Season 74 Finals Preview:

Angry Birds (Eagles) vs. Horned Pigs (Tamaraws)
(Image by Gilbert Levosada, SJ -- source)

Here's a very concise preview of the 2011 UAAP MBT Finals. I divided this into several sections, with each section heading in the form of a simple question. There are a couple of bullets per section that serve as responses to the question/heading. With the exception of the last one, each section's bullets will only be one sentence long (wala lang para cute). One bullet each section for Ateneo and one for FEU.



Who's humming?
Greg Slaughter - 14.5ppg and 10.5 rpg in the last four games after his 8-point, 7-rebound aberration against DLSU. 
Terrence Romeo - More than doubled his scoring average from 6.1ppg in the first 7 games to 14.3ppg in the last 9.

Greg Slaughter's strong play is expected to be
even stronger on the biggest stage in collegiate hoops.
(image by Alyson Yap/
Who's struggling?
Kirk Long - Made an average of 1 trey per game in the first round, but he's made a total of just 5 in the last 8 games.
Ping Exciminiano - Rebounds and steals averages fell from 4.9rpg & 1.4spg in the first round to just 3.1rpg & 0.9spg in the last 9 games.

Can Kirk Long make his last trip to the UAAP Finals
memorable in a good way?
(image by Alyson Yap/
Where's the drama?
4-peat Hopes - The Eagles are hoping to achieve something last done by their arch-rivals from 1998-2001.
FEU's Adversity - Despite not having Pipo Noundou and losing JR Cawaling and Christian Sentcheu, the Tamaraws are back in the UAAP Championship series.

Will RR Garcia avenge the demons of last season's
Championship loss?
(image by Diana Moraleda/
What makes them look good?
Ateneo has size with Slaughter (it's just him really), championship (winning) experience and depth (Justin Chua & Tonino Gonzaga off the bench? Wow!).
FEU has momentum (won 7 of its last 8 games), 3-point shooting (Ramos, Escoto, Tolomia, Exciminiano, Romeo and Garcia can all stroke it) and size too (Ramos AND Escoto at the same time!).

Can Bert Flores steer his team to the promised land anew?
(image by Diana Moraleda/
What makes them look bad?
Ateneo can be predictable (dump it to Big Greg and stand by), and it has an inconsistent perimeter game (they miss Chris Tiu and Jai Reyes more this year than in the previous year)
FEU can get rattled (second round losses to Ateneo and UST attest to this), and might rely on jumpers too much (Romeo and Garcia love their jumpshots more than their GFs -- joke!).

Who/What will make the difference?
Emman Monfort & Kirk Long -- Aside from having to take turns guarding Romeo and Garica, Monfort and Long both have to shoot much better.
Aldrech Ramos -- If Ramos's star shines bright enough to eclipse the colossal Greg Slaughter, then FEU has a strong chance to steal this series.

Will Emman Monfort's swan song sound melodious
or will it out of tune?
(image by Alyson Yap/
Who will win?
I want Ateneo to win. As of this writing, however, here's how my blog's readers have voted -- 17 think Ateneo will take it while 7 think FEU will steal it. Watchutink?

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