Farrukhjon Muratov hoists a jumper, but it doesn't
make much difference as Uzbekistan loses to Iraq.
(image by Milad Payami/

After the JUMP, you'll find scores, commentary and photos from Day 2 of the 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 Championships in Nhatrang, Vietnam.

- Again, Team Iran defaulted, and this time against Japan. Looks like they won't be showing up anymore.
- The Vietnamese statisticians are still making a mockery of the whole stat-keeping process. Perhaps next time, this should be taken into consideration when FIBA-Asia picks its hosts. Bad stat-keeping means the media and the fans won't be able to enjoy the games as much and talk about the whole competition with much depth. In Filipino parlance, SABOG.

IRAQ over UZBEKISTAN, 100-32
IRQ 100 - Ali 21, Ahmed 20, Hamzah 13, Ismael 11, Abdullah 10, Saeed 6, Abdulhussein 5, Mahdi 4, Abdulqaer 3, Mohammed 3, Sabri 2, Razzaq 2
UZB 32 - Muratov 11, Bokhodirov 6, Ovanesov 5, Djahangirov 3, Zimoveyskiy 2, Akramov 2, Ivashov 2, Erofev 1, Kim 0, Murodhonov 0, Morkovskiy 0
QS: 33-6, 59-13, 75-21, 100-32

- The Iraqis bounced back after losing to the Koreans with a resounding win over the hapless Uzbeks. Iraq exploded for 33 points in the first period while limiting their Mid-Asian foes to just 6 points. They never looked back after that.
- Dhulfiqar Ali and Ali Ahmed led Iraq by combining for 41 points while shooting 17-for-26 from the floor. 
- Once again, Farrukhjon Muratov was the Uzbeks' leading scorer with 11 markers.

Farid Mahdi and Ruslan Bokhodirov
fight for the rebound.
(image by Milad Payami/
Karrar Hamzah rises for a twinner against the
Uzbek interior defense.
(image by Milad Payami/


KSA 85 - Sakar 29, Barnawi 15, Musallam 14, Hansawi 12, Al-Thalabi 11, Al-Mutairi 2, Shubayli 2, Al-Malalah 0, Mobarki 0, Al-Tamar 0
QAT 47 - Dawoud 15, Abdelkawy 13, Saad 8, Mohamed 8, Al-Ahbabi 2, Al-Malki 1, Al-Ahmad 0, Al-Abidi 0, Al-Marri 0, Al-Tamimi 0, Al-Mutawa 0
QS: 34-17, 55-23, 76-31, 85-47

- The Qataris were given a rude awakening a day after getting a default win over the absentee Iranians. The Saudis led early and built on their advantage as the game wore on, more than doubling the Qatari scores at the half and right before the final frame.
- Abdulaziz Sakar pumped out 29 points to tow the Saudis to win #1 after the opening day loss to Japan. He was ably backstopped by Raad Barnawi and Abdullah Musallam, who scored 15 and 14 points respectively.
- Mohammed Dawoud topscored for Qatar's losing cause with 15 points while Mohamed Abdelkawy scored 13.

Raad Barnawi scored 15 points to help tow the
Saudis to their first win in Nhatrang.
(image by Milad Payami/
Saad Abdulrahman tries to challenge the tall trees
of Team Saudi in this bit of Day 2 action.
(image by Milad Payami/
Saleh Hansawi gets hacked as he tries the
undergoal stab against Qatar.
(image by Milad Payami/

CHINA over TAIWAN, 75-44
CHN 75 - Zhou 24, Guo 20, Pan 10, Xu 5, Heng 5, Zhao 4, Lai 3, Liu 2, Yan 2, Yu 0, Luo 0, Liu 0
TPE 44 - Wang 13, Lu 10, Liu 6, Lee 4, Chen PL 4, Wu 2, Pan 2, Chen CJ 2, Huang CY 1, Yeh 0, Hsieh 0
QS: 17-12, 38-28, 58-37, 75-44

- Taiwan kept in step throughout the first frame and were within striking distance in the first half, but the Chinese turned on the jets and swamped their cross-channel neighbors in the final two quarters.
- Once again, Zhou Qi led the scoring parade for China with 24 big ones as Guo Xiaopeng contributed 20 points of his own. 
- Taiwanese hotshot Lu Kuan-Shiuan was limited to 3 field goals and just 10 points after exploding against Malaysia yesterday. Wang I-Fan carried the scoring load for Taiwan with 13 markers.

