while Koh and Shin had 13 and 12 respectively. 5 other Koreans scored in double-figures.
- Big man Ruslan Bokhodirov led Uzbekistan with 11 points in 36 minutes of action while Farrukhjon Muratov remained coach Lebedev Artyom's most consistent player with 8 points. Korea advances to the 2nd round while Uzbekistan is relegated along with Malaysia.

Ruslan Bokhodirov tries to hit from in close against the
high-flying Korean defense.
(image by Milad Payami/
Yun Yeong-Bin scored 10 points to help Team Korea
maintain its clean slate in Nha Trang.
(image by Milad Payami/

INDIA over TAIWAN, 73-52
IND 73 - Singh 25, Saminathan 18, Ludhiana 12, Bhaupur 11, Bhamara 4, Narender 3, Sanjeev 0
TPE 52 - Lu 15, Wang 11, Chen PL 8, Wu 6, Lee 6, Pan 4, Huang CY 2, Liu 0, Yeh 0, Chen CJ 0, Hsieh 0
QS: 34-4, 52-10, 80-20, 120-29

- Knowing the importance of this match, Team India played just 7 guys to ensure a tight rotation and increase the chances of an upset over the favored Taiwanese. And what an upset it was! India converted on 9 triples while limiting Taiwan to just 31% FG shooting to gain their 2nd win in 3 games.
- Ajay Singh led India with a spectacular 25-point performance. He also blocked 6 shots and shot 57% from the floor. Kajickeyan Saminathan backstopped him with 18 points and a perfect 4-of-4 shooting form beyond the arc.
- Lu Kuan-Shiuan topped Taiwan with 15 markers, but he shot just 29% from the field. Wang I-Fan had 11 points, but missed all 4 of his 3-point attempts. Both teams still advance to round 2 along with China.

Lu Kuan-Shiuan had a tough time scoring against
the taller Indian players.
(image by Milad Payami/
Karthickeyan Saminathan soars towards the
hoop as India upends Taiwan.
(image by Milad Payami/
Ajay Singh was the chief reason why the Indians shocked
the Taiwanese into submission.
(image by Milad Payami/

CHINA over MALAYSIA, 91-30
CHN 91 - Zhou 16, Heng 14, Yan 11, Lai 10, Luo 9, Liu B 9, Xu 7, Guo 6, Pan 4, Yu 2, Liu K 2, Zhao 1
MAS 30 - Keng 9, Lee 7, Tan ZH 6, Ng 4, Singh 3, Tong 1, Foo 0, Tan HK 0, Su 0, Sim 0, Yew 0, Liew 0
QS: 29-11, 46-21, 63-27, 91-30

- As expected, China waltzed all over Malaysia and barely broke a sweat. Malaysia was held to just 18% FG shooting, and they were never really a threat in this one. China limited them to just 9 points in the second half, though it seems coach Wu Qinglong's boys were still holding back. Every other team better watch out.
- Zhou Qi led China again with 16 points in just 11 minutes of play. Heng Yifeng followed him up with 14 markers while Yan Haoxin and Lai Junhao ended up with 11 and 10 respectively.
- Keng Eng Hong topscored for Malaysia with just 9 points while Lee Kwong Fai had 7. Malaysia is relegated to the battle for 13th place against Uzbekistan while China advances to round 2.

Liu Bo scores on an easy lay-up as the Malaysians
can only look on in despair.
(image by Milad Payami/
Heng Yifeng and Tan Hong Kang contest the
board in this bit of rebounding action.
(image by Milad Payami/
Pan Ning, one of China's giants, towers
over the Malaysian defense.
(image by Milad Payami/

LEBANON over IRAQ, 75-68
LIB 75 - Hadidian 28, El-Kaissi 18, Zeinoun 12, Salem 11, Kabalan 4, Abou Jaoude 2, Al-Agha 0, Wehbe 0, Kourjian 0, Daaboul 0
IRQ 68 - Razzaq 17, Hamzah 14, Mahdi 10, Ismael 10, Ali 8, Sabri 4, Abdullhussein 3, Abdulqaer 2, Saeed 0
QS: 14-23, 32-28, 59-49, 75-68

- Lebanon climbed back from an early deficit to finally defeat the Iraqis, who've defeated the Lebanese in all of their previous meetings this year. Lebanon shot 46% from the field to snatch the lead mid-2nd quarter after Iraq raced to a 9-point bubble at the end of the first frame. The Lebanese defense also put the clamps on the Iraqis, limiting them to just 5 markers in the second period.
- Big man Gerard Hadidian stood tall for Lebanon, hitting 11-of-17 shots to finish with a game-high 28 points and 3 blocks. Ezzat El-Kaissi took care of the outside shooting, making good on 3 of his 5 triple tries. Lebanon finishes #2 in its group and carries its record to round 2.
- Ahmed Razzaq and Karrar Hamzah led Iraq's losing effort with 17 and 14 points respectively. To compound their field-goal shooting woes, Iraq was also awful from the line, converting on just 9 of their 22 free throw attempts. After narrowly losing to Korea two days ago, the favored Iraqis suffered this defeat and go into round 2 as the 3rd place team in the group.

