Ryota Sakurai drives past a solid screen by Joji Takeuchi.
(image form

After the Jump: Scores, commentary and images from Day 3 of the 2011 FIBA-Asia Men's Championships in Wuhan, China.

JAPAN over SYRIA, 77-55
JPN 77 - Takeuchi K 19, Kawamura 17, Hirose 12, Takeuchi J 12, Matsui 4, Ota 4, Ishizaki 3, Sakurai 2, Amino 2, Shonaka 2, Takeda 0
SYR 55 - Deeb 15, Daks 13, Al-Hamowi 8, Lubus 6, Al-Khatib 4, Jlilati 3, Nalbandian 3, Gorges 3, Al-Saman 0, Osfira 0, Abboud 0, Kasaballi 0
QS: 17-15, 34-24, 57-42, 77-55
- This time around Eder Gorges was checked by the Japanese and severely limited. It also didn't help that Samir Daks was momentarily injured in the 1st quarter as Japan made a crippling 17-0 run that turned a 12-15 deficit to a 29-15 Japanese advantage. Japan coasted from that point and quashed all hopes of a Syrian upset.
- Kosuke Takeuchi led Japan with a double-double, scoring 19 points and getting 11 rebounds. Takuya Kawamura supported him with 17 points while Kenta Hirose and Joji Takeuchi each scored 12. Japan sweeps Group C and probably faces UAE on Monday.
- The Syrians held the momentum early on until that big Nippon run. With Gorges unable to establish himself down low, Syria found the going real rough. Ioannis Deeb led them with 15 points while Daks hit 3 triples on his way to 13 markers.

Vache Nalbandian squares of against Japan's
Taku Ishizaki here.
(image form
Eder Gorges had a really tough time against Japan's
Twin Towers.
(image form

PHL 113 - Aguilar 21, Douthit 18, Casio 15, Taulava 13, De Ocampo 13, Baracael 11, Tiu 10, Barroca 8, Alapag 2, Williams 2
BRN 71 - Malabes 15, Sarhan 13, Mahri 11, Ali 8, Isa 7, Khamis 7, Akber 6, Mubarak 2, Malallah 2, Ashoor 0
QS: 30-18, 51-40, 86-47, 113-71
- The Philippines started strong and never really let up in demolishing the Bahrainis. A 35-7 3rd quarter really put things beyond doubt for coach Rajko Toroman's wards, thanks mainly to reserve big man Japeth Aguilar's energy and athleticism. It was a nice bounce-back for the Pinoys barely 13 hours after losing to the Chinese.
- Aguilar played just 15 minutes, all in the 2nd half, off the bench, but he still managed to lead the Philippines in scoring and rebounding, scoring 21 points and getting 12 rebounds. Seven Filipinos finished in double-digit scoring to top the 100-point barrier. They move up to 2-1 and take on Jordan on Monday in the 2nd round of hostilities.
- Bahrain shot better from downtown, making 8 of their 24 attempts. Bader Malabes sizzled with 4 conversions while Mohamed Ali made 2. Bahrain drops to 0-3 and is relegated to the consolation round, where they'll probably face Indonesia. 

Bader Malabes dribbles past Chris Tiu in a reprisal
of old battles.
(image from

Mark Barroca plays pick-and-roll with Marcus Douthit.
(image from
Mohamed Khamis was involved in some testy moments
in the 1st half.
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KOR 84 - Kang 22, Stevenson 14, Cho 12, Kim JK 11, Lee 6, Kim YH 6, Oh 6, Kim JS 5, Yang DG 2, Park 0
IND 53 - Rai 11, Koroth 8, Singh Y 8, Singh At 6, Bhriguvanshi 6, Singh J 5, Bharama 2, Mishra 2, Grewal 2, Singh T 2, Singh Al 1
QS: 27-11, 46-28, 66-34, 84-53
- The Koreans didn't really waste any time here and led from start to finish. They hit 15 triples, doubled up on India's assists and forced three times as many turnovers to blow out the hapless Indians. 
- Young center Kim Jong-Kyu played all 40 minutes, as Ha Seung-Jin remained rested while Kim Joo-Sung played only 10 minutes himself. The younger Kim delighted coach Hur Jae with a double-double, 11 points and 10 rebounds. Kang Byung-Hyun and Jarod Stevenson combined for 9 triples to lead the Korean barrage. They sweep Group A and have great momentum on the way to battling the Uzbeks in round 2 on Monday.
- Only Trideep Rai finished in double-figures for coach Ken Natt. A bright note, however, is how they outrebounded the Koreans, 51-44. They could build on that advantage for their remaining consolation round games, but their turnovers might be a big concern. They'll probably face the shorthanded Qataris next.

