The Games that Play Us: Night and Day

Chris Camus stepped up to help the Tigers
roar from behind and steal their 7th win.
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UST Growling Tigers over the AdU Soaring Falcons, 74-58

Who went from 17 up some time in the 1st half to 16 down by game’s end?

Hello, Adamson. Welcome to the land of WTH happened?!?!

Night and day. That’s what happened.

Simply put, both teams morphed after heading to the lockers at the half. The UST Growling Tigers rediscovered their bite while the Adamson Soaring Falcons forgot their talons.

Alex Nuyles was part of Adamson's hot start, but
he faded down the stretch as UST made its run.
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Adamson blasted UST 42-27 in the first 2 periods, and then coach Pido Jarencio’s feral felines returned the favor in the last 2 periods, 47-16. So unforeseen was UST’s turnaround that coach Leo Austria was forced to call two timeouts almost immediately one after the other in the 3rd quarter. Those came amidst a 16-1 UST run that all but shattered the aura of invincibility Adamson’s cagers worked so hard to build.

And though the Falcons were able to get some jabs in before the end of the 3rd period, it was clear where the momentum was.

And who should be credited for giving coach Pido an advanced birthday gift? The Tigers’ savage six: Karim Abdul, Chris Camus, Kevin Ferrer, Jeric Teng, Jeric Fortuna and (nope not Melo Afuang – he’s out for a couple more weeks due to a gallstones operation) former Judanite superstar Kim Lo.

Jeric "The Gunslinger" Teng made several big shots that
eradicated Adamson's sizeable advantage.
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Out of a possible 200 combined playing minutes, these 6 players gobbled up 177, with all but Lo spending at least 29 minutes on the floor. And nobody outside of that sextet saw the light of day in the 2nd half.

The Tigers, behind the hot hands of Jeric Fortuna and the now-christened “Gunslinger” Jeric Teng, outshot the Falcons 43% to 32% from the field and 47% to 17% from the parking lot. UST’s defense, however, was at least as big a factor in turning the tables on Adamson. Nobody outside of Alex Nuyles finished in double figures and, after their blistering start, the Falcons could hardly get the rock into the hole in the last two quarters. UST lorded it in terms of rebounds, too. The trio of Camus, Teng and Abdul alone collared as many boards as the entire Adamson team (33).

For the Tigers, this come-from-behind win should boost their morale as two tough encounters are on the horizon (FEU on Thursday and NU on Sunday). As long as the two Jerics can hit their stride and Camus & Abdul can hold the line, then the Black & Gold are shoo-ins for the Final Four. The Falcons, meanwhile, are in possibly the worst position going into their climactic clash with the immaculate Blue Eagles on Saturday. A win would’ve given them great momentum heading into their last elimination round game, but they’ll come off a disappointing defeat instead. Clearly, the immediate fortunes of UST and Adamson might be night and day as well.

UST 74 – Teng 20, Fortuna 15, Abdul 15, Camus 13, Lo 6, Ferrer 5, Pe 0, Ungria 0, Sheriff 0, Tan 0, Lao 0
AdU 58 – Nuyles 14, Brondial 9, Camson 8, Lozada 6, Alvarez 6, Etrone 6, Cabrera 5, Colina 4, Cañada 0, Manyara 0, Petilos 0, Manuel 0
QS: 12-20, 27-42, 52-50, 74-58

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