Ismael Ismael flies to the hole in this fastbreak
sequence between Iraq and Lebanon.
(image by Milad Payami/
Ezzat El-Kaissi escapes the Iraqi defense for an easy deuce.
(image by Milad Payami/
Gerard Hadidian and Farid Abou jaoude clean
up the glass amidst a swarm of Iraqi cagers.
(image by Milad Payami/

PHL 111 - Rivero 20, Heading 17, Javelosa 16, Diputado 10, Caracut 9, Asilum 9, Dalafu 9, Cani 7, Ramos 6, Alejandro 4, Go 3, Lao 1
VIE 25 - Tung 5, Tran 5, Tu 4, Hung 4, Thong 4, Minh 2, Guan 1, Tan 0, Nghiep 0, Phong 0, Thanh 0, Cong 0
QS: 32-11, 59-17, 83-22, 111-25

- The Filipinos were once again relentless as they demolished the home squad right from the tip. Using superior size, speed and shooting, the Pinoys ran rings around the hapless Vietnamese and erected a 21-point lead at the end of the first frame. Vietnam wouldn't be able to give any semblance of a fight as the Pinoys asserted their will to no end.
- Forwards Rash Rivero and Jordan Heading led the Philippine fight with 20 and 17 points respectively. The duo shot a total of 16-of-26 from the field, including 3-of-5 from beyond the arc. Big man Jay Javelosa backstopped them with 16 markers while guard Rev Diputado finished with 10. The Pinoys move on to round 2 toting a clean slate, but they should improve their outside and free throw shooting to continue their dominance.
- Nobody scored more than 5 points for the Vietnamese, who shot just 18% from the floor. Tung Nguyen and Jason Tran each had 5 points to lead them as the home team advances to round 2 automatically.

Renzar Asilum tries to go between two Vietnamese
as he goes for the two points.
(image by Milad Payami/
Jason Tran passes off as the outstretched arms of
Jay Javelosa are prepped to block him.
(image by Milad Payami/
Jordan Heading goes for the running jumper
in the Philippines' win over Vietnam.
(image by Milad Payami/

JAPAN over QATAR, 119-55
JPN 119 - Yamamoto 22, Aoki 18, Kakiuchi 14, Shinkawa 13, Kaneko 12, Shirato 12, Chikui 10, Sugiura 5, Miyamoto 4, Baba 4, Morikawa 3, Yanagawa 2
QAT 55 - Abdelkawy 24, Saad 19, Dawoud 9, Mohamed 3, Al-Ahbabi 0, Al-Ahmad 0, Al-Marri 0, Al-Tamimi 0, Al-Malki 9
QS: 45-11, 63-20, 88-38, 119-55

- Taisei Shirato scored Japan's first 12 points in quick succession and then he just opted to facilitate his teammates' scoring before being taken out at the 2:45 mark of the first quarter. Japan's ace shooter didn't need to get back in the game after that as Qatar did not prove to be up to the task against the superior team of coach Hideki Togashi.
- Frontliner Kenta Yamamoto led Japan with 22 points while Yasunori Aoki fired in 4 triples to finish with 18 markers. Five other Japanese players finished in double-figures to underscore the dominance of the East Asian nation. Japan moves on to round 2 unscathed and faces the Vietnamese and Indons next, followed by the Philippines on Monday.
- Mohamed Abdelkawy scored a game-high 24 points while Abdulrahman Saad had 19 markers for the Qatari side, but hardly anyone else contributed for coach Miroslav Dobrican. Qatar still advances to round 2 and is still favored to move to the quarterfinals ahead of Vietnam and Indonesia.

Saad Abdulrahman scored a bunch, but it
didn't do much good against a better Japan five.
(image by Milad Payami/
Yasunori Aoki collars the rebound as Japan
gets win #3.
(image by Milad Payami/
Yoshitomo Chikui switches hands in mid-air to
confuse the Qatari defenders.
(image by Milad Payami/

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