Yu Denhao goes up for a deuce as the
Taiwanese can only look on.
(image by Milad Payami/
Zhou Qi is surrounded by three Taiwanese defenders
as he tries to score near the basket.
(image by Milad Payami/
Liu Jen-Hao encouters rough opposition as the Chinese
defense swarms all over him.
(image by Milad Payami/

KOR 91 - Heo 23, Park 16, Yun 15, Lee 14, Koh 8, Kim GC 5, Kim NH 3, Kim MK 2, Shin 2, Kim GM 2, Kim Y 1, Won 0
LIB 65 - Hadidian 22, Salem 15, El-Kaissi 12, Zeinoun 7, Al-Agha 4, Kabalan 2, Assaf 2, Abou-Jaoude 1, Wehbe 0, Kourjian 0, Daaboul 0
QS: 34-10, 53-23, 77-40, 91-65

- Many people expected this to be a close one, and it was, for about 5 minutes. Korea lit up a 21-0 blast to end the first quarter that all but obliterated the Lebanese. The Koreans opened up the second period with another big run (10-2) and it was cruise control from there.
- The diminutive Heo Ho-On led Korea with 23 points on the strength of 5 treys while big man Park In-Tae ruled the shaded area with 16 markers.
- Jimmy Salem was limited to just 4 field goals for 15 points, which left Gerard Hadidian to pace Lebanon with 22 points.

Park In-Tae continued to dominate the interior for Team Korea.
(image by Milad Payami/
Gerard Hadidian tries to score from in close
against the defense of Park In-Tae.
(image by Milad Payami/
Heo Ho-On goes under the defense for this lay-up as
Team Korea remains unscathed.
(image by Milad Payami/

PHL 93 - Alejandro 15, Lao 15, Go 9, Rivero 9, Diputado 8, Cani 7, Heading 7, Ramos 6, Javelosa 4, Dalafu 4, Caracut 4, Asilum 3, 
INA 30 - Abraham 9, Indraprasto 6, Kosasih 5, Yogia 4, Fahdani 4, Sidabutar 2, Airawan 0, Setiawan 0, Istiadi 0, Purwoko 0, Ramadhan 0, Wongso 0
QS: 27-9, 56-13, 78-22, 93-30

- The Filipinos unleashed a fast and furious running game to shock the Indons and give them a taste of high-level basketball. Indonesia opened the scoring thanks to Rizky Indraprasto, but it was all downhill from there as the Pinoy ballers of coach Olsen Racela were off to the races at every opportunity.
- Wingmen Jay-J Alejandro and Kyles Lao led the Filipinos' offensive punch with 15 points each while frontliners Isaac Go and Rash Rivero effectively manned the interior, pairing up for 15 markers. Taiwan-based Fil-Aussie Jordan Heading scored 4 early points, but he finished with just 7 in his international debut.
- Nobody broke into double-digits for Indonesia, which was led by Hans Abraham's 9 points.

Rizky Indraprasto collars the board for Team Indonesia.
(image by Milad Payami/
Jay Javelosa swats an Indon shot as Team Philippines
opens its campaign with a big win.
(image by Milad Payami/
Jordan Heading goes glass in this transition
play for the Filipinos.
(image by Milad Payami/

INDIA over MALAYSIA, 93-40
IND 93 - Saminathan 18, Singh 17, Ludhiana 16, Bhamara 16, Sanjeev 11, Narender 11, Ali 3, Sohal 1, Rai 0, Atwal 0, Bhaupur 0, Rathee 0
MAS 40 - Tan ZH 11, Keng 7, Tan HK 6, Tong 5, Lee 4, Sim 3, Sarjit 3, Ng 1, Foo 0, Su 0, Yew 0, Liew 0
QS: 17-0, 34-8, 64-23, 93-40

- For almost 14 minutes, India blanked the Malaysians, and when Malaysia did score, it did little to slow down the indomitable Indian charge. The Indians bounced back quite well from their blowout loss to the Chinese in Day 1.
- Karthickeyan Saminathan led the Indians with 18 points, with Ajay Singh, Loveneet Ludhiana and Satnam Bhamara finishing with 17, 16, and 16 respectively.
- Malaysia sputtered its way to just 40 points with Zhi Hao Tan's 11 leading the way.

Ajay Singh goes strong to the hole as the
Malaysians can do nothing.
(image by Milad Payami/
Yik Wey Sim of Malaysia tries the mid-range
jumper amidst the tight Indian defense.
(image by Milad Payami/
Loveneet Ludhiana uses a dipsy-doo shot to
evade the Malaysian defense.
(image by Milad Payami/

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