The 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 games opened in Nhatrang, Vietnam
yesterday and featured 7 games.
(image by Milad Payami/

After the JUMP, you'll find scores, commentary and photos from Day 1 of the 2011 FIBA-Asia U16 Championships in Nhatrang, Vietnam.

- The Philippines drew a bye in the first round by virtue of its group having just 3 teams.
- Team Iran wasn't able to go to Vietnam because they were not issued the appropriate visas. A case of clumsiness from the Iranian side, the Vietnamese side, or FIBA-Asia itself?
- It seems the Vietnamese statisticians have gotten everything mixed up. Check the box scores and you'll see. Seems like they've interchanged the rebounds, assists and steals with the blocks and fouls. How can a team grab just 8 rebounds but block 36 shots? How can someone get 6 or 7 fouls in a FIBA game? Something's up in Nhatrang.

JPN 86 - Shirato 18, Shinkawa 11, Aoki 11, Baba 11, Kaneko 9, Yamamoto 8, Morikawa 4, Chikui 4, Miyamoto 4, Sugiura 4, Yanagawa 2, Kakiuchi 0
KSA 36 - Hansawi 13, Sakar 9, Barnawi 4, Musallam 3, Shubayli 2, Al-Thalabi 2, Al-Tamar 2, Mobarki 1, Al-Malalah 0, Al-Hassan 0, Al-Mutairi 0, Al-Khammas 0
QS: 20-8, 43-17, 64-29, 86-36

- The Japanese boys proved to be too strong too early for their Gulf counterparts.
- Four Japanese finished in double-figures, led by Taisei Shirato's 18 points on 2 triples and perfect shooting from the 2-point area. Big man Yudai Baba finished with 11, which was the same output of wingmen Keita Shinkawa and Yasunori Aoki.

Taisei Shirato shot his way to 18 points in leading
Japan to its first win.
(image by Milad Payami/

Naif Al-Thalabi and Yusei Sugiura fight for
the tip at the start of the tourney.
(image by Milad Payami/
Yasunori Aoki tries to make good on the
fast break lay-up.
(image by Milad Payami/

LIB 108 - Salem 25, El-Kaissi 15, Kourjian 13, Zeinoun 12, Assaf 11, Daaboul 10, Hadidian 8, Al-Agha 6, Abou Jaoude 6, Kabalan 2, Wehbe 0

UZB 21 - Muratov 8, Akramov 4, Erofev 4, Ovanesov 2, Bokhodirov 2, Kim 1, Zimoveyskiy 0, Murodhonov 0, Morkovskiy 0, Djahangirov 0, Ivashov 0
QS: 27-2, 57-5, 86-19, 108-21

- Lebanon was just in a class of its own against the hapless Uzbeks. They limited their Middle Asian foes to just 2 points in both the first and fourth frames, clearly showing skill and basketball IQ way beyond what the Uzbeks are accustomed to.
- Jimmy Salem was Lebanon's top gun with 25 markers, hitting from everywhere on the floor, while Ezzat El-Kaissi and Marc Kourjian combined for 28 points to backstop him.
- Nobody finished in twin digits for Uzbekistan, as they shot a measly 38% from the field.

Amir Kabalan scores his only points of the game
in this transition sequence.
(image by Milad Payami/
Ezzat El-Kaissi is foiled by Uzbek Farrukhjon Muratov.
(image by Milad Payami/
Gerard Hadidian tries to slash his way thru
the middle of the Uzbek defense.
(image by Milad Payami/

TPE 71 - Lu 22, Wu 10, Pan 8, Yeh 7, Hsieh 7, Huang CY 5, Wang 4, Huang HH 3, Liu 2, Chen CJ 2, Chen PL 1, Lee 0
MAS 37 - Tan HK 5, Keng 5, Su 5, Tan ZH 4, Ng 4, Tong 3, Liew 3, Foo 2, Lee 2, Sim 2, Singh 2, Yew 1
QS: 15-10, 37-21, 52-23, 71-37

- Taiwan limited Malaysia to just 2 points in the 3rd period to basically put the game away and ensure their first win in Nhatrang. 
- The Taiwanese used superior size to pound the Malaysians, with Lu Kuan-Shiuan leading the way. The versatile forward ended up with 22 points and 12 rebounds along with 4 triples. He was a one-man army who just ran rings around the Malaysian defense.
- Nobody from Malaysia scored in double-digits. Heck, nobody scored more than 5 points! Simply outclassed.