Yadwinder Singh shoots from deep in
an attempt to spread the Korean flavor.
(image from
Kang Byung-Hyun probably played the game of
his life against the Indons.
(image from
Cho Sung-Min scored in double-digits again
for Team Korea.
(image from

TAIWAN over QATAR, 94-78
TPE 94 - Chang 35, Lee 15, Tseng 14, Lin 10, Wu 7, Mao 5, Chen HA 5, Lu 3, Chien 0, Su 0, Ho 0
QAT 78 - Salem 30, Saeed 19, Saad 18, Matalkeh 7, Adam 4
QS: 23-15, 50-40, 68-61, 94-78
- Two surprising things happened here: 1) Qatar actually played the whole game with just 5 players and 2) they stuck with the Taiwanese about three-fourths of the way. That is, until the Taiwanese outscored them 15-7 to start the final 10 minutes and effectively put a considerable distance between the squads. 
- Jet Chang exploded with 35 points for coach Chou Jun-San. He also hit 6 treys and had 2 steals in an impressive show of force. Taiwan hit 14 triples in all and made up for getting grossly outrebounded by having significantly more assists and steals. Taiwan moves on the round 2 and should face the Lebanese next.
- Qatar managed to play well despite dressing just 5 cagers. Omar Salem had 30 points while EA Saeed and Abdulrahman Saad contributed 19 and 18 respectively. It was a sorry sight to see Khalid Adam go down injured in the fourth quarter because it left Qatar with just 4 men the rest of the way. Qatar bows out of contention and is relegated to the 13th-16th games, where they'll probably lock horns with the Indians on Monday.

Tseng Wen-Ting shoots over Erfan Saeed
to help Taiwan get win #2.
(image from
Jet Chang dropped 35 big ones on the
luckless Qataris.
(image from
Abdulrahman Saad looks for a friend as
Lee Hsueh-Lin checks him.
(image from

IRAN over UZBEKISTAN, 132-38
IRI 132 - Kazemi 18, Haddadi 18, Kardoust 17, Afagh 16, Davarpanah 14, Davari 13, Bahrami 13, Sahakian 9, Kamrani 8, Sohrabnejad 3, Davoudi 2, Atashi 0
UZB 38 - Kozlov 12, Juginisov 7, Yahin 6, Pereverzev 5, Denisov 2, Kadirov 2, Zinonev 2, Belokurov 2, Shatrov 0, Nuraliev 0, Khabibullin 0, Timofev 0
QS: 38-14, 79-25, 107-34, 132-38
- When a team finishes a whole game with as many points as its opponent does in just one quarter, you know that team is in trouble. That's exactly what happened here, where Iran simply massacred the Uzbeks, almost finishing the match with a century-wide spread. The Iranians ran roughshod over their Middle Asian counterparts right from the opening tip and were just merciless all throughout. 
- Arsalan Kazemi and Hamed Haddadi each had 18 points to pace the mighty Iranian war machine. Both also finished with twin digit rebounding at 14 and 11 respectively. Seven of coach Vaselin Matic's wards ended up breaching the double-digit barrier. Iran sweeps Group C and should square off against the Malaysians on Monday.
- The Uzbeks were just outclassed here, and were visibly frustrated and exasperated. Aleksandr Kozlov led them in this losing effort with 12 points while Aleksandr Yahin finished with 6 points and 10 boards. Despite this massacre, Uzbekistan advances to round 2 and should go up against the Koreans next.

Aleksandr Yahin tries to lob it over Iranian giant
Hamed Haddadi.
(image from
Hamed Haddadi ruled the lane with 18 points
and 11 rebounds.
(image from
Samd Nikkhah Bahrami has been steady as
Iran's go-to guy.
(image from

JOR 89 - Wright 18, Al-Sous 14, Abbaas 14, Abu Ruqayah 11, Hussein 10, Abbas 7, Soobzokov 6, Al-Khas 6, Abu Quora 2, Zaghab 1
INA 59 - Sitepu 15, Prihantono 12, Poedjakesuma 7, Chandra 7, Wuysang 7, Prawiro 5, Haryoko 2, Gunawan 2, Situmorang 2, Gerungan 0, Dewanto 0, Indrawan 0
QS: 22-16, 44-29, 65-44, 89-59
- Props to Indonesia for keeping things close in the 1st quarter. Jordan unleashed a 10-0 blast to start the 2nd period that just broke the game open and they coasted from there. The Jordanians pounded the boards, outrebounding the smaller Indons, 63-37, while also handing out more assists, 21-14. Sam Dahglas sat this one out after injuring his knee against Japan yesterday. His status is still unknown for Jordan's round 2 match with the Philippines on Monday.
- Rasheim Wright led Jordan with 18 points while Islam Abbaas controlled the shaded lane with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Jordan was clearly the more aggressive team by virtue of having significantly more free throw attempts -- 24 to just 6.
- Amin Prihantono made all his 12 points from downtown, but it took him 13 tries to do so. Christian Sitepu was solid down low with 15 markers, 6 boards and 3 blocks, but Jordan's quality was just too much. They have a good chance to bounce back in the consolation round against the Bahrainis next.

Mario Wuysang and the rest of the Indons tumble
to the consolation round after losing all 3 Group C games.
(image from
Wesam Al-Sous helped with backcourt chores as
Sam Dahglas remained in sick bay.
(image from

CHN 75 - Zhang B 15, Sun 13, Yi J 7, Yu 7, Liu 6, Zhang Z 6, Su 5, Xirelijiang 5, Ding 4, Yi L 4, Zhu 3, 
UAE 60 - Al-Zaabi 21, Salem 13, Al-Hattawi 10, Ahmad 6, Abdalla 5, Al-Braiki 3, Ahmed 2, Al-Sari 0, Al-Ali 0, Banihammad 0
QS: 22-8, 40-32, 61-42, 75-60
- China saved their stars for most of the game, banking on second-stringers like Zhang Bo, Ding Jinhui and Zhang Zhaoxu to slug it out with the Emirates, who gave them a tighter-than-expected contest. Ultimately, though, China was just much much better. They started the game 12-0 and were never really threatened. Statistically, they were ahead of UAE in practically every category. 
- Zhang Bo and Sun Yue combined for 7 of China's 10 triples in this one. This time they didn't have to lean on Yi Jianlian too much, though nobody outside of Zhang and Sun finished in twin digits. They sweep Group D and go on to round 2 against Syria on Monday.
- Rashed Al-Zaabi impressed with 21 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, but he did commit 6 turnovers. UAE drops to 3rd in Group D and faces Japan to begin round 2.

Yi Jianlian didn't have to score a ton for
China to beat UAE.
(image from
Yi Li slams the ball as China slams its way
to a 3rd straight victory in Group D.
(image from
Rashed Al-Zaabi and Zhang Bo will both advance to
the 2nd round against the Top 3 of Group C.
(image from

LIB 87 - Stephan 24, Tabet 20, Bawji 15, Ibrahim 12, Martinez 5, El Farkh 5, Bitar 4, Hoskin 2
MAS 59 - Kwaan 13, Ooi 7, Loh 7, Lau 6, Wee 5, Ng 5, Kuek 4, Chee 4, Kuppusamy 3, Batumalai 3, Soo 2, Chin 0
QS: 27-8, 43-27, 67-40, 87-59
- Coach Ghassan Sarkis chose to rest his top guns against Malaysia as only Sam Hoskin saw playing time from the usual starters. His second unit proved to be more than capable of handing the Malaysians yet another beating in Group A action. Lebanon led 27-8 after the 1st period and never looked back en route to the rout. 
- Elie Stephan and Mohamad Ibrahim combined for 10 of Lebanon's 11 three-point conversions. Charles Tabet, meanwhile, dropped 20 markers and collared 16 boards as the Lebanese finish 2nd behind Korea in round 1. They'll face the Taiwanese to begin their round 2 matches.
- Malaysia will also advance to round 2, but with hardly any momentum. Yoong Jing Kwaan led the Malaysians with 13 points, but it was all for naught as nobody else finished in double-figures. Coach Goh Cheng-Huat has his work cut out for him as his team plays the Iranians next.

Malaysian coach Goh Cheng-Huat diagrams a play
even as his wards lose their last Group A match.
(image from
Lebanon's Ghaleb Reda didn't even have to display his
shooting form as Lebanon beat the Malaysians.
(image from

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