Pan Siang-Ting and Tan Hong Kang fight for the
rebound in Day 1 action in Nhatrang.
(image by Milad Payami/
Taiwan's Lee Kuan-Yi collars the board over
Hsieh Tsung-Rong and Sarjit Singh.
(image by Milad Payami/
Taiwanese hotshot Lu Kuan-Shiuan led the way
with 22 big points.
(image by Milad Payami/

INA 75 - Abraham 18, Indraprasto 14, Kosasih 11, Istiadi 8, Purwoko 7, Fahdani 7, Ramadhan 5, Yogia 4, Sidabutar 1, Airawan 0, Setiawan 0, Wongso 0
VIE 61 - Nguyen DT 17, Tran J 12, Nguyen X 8, Tran VN 8, Nguyen MT 6, Do 3, Phan 3, Dinh DT 2, Cao 2, Tran NT 0, Nguyen VH 0, Dinh TC 0
QS: 25-12, 38-25, 62-39, 75-61

- A 22-point explosion in the last frame was not enough for Vietnam to overhaul the deficit put up by the Indonesians. 
- Hand Abraham hit all 4 of Indonesia's conversions from rainbow country en route to 18 points and 10 rebounds. He was ably supporte by Rizky Indraprasto, who scored 14 markers and grabbed 6 boards.
- Thong Nguyen Guy was the brightest spot for coach Thien Son Nguyen. Thong topscored with 17 points on 8-of-12 FG shooting.

Phan Minh Guan tries to take it strong against
the Vietnamese defense.
(image by Milad Payami/
Indonesia's Ricky Istiadi shows some hang time.
(image by Milad Payami/
Taufik Ramadhan gets better positioning for the rebound
against the smaller Vietnamese.
(image by Milad Payami/


SOUTH KOREA over IRAQ, 73-70
KOR 73 - Kim NH 25, Kim GC 21, Yun 12, Park 7, Lee 4, Heo 4, Kim MK 0, Kim Y 0
IRQ 70 - Hamzah 21, Abdul-Hussein 14, Ismael 11, Mahdi 9, Razzaq 9, Sabri 4, Abdul-Qaer 2, Abdullah 0, Saeed 0, Ahmed 0
QS: 13-19, 34-30, 45-58, 73-70

- Korea roared back in the nick of time to thwart a spirited Iraqi side and get win #1 in Group B action.
- Kim Nak-Hyeon and Kim Gook-Chan led the Korean fightback with 25 and 21 points respectively. The duo also combined for 8-of-15 shooting from beyond the arc. Yun Yeong-Bin also did well with a double-dozen (12 points and 12 boards).
- Karrar Hamzah was the star for Iraq with 21 points and 10 rebounds to go along with 2 threes. He was ably supported by Ali Abdul-Hussein and Ismael Ismael, who cimbined for 25 markers.

Karrar Hamzah led the Iraqi charge
with 21 points.
(image by Milad Payami/
Korea's Kim Gook-Chan hit 5 triples to
finish with 21 points.
(image by Milad Payami/
Big man Park In-Tae gets two dow low against
the Iraqis in this bit of inside play.
(image by Milad Payami/

CHINA over INDIA, 64-27
CHN 64 - Zhou 15, Guo 14, Pan 8, Zhao 7, Lai 6, Yan 5, Liu B 4, Xu 3, Yu 2, Luo 0, Heng 0, Liu K 0
IND 27 - Ludhiana 9, Bhaupur 6, Narender 6, Bhamara 5, Singh 1, Atwal 0, Saminthan 0, Sanjeev 0, Sohal 0, Rathee 0
QS: 16-6, 31-10, 46-13, 64-27

- Zhou Qi won over Satnam Singh Bhamara in the battle of Asia's young giants, and China ultimately stamped its class over a severely inexperienced Indian team.
- Zhou Qi led the way with 15 points on 7-of-9 shooting from the field while Guo Xiaopeng followed his lead with 14 markers.
- Loveneet Ludhiana topscored for India with just 9 points while Satnam shot just 2-of-6 to end up with 5 markers.

Lai Junhao and Satnam Singh Bhamara figured in
a battle of young giants.
(image by Milad Payami/
Loveneet Ludhiana skies on the drive, leading
his team with 8 points.
(image by Milad Payami/
China's Zhou Qi possesses the size and skills to
possibly be the next Yao Mingor Yi Jianlian.
(image by Milad Payami